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US Open Shade Map for Ashe Stadium and Armstrong

Find Shade at the US Open

I have created a US Open Shade Map to help anyone find cooler places to watch US Open tennis matches. The overlay illustrates how the sun will shift the shade line inside Arthur Ashe Stadium.

US Open Shade Map
(Ashe Stadium with roof)

Where to Sit to find the most shade at any Tennis Event

An easy rule of thumb to find shade (or at least a slightly cooler area) is looking for the side with the umpire chair. I have sat in many tennis photographers' pits over the years. It can get toasty hot!

The Umpire Chair side is cool!
The side with the umpire chair is located on the West Side for all US Open tennis courts or stadiums. The rule works as long you don't sit directly behind the chair, which could partially block your view.

As you can see in the illustration, the shade line will slide slowly toward the East over time.

Green = cool. Red = hot. Yellow = partial sun.
North gets AM sun, South-East gets some PM sun.

US Open Ashe - Section map of sunny and shade areas

US Open Fan's tip for shade at Ashe Stadium

At the main Ashe Stadium, try seats in (Sections 340 to 324). At the Loge level in Sections 122-136

These will generally be the most shaded areas. They offer cover even while the roof is open. Also, if you need some relief away from the sun, it may be wise to move further up to the top under the roof's edges.

How to take a break in the A/C and enjoy some free snacks!

Chase and Amex offer indoor areas for cardholders - check out our fan tips and review

US Open "Heat Shelter Map". Expect heat indexes into the 90s with Humid Conditions!

Our "heat map" shows you the coolest places to go at the US Open and where to find relief from the sun highlighted in Yellow. Free swag in Purple to help you stay cool. Click the image above for a larger version.

Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to get more US Open insider tips.

Chase and Amex Lounges for shelter from the heat
If you find yourself there around 1-4pm, I would suggest going inside (the shaded parts of Armstrong or Ashe). If you need a refreshment, we suggest going into one of the US Open Lounges.

Note: the Chase Lounge will require an RSVP. The Blue Amex lounge near the Chase center is open to all Amex cardholders and has a lot of kids in it with some A/C.

Get 5% cash back in Q3 at US Open and Ticketmaster

How to get 5% back using the Chase Freedom + Flex Cards

A no-brainer deal if you plan to attend the US Open or plan to buy Ticketmaster tickets this summer.

Deal is Back for 2023! Valid for Ticketmaster, US Open, and Gas Stations.
With inflation going up, I found one easy way to get 5% back on tennis tickets this Summer.

Earn 5% cash back at Ticketmaster and US Open purchases with Chase Freedom and Freedom Flex.

Activate the special quarterly bonus online by 9/14 and purchase tickets using your Chase Flex card.

New Cardholder Tip: get up to 40% back below.

Earn up to $1500 back per year!
This special bonus reward period is valid only from 7/1/2022 - 9/30/2022.

American Express cards are offering $10 OFF $100 at the US Open (YMMV)

Please check your specific card offers to activate it (or do so at an Amex booth at the US Open where you get the radios).

Works for buying any US Open Series Tennis Tickets!
Save money and watch more US Open series tennis.

Get 5% cash back at Ticketmaster if checking out with the Chase Freedom or Freedom Flex Card.

Need a Chase Flex card? Earn the $200 bonus if you hurry!

If you plan to be at the US Open, plan to apply for a new one soon!
It can take 1-2 weeks to ship a new card before you can use it. Please plan ahead to time this deal with your future purchase.
July thru September 2022 - both US Open and Ticketmaster are eligible merchants.
They count as part of the new Chase 5% cashback category for "Live Entertainment"

Sign-Up Bonus: earn a $200 Sign-Up Bonus* with No Annual Fee

Chase Freedom Flex is the second card selection.
  • Earn a $200 bonus after you spend $500 on purchases in the first 3 months from account opening.

  • Plus, earn 5% cash back on gas station purchases on up to $6,000 spent in the first year.
*This product is available to you if you do not have this card already. Or if you did not receive a new cardmember bonus for this card in the past 24 months.

Note: we will also receive a reward from Chase as your official referral friend for informing you about this deal.

