Save $5 on Tennis League Network (TLN) and - Review of DC's membership based tennis league

If you're brand new to the DC area, I'd recommend instead going to a free for local area DC 20's and 30's players of all levels. Disclaimer: I am one of the contributors and also participate in giving drills and tennis games.

Also, I would recommend that you try which is basically a LinkedIn for tennis players. The free app is nice, and they host events regularly. The creator is a friend of mine and a former Davis Cup player, so he knows tennis.

Background: I have played on the TennisDC singles league in a couple different skill divisions. I was referred by a friend and decided to rejoin once but that's it.

From a tennis player's perspective, what I enjoyed was the emphasis this league puts on playing more tennis with players that are nearby and who play at the same skill level. The best thing to do is to get the email/phone number contact of your partner and later on you can just coordinate matches outside of TennisDC.

There really is no good incentives to stay, at least I wasn't offered any usable perks besides a free season. After a few seasons, the perks went away and it was time to find better options that do not require a membership.

They do have an free excellent map of  Tennis Courts in DC/MD/VA

End-of-Season Playoff Groups
Also unique to TennisDC, at the end of a season, the top qualifying players with enough match wins within each skill section are put into a playoff bracket. This is great for those who want to have a bit more tennis after the season is over. I have played in the playoffs before and all matches are generally competitive, with the winners and runners up earning a free season and entry into the National year end tournament in Miami against winners from all the other 30+ Tennis League Network (TLN) cities!

Match Scheduling Flexibility
Matches are scheduled independently with the other players in your skill section (and they automatically adjust you based on your performance). Scheduling is more flexible and each player posts their "Home Court" location preference, so that you can find an play someone nearby your neighborhood. Many times if you hit it off well, you can meet a tennis buddy or become regular practice partners.

Tennis League for Major US Cities
In general, TennisDC makes for a great way to meet other tennis players when you've just recently moved to a big city or trying to get back into the game for just a few weeks. It does not commit you to a club membership or USTA team's schedule if you're busy.

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