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Australian Open 2019 - Plans, Photos and Tickets

Grand Slam Ticket Fan 2019 Giveaways!

 Australian Open 2019 Photos

Want to watch Federer or Nadal at the Aussie Open up close?

Middle weekend public tickets have been "exhausted" or SOLD OUT already.

Fan Warning: DO NOT buy tickets at the AO Box Office the day of the match.

Personal bad experience with Ticket Office:
They will sell you a very poor seat selection, claim it is the "only available" one and then overcharge you especially if you are an international fan.

This happened to me at their main box office on 1/19 for a Margret Court match I wanted to see Osaka and Nishikori. The cashier even told me to try to resell my ticket on Ticketek - which is impossible after the session as started. They will lie to you just to get you out of their hair basically.

The ushers there don't even know where seats are in their own section nor the proper changeover policy when I got there they told me to ask the other usher! Sheer confusion when multiple security folks saw I had a "big camera" but the 200mm is allowed which they ask you a lot of questions but have few real answers, mostly vague guesses - hint: they aren't trained properly and cannot be reliable for any info including the practice schedule which was completely bogus this year.
Get the right tickets to watch Roger LIVE here at the VIP Hospitality Lounge

1/20 Sunday - Laver (AM or PM)
1/22 Tues - Laver (PM Session)

Plus learn how to get on the Official Australian Open Ticket Waitlist here
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Australian Open 2019
(Jan 14-27, 2019)

For a first-time fan, check out our Australian Open pictures for an idea of what to expect.
Happy Tennis Fan from Brazil
Rod Laver Arena

Melbourne is a great city to visit and escape the cold winter in the Northern Hemisphere.

Their "Labor Day" or "Australia Day" happens at the end of their summer usually occurs around the end of the tournament (late January).

It is cheapest to fly direct from NYC or LA, but it is worth the long flight. This year we booked a Virgin Australia Flight for $599 r/t from LAX!

So much to see in Victoria and Australia - hope you can come join in the fun with us.

Also, if you can tie it into a longer layover such as a pit stop in Sydney or Fiji - all the better. I recommend getting a cheap flight to Asia, from there flights will be much cheaper than going directly from the USA.

Known as the "Fun Slam" or "Asian Slam", this is the Grand Slam that tops the list for me.

US Open 2019 Tennis Tickets on Sale Now

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Raonic Fan from Canada
Hisense (Melbourne) Arena
These were some fellow American (North and South American) tennis fans that love the sport but were stuck outside with no more tickets left, so we wanted to give them a chance to see some great tennis.

Consider buying a 3-day or 5-day "Grounds Pass" that lets you be selective about which sessions to attend*. Similar to the US Open, they do not kick you out of the outer courts once the night sessions start.

You can also upgrade them to a seat at Laver or Melbourne Arena for a small fee.

Helping passionate fans is what we're all about. Sharing tennis love all over the world.
At every tennis event, we give away any extra tickets to our most deserving fans. For a chance to win, please Like us on Facebook!

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