Steps to Maximize Savings to possibly get over 40% OFF

  1. Apply for a new Chase Freedom Flex card
  2. Activate the category bonus before September 14
  3. Use the Flex card to buy US Open Tickets to get 5% back by September 30
  4. After spending $500 in the first 3 months, get an additional $200 back!

Save even more with gas purchases!
With gas purchases, you will also get a 5% cash back gas station offer for up to $6000 spent the first year in addition. This stacks on top of the 5% quarterly bonus for ~9-10% back in total.

Since gas is so pricey right now, this is a good bargain even if you don't use it to save for tennis.

Plan Ahead to get approved and have your card sent by mail
The online signup process is quick and easy. If you call up Chase after being approved, you can request an expedited delivery to speed up the mailing.

Unfortunately, you need the card physically before you can start using it. My experience is that it takes 1-2 weeks for them to mail you the card, after getting approved. This is true even if you drive to apply at a Chase bank. Also, you generally must have a credit score above 690 to have a good chance of being approved.

Best Chase Points Redemption Value = Travel with Chase Sapphire
With the 5% back, redeeming the bonus for travel and getting even better value on select airlines and hotels is possible. This is our recommended use to book last-minute flights. For example, flying on United with Chase Points transferred to United Airlines was much cheaper than paying in cash.

Bonus Tip: Access to the Chase Lounge RSVP at the US Open

Register with your email and phone number to create a free account today.

How to sit front row at the US Open - 10 best free perks

Chase Reserve Seating - learn how I got to sit front-row for free and filmed on Netflix

  • American Express Presale (Projected Dates) - Late May, Monday @ 9AM EST
Read our ticket-buying tips, articles, and credit card discount codes
  • Public Ticket Sales - June 3 @ 9AM EST
  • Buying early is most useful for securing round 1 tickets.
  • Less stress if you have committed to travel dates and lodging.
  • For week 2 seats 9/3-9/7, plan for July to see any (BOGO) buy one, get one free promo.

Buying late or last minute? You risk paying a bit more for resell.
The trade-off by August after the draw is out. Everyone already knows who's likely playing when and where. There will be a mad dash for the best matches.

How long to stay for the Open? 2 days or more if sightseeing NYC.
Cover your bases by attending at least 2 days consecutively (day and/or night sessions). That's the best way to see most of the players on the field. The dates 8/29-8/31 will be a good bet for Rounds 3 and 4.

US Open Fan Week - Week 1 Scouting Report

Tennis-Bargains has returned from NYC after spending the first 8 days of the US Open scouting. We recruited readers to share their stories. We post our real photos, seat shade maps, and impressions on the grounds for all the best goodies to experience.

Secret shoppers helped us sample all the food and shops this year, along with their honest feedback.

Our VIP Chase Lounge Guests on week 1 in 2023. Welcome to NYC!
We supply free VIP lounge passes to visiting fans and followers each year (perk #2).

During Fan Week, the Chase DNCE Soundcheck offered users an in-person experience at this sold-out concert.

We were among the first to sign up and tell the public about it.

The 2022 DNCE music concert was completely sold out in just hours! We gifted four very lucky fans a seat later. They were big fans of "Cake by the Ocean".

During the US Open, check Facebook and IG for our giveaways and extra ticket releases.

Sold-out 8/26 DNCE and Joe Jonas - Chase Sound Check concert tickets.
Our 4 lucky winners all got to go. Sent via Ticketmaster seat transfer emails!

We are not sponsored by the US Open, USTA, JP Morgan, Amex, or any of their paid advertisers.
All opinions below are my own as a "Tennis super fan" for over 15 years.

I will not endorse any perks I haven't personally tested, and even then, only if I would use it myself.

To support USA Tennis and Charities:
We dedicate a small percentage of our ticket profits back to growing the game whenever fans buy tickets directly from our links. You help us continue to operate independently and contribute to charity work each year.

US Tennis is funded with each ticket you buy. Along with Humanitarian and Hurricane relief we donate each year. We also collect dollars from the ticket fees to put them back to support worthy causes responsibly.

Charities we have funded with tennis ticket fees: "Tennis Plays for Peace", "The American Red Cross",  "Aceing Autism," and "USTA with Tennis United."

