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Topspin and Polyester strings discounts

From, there is a Buy 4, get 1 FREE special
for TopSpin Cyber Flash and Cyber Blue Strings.

TheTennisDepot String Specials (Expires 12/31/11)
Free Shipping for all orders over $74!

Signum Pro Poly Plasma reels - "plasmabarg10"
Polyfibre Black Venom Rough sets and reels - "venombarg10"
Genesis Xplosion reels - "xplosionbarg10"
Genesis Spin X (Argentum color only) sets and reels - "gesx10"

Signum Pro Poly Plasma 1.18 Review
Some people prefer it over the Topspin Cyber Flash because of its "crisp" and lively feel. It also has a very distinctive  neon orange color. Soft yet powerful string.

My only complaint was that I found that SPPP in 1.18 gauge is a bit easier to break than CF and the Black Magic strings...but if you get the 1.23 gauge it is a bit more durable.

Other reviews:
Below is a review of SPPP from (132 out of 138 reviewers liked it)

Average rating on this site (156 ratings)
ComfortSpinTen.stab.Satisfied96% (132/138)

It is considered among the best co-poly strings among frequent stringers.

See our full comparison reviews:
TopSpin Cyber FlashTopSpin Cyber BlueGenesis Black Magic

Under Armor - Free Shipping Code on All Orders! (exp 8/30)

Under Armour is offering Free Shipping on all orders (expires 8/30).

Tennis-Bargains Tip:
Search for the keyword "TENNIS" for find great deals on polos and shorts.

Also try their Under Armour Outlet (up to 50% off plus Free Shipping)
Find great deals on base layer shirts that wick away moisture. $15 off Promo Code

*2/1 Update*: The 2012 Rules of Tennis Edition now just $3. New US Open 2011 Tennis Balls, Towels, T-Shirts! Clearance Sale happening now! 

Get $15 OFF $50 on all order from US Open Shop.
Code available on my Facebook Fans only page

Purchase $15 or more before shipping, at, and you can use the promo code "USTAMxxx" to get $15 OFF your order!

US Open Tickets Promo Buy One, Get One Free - Reserved Session Tickets

Special Offer from JPMorgan Chase

US Open Tickets: Buy One, Get One Free Promo Code!
Hurry, the opening session of the 2011 US Open starts in just one week!
Thanks to JPMorgan Chase's generous sponsorship of the US Open, we are able to provide you with a special limited offer at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. 

This year's field is expected to feature the world's top players including Rafael Nadal, Venus Williams, Roger Federer, Andy Roddick, Caroline Wozniacki, Maria Sharapova, Novak Djokovic and more. 
Arthur Ashe Kids' Day, presented by Hess, is a day-long family event at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, it features interactive activities and games for children of all ages and a stadium show featuring the biggest names in tennis, entertainment and music.

US Open 2011 - 2 for 1 Promo Code for reserved seats

*8/4 New Promo Code*
2-for-1 US Open Tickets!

For link and promo code:
Click the "Like" button to view the Coupons tab for details.

Buy One, Get One Free on select sessions of the US Open! 

Valid for the following sessions: 
Monday, September 5 evening 
Tuesday, September 6 day 
Wednesday, September 7 day 
Thursday, September 8 day 
Friday, September 9 day 

Buy 2, Get 2 Free for Arthur Ashe Kids' Day! 
Saturday, August 27 

$21 US Open Tickets (8/29/11 - 9/8/11) - Limited amount left!

Updated 7/26/11 -
For link and promo code:
Visit and click the "Like" button to view the Coupons tab.

US Open Tickets for $21!!

Today, a friend of mine told me about this $21 promo they are doing for US Open tickets.

I got 4 tickets at this price already! But there aren't many left..

Note: Even after the convenience charges/fees from TicketMaster it comes out to be about $25 a ticket. Still a deal!

Tennis-Bargain Tip:
Grab these fast before they all disappear! You can use Ashe Tickets during the first week to go to ALL other stadiums and courts (Armstrong, Grandstand and all side courts) is first come first serve seating, so just get to the EAST gates early in the morning! See more US Open tips here

US Open Ashe 2011 Tickets - $37.20 (after fees) Promo Code for my Facebook Fans

Update (9/20) - Promo Code is now live at: (Coupons Section)

The last set of US Open promos (AMEX pre-sale, buy 1 get 1 free) sold out really quickly...

Therefore for these next set of promo codes, we will let our Facebook and Twitter Fans have priority access before they become available to the public.

