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2023 BNP Paribas Open: Tennis Tickets and Perks

Free Perks and Parking at BNP Paris Open - Super Fan's Preview

Indian Wells (March 2023)

BNP Open Indian Wells Ticket Deals - Buy Now!

Should I buy Day or Night Tickets (AM vs PM)
- AM sessions are best for touring the grounds
- PM sessions are best for seeing marque matches

Highlights for Indian Wells as "the 5th Slam"
  • Best practice court fan viewing in the World
  • Voted Players' Favorite 1000 series tournament
  • Fantastic weather in March ('22 sandstorm was a fluke)
  • Perfect for hiking, low humidity, very high-class venue
  • Photos of Tournament and Fans Events

    Travel Planning (starts in a few weeks) Top FAQ
  • Fly into Palm Springs or drive 2 hours from LAX or SAN
  • Spend at least 2 days there to get a complete tennis fill
  • Consider booking lodging early with tennis court access

Meeting our tennis heroes at the desert oasis

Roger Federer's stringer Ron @ (Priority One) - chatting tennis with Ron (CBS)

Pro Tip: Hang around the grass benches (for shade) and you might see tennis celebs, refs, and stars!

2023 Tournament On-site Preview (Updated 3/6)
2023 Event Updates on our Facebook page with a surprise appearance from a former #1 player

JC and Jason at TW's Mega Tent

Eisenhower Cup - Charity Event @ Stadium 2, March 7 @ 7:15PM, Mixed doubles for charity

Full Events Calendar for every day of the tournament - Live Music, Center Courtyard Guests, Viewing party and great food options!

Love the Salamai Ruben @ Sherman's Deli! It's hidden inside Stadium 1 (200 level).

TW's Playtest Demo - now moved to Court 15!

Box Office VS Online - Smart Tickets

Tickets are available for sale at the box office, but you will need to download the AXS ticket app.

Fans may wait for the player draws to come out first to determine which of the 3 stadium tickets (or grounds passes) to buy.

Invest in the all-access Stadium 1 Ticket only if there's a match you need to see (it will be $25+ more). Otherwise, just get a grounds pass and roam around. There's much more to see outside than inside.

Best to plan out your day with printable draws for planning to see your favorite player (like Carlos Alcaraz) at either the day or night session. Digital tickets are a lot safer and easier to use. Losing a paper ticket happens much more often than you think.

Visit the World's 2nd Largest Tennis Stadium (World's #1 biggest is Ashe at the US Open)

Hope you can make it to this "5th Slam" event and visit Palm Springs. It is definitely worth the experience for any tennis fans in the USA for a short vacation in California. Welcome back!!

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