Tennis travel fans can also follow us on Instagram or join our "US Open Fans and Friends" Facebook Group.

US Open Freebies: some luck, some skill - all good!

US Open Fans and Friends - advance info for savvy fans

Arriving at 9:30 each morning, I discovered some lesser-known perks that even US Open ushers and their supervisors needed to learn.

Our email VIP subscribers (a VIP is anyone who regularly opens and clicks our links) will get priority access to our previews.

Last month, we revealed this fantastic, all-new 2022 feature called "Chase Pass," which offers only 100 daily bracelets for exclusive access and reserved seating.

Sponsor Faceoff: Chase vs. Amex Perks. Chase Wins 3-2

  1. Chase Pass gets you into Grandstand Reserve Seating @ Section 2, Rows M-O (front baseline seats with Chase Logos). Great shade after 4pm! I invited fans and fellow tennis coaches.

    Each day, lucky friends (new and old) joined me in watching players like Felix AA.
    These seats were so good that one guy even suggested I shouldn't tell anyone else!

  2. Chase Lounge - advance RSVP required. It gets you A/C, fruit cups, ice cream, and more. You can bring up to 3 guests. Enjoy! For a standby waitlist, show up at the door at 10AM to register.

    Best Snacks: Free fruit cups, Kind Bars, popcorn, refreshments, ice cream, hat, and A/C!!

  3. Chase Terrance - Great Snacks and Views

    Elevated side-court viewing just behind the Grandstand

    Spreading the joys of tennis; Famous World's Fair globe background

  4. Chase Pass for Reserve Seating at Grandstand
    I often sat here watching players like Matteo Berrettini and Felix Auger-Aliassime from the baseline. For Day 1, I had just paid over $180 for a similar grandstand seat just a few rows away. I discovered the specially-branded Chase logo seats in Section 2! Four daily single matches played here during week 1.

    With our seats, you may get a cameo on Netflix while filming Break Point.

    Buying these seats separately will cost you a pretty penny.

    After some investigative research and asking around several US Open ushers and supervisors, I discovered the special Chase Pass (limit 100 per day) grants you a bracelet that allows you to sit in the first 3 rows (M-O) of the baseline at the Grandstand court for free!

    It was actually outlined on the usher's papers, but many were still learning about it. Most fans had no idea why these seats were all branded "Chase" on the front.

How to watch Serena and Rafa at the US Open 2022

US Open has just announced the first-round lineups for both Serena and Rafa!

Best Prices for each US Open Stadium

Check these 4 links before buying, to get the best prices of the day!
Grounds | Armstrong | Grandstand | Ashe

Labor Day tickets are still on-sale around $200+ for Ashe!

Nadal's next match is Monday, Sept 5 in the Day Session

Carlos Alcaraz plays in the Monday Night Session

Fact: Rafael Nadal has been playing night sessions for his first 3 rounds. Our research suggests he will play an Ashe Day session soon this week. Check back to see our updates!

Fan Tip: Our 3-step Ticketmaster Trick for a great budget seat!

The quickest way to find the best seats on Ticketmaster within budget

  1. Click the Best Seats tab
  2. Adjust your Max Price slider (and move up the Min Price)
  3. Scroll down the list to pick a decent seat at a reasonable price!

General Seat Picking Tips for Tennis

  • Usually, baseline seats or near the players' boxes are very good.
  • If you are going during the day, please refer to our shade map!
  • It doesn't make much of a difference at night beside the bright LED signs.

Serena's last match was Fri Night, Sept 2 @ 7PM

Serena has been chosen to play on the odd days of the tournament (Aug 29, 31, etc). The exact play schedule will be announced 1-2 days before and updated here! She has made it to the 3rd round so far!

Price Spike Alert:

If you want to go during the day (and not watch Serena play but hope to see just her practice), I would recommend buying a Monday Grounds Pass if the lowest Ashe ticket is over $90.

US Open: 2022's Best Deals and Special Events


Fan Favorite and Best Value tickets for the 2022 US Open

Hottest Tickets for the 2022 US Open

Fans are quickly buying up the weekend sessions the fastest.
Discounts are priced in with our savings tips from Chase (5% Cash Back) and American Express ($20 off $100). Tennis starts in a few weeks in late August!