These 2011 promo codes are for Ashe day sessions during the 2nd week - including the Men's Round of 16/QF's and/or Women's Quarterfinals and Semifinals, for as low as $37.20 each!

Update: Looks like most Night session tickets are also available for both 1st and 2nd week ($24-$34.20 each)

Visit and click the "Like" button to view the Coupons tab.

Many thanks from all the Google+ tennis fans out there!!
Please share the love for Tennis-Bargains with a

As soon as the codes are released, you will also be notified on your Facebook wall, Twitter account, or Google+ circle. Check back here for more updates and ticket promos this summer!

US Open Tickets - Amex Seats (as low as $22, buy one get one)

The American Express Preferred Seating Tickets allow you to purchase specifically reserved seats that are closer than the rest of the general public tickets for Ashe Stadium!

  • Use the Promo Code "incentur" and click the checkbox.
  • Select the "American Express Preferred Seating" option to highlight those seats.
  • Checkout with your American Express card to secure your VIP seats*

The seats you will see are much closer to the front for just a fraction. Some sessions offer a Buy One Get One option (see picture below) so you can save even more!

Deals Still Available on TicketExchange

Try this: TicketExchange for US Open Tickets link to buy/sell US Open tickets on popular dates - directly from fans, by fans. Plus it is all validated by Ticketmater so you know you're getting genuine tickets!

 American Express Buy One Get One Tickets for US Open

Pre-sale ends in a week and quantities are limited! Remember you must use an American Express card to pay...if you apply for one, you also get these other great US Open perks on-site when you actually get to New York as well!

They have preferred seating available,as well as some dates with a buy 1, get 1 option available (Sept 6-8).

Subscribe for our 2016 US Open Free Tips Email
plus more Ticket Discount Codes in June-Aug!

For more exclusive US Open promos and coupons:
"Like" Us on Facebook then click on the "Coupons" tab

You can get tickets as low as $22, for evening Ashe Stadium tickets.

Stay tuned in the next month or two, for more US Open savings and ideas like last year!

Genesis Black Magic - 10% Off Code (expires soon! 5/31)

Black Magic 10% OFF Promo Code (expiring soon on 5/31)

- Get the best price and extra 10% OFF with code "TENNISBARGAINS" on the featured Genesis Black Magic strings at

FREE Shipping on the 660' Reel (which lasts about 16-17 sets)...which comes out to less than $5/set when you use the code "TENNISBARGAINS" at checkout!

Stock up now and save in bulk with free shipping, before 5/31.
Reviews and Videos

Genesis Black Magic 17g has received very positive reviews and ratings from those who have tried it, including from us at Tennis-Bargains. You also can see what other seasoned tennis players are saying about this string in other tennis forums and from ATP/WTA Coach David Emery.

For the full video review and comparison to the popular Babolat RPM Blast string, check it out here

Remember 10% off coupon code "TennisBargains" also applies for these other best-selling co-poly strings:

Topspin Cyber Blue String Review + YouTube Review

Tennis String Review: Topspin Cyber Blue

Topspin Cyber Blue 1.25 ratings (out of 78 reviews) from

Topspin Cyber Blue 1.25 17 - Tennis String on Sale

Tennis-Bargains Top String Award
* Award*
Cyber Blue offers great control and feel as a durable cross string.

*Update*: David strung his racket at a high tension when he did this demo; David had much better results after lowering his racket tension from 63 lbs to 57 lbs. When you look at the 96% of players reviewers who recommended the string - the tension usually was between 51 lbs and 55 lbs.

Tennis-Bargains Tip:
Also try the spin friendly Cyber Flash string with the thinner 17g (1.25 string) over the 16g for a bit more comfort. Also to avoid a stiff feel with poly strings, it is recommended that you typically string all poly's 10% lower in tension.

Play Testing Cyberblue Strings

David Emery was formerly the WTA hitting partner for Liezel Huber (former #3 in WTA Doubles). She recently won the 2010 US Open Mixed Doubles with Bob Bryan. Congrats Dave on his promotion! View some other free Tennis Videos and Tips.

WTT Smash Hits in DC (11/15): Agassi, Graf, Kournikova, Blake, Navratilova (Promo Code)

The match will be held at American University in DC. It is for a great cause - supporting local AIDS charities.

Tennis-Bargain Tip:

When ordering tickets, use the Promo Code: USTA to get 5% off your order!

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