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The Art of Ticket Resell - secure great US Open Tickets (even for "sold-out" sessions)

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Don't Panic! I'll show you how to get tickets to "Sold Out" days

TicketMaster is the key to safe exchanges. Recommended for fans who are still trying to get into sold-out sessions or even looking to shop for a better deal than the full retail price.

Most importantly, these tickets are verified as genuine by Ticketmaster and reissued in your name - so someone cannot simply print out multiple copies and sell them.

Just don't wait too long as usual, the independent sellers need a few days to mail those paper tickets to you. My advice: buy only from the sellers with good ratings and reviews or only accept eTickets that can only be used with your mobile phone!

Q: Need a different ticket? How do you "exchange" Tickets for different ones?

A: Officially, Ticketmaster will not let you refund or exchange directly back to them.

However, if someone decides they cannot attend and wants tickets for a different date, the best way is to try to resell them through Ticket Exchange and buy ones you can use with your credit. This is basically the best way you can "trade" tickets for the US Open. It is a huge marketplace.

1) After you create and log in with your Ticketmaster account, go to "My US Open Account Manager" and it will show electronically what tickets you have available to be sold or transferred.

2) Select the seat that you want to sell and the price you want to sell it. After your tickets are sold, you will receive credit for most of the sale price you set - which you can use to buy other tickets that you can watch!

Setting your Ticket Price

My advice is not to set the sale price too high, if you want to get your money back fast. If you are one of the lowest prices, your tickets will get bought even faster. Do a little research on the "Buy Tickets" page to see how much they are going for, and try to beat that price by a few dollars.

Seller's Tip:
You can even set it so that if nobody buys your ticket at your price within a certain time, you can get an email notification so you can still go use them instead! Good when the weather is iffy. Also, you can forward them to your friend's email (as a last-minute tennis gift).

Tennis-Bargains Tip for Season Plans and Mini-Plans Holders

For those who want to see several consecutive sessions of tennis. In the past, what I have done is bought the full plan season tickets and after selling or gifting away half of my unused tickets, I had enough credit to buy a full 2nd year of season tickets! This is useful if you want to sell night tickets and just keep the day tickets, for example.

Tennis-Bargains Giveaways - Email Tickets to our Fans

TicketExchange is what I used to offer free tickets instantly to our Tennis-Bargains winners.
  • Miguel S. (Queens, NY) - last week 7/15
  • Piyush (Hoboken, NJ) - this week 7/22.
    In the example above, I just select the tickets I want to send, and just forward them to their email address. Both of them received Men's/Women's QF tickets. They just print them out and show them at the gate with their unique bar-codes and enjoy!

Try Resale Tickets from other fans - check in Aug for great bargains!

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