Top Tennis-Bargain deals for 2022:

  1. Arthur Ashe Stadium Tickets - Access to All Courts (as low as $60 Day, $35 Eve tickets)

  2. Grounds Passes starting at $70 - First come, first serve access to all Courts *except Ashe*
    Buy these if Ashe is $80+ and you prefer to stay outside the big stadium.

  3. 50% OFF Tickets as low as $33.75 for Round 2 matches on Wed Aug 31 and Thurs Sept 1

  4. Tennis Plays for Peace: Ukraine Relief Exhibition - Aug 24 @ 7PM. $25 Tickets for Charity!
    Watch Rafael Nadal and Iga Swiatek live on Aug 24 to raise charity money for Ukraine.

1) Weekends Prime-Time Matches

2) Weekday Deals for Great Value

US Open Amex Offer - Get $20 off $100 back for 2022

US Open Amex $20 OFF $100 Offer is back for 2022!

Get $20 off $100 at the US Open with the Amex offer.
FAQ and Terms for details.

Add offer to enroll on valid American Express credit cards

Simply add this to your card from your American Express Offers page. Or enroll once at the US Open at any Guest Info Booth or the American Express Exhibit in South Plaza. The offer expires on 9/12/22.

Spend $100+, Get $20 Back Offer
Get a one-time $20 (USD) statement credit by using your enrolled eligible Card to spend $100 (USD) or more in one or more purchases at participating on-site merchants at the US Open between August 28 and September 11, 2022 (or, if final day of tournament play is extended, September 12, 2022.) 
Enrollment available until September 11, 2022 via or when you visit any American Express location on-site (i.e., an American Express Radio Distribution booth, American Express Card Member Lounge, Centurion® Suite (exclusive to Platinum Card® and Centurion® Members), any Guest Info Booth or the American Express Exhibit in South Plaza) during the 2022 US Open. An Amex® Brand Ambassador will guide you through this process and confirm whether your Card has been successfully enrolled in the offer.

The free complimentary bag check and Lounge access are very nice perks to make your US Open experience much more enjoyable!

American Express Preferred Seating

  • Session 2 - Monday Evening (Aug. 29) - Louis Armstrong Stadium
  • Session 4 - Tuesday Evening (Aug. 30) - Louis Armstrong Stadium
  • Session 17 - Tuesday Day (Sept. 6) - Arthur Ashe Stadium
  • Session 19 - Wednesday Day (Sept. 7) - Arthur Ashe Stadium

US Open: 3 fastest ways to arrive from NYC Hotels

3 "Express" Hotels to go by foot, subway, or train

I've been going to the US Open regularly and NYC for over 35 years! With input from my family in Queens plus tennis friends in NYC, here's our short list of hotels. You can cruise car-less on your next US Open visit.

US Open travelers will stay near the US Open, Downtown NYC, or a hybrid option.

If you are there in August, you may see us there during Fan Week! Welcome back to NYC 2022.
Tune into the NBC Today Show on Aug 25 as we join TopCourt special guests at 30 Rock.

1) Go by foot: stay nearby LGA or Flushing

Spending most of your time at the Open? You might want to be able to walk there and back. Very useful last year in 2021 when the subways were flooded! Or when there's a Mets game playing.
  • Allows you to get some rest at the hotel during the middle of the day
  • Use the "Show on Map" button at the top right.
  • Plot a path on Google Maps to ensure it's less than a 1-mile walk
  • Ideally, look for one that is near one of the bridges or a metro stop on the 7 train line
  • Nearby hotels ranked by user ratings

Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel

Option: Flushing, NY (Chinatown) is just one "7 train" stop away.
  • Opt to walk there along Roosevelt Ave
  • Saves parking fees and time at the game
  • Use Bonvoy points or your free night voucher!
Get free referral bonus points (up to 3 free nights) with a Bonvoy Sign-up from Amex.

2) Going by Train: Penn Station and the LIRR

Hampton Inn near Empire State Building
If you're planning to do more activities in the city and only plan to go to the US Open once or twice, it might be better to explore hotel options near downtown Manhattan.

Going from Downtown to Flushing Meadows?
Taking the LIRR at Penn Station is about $10 and 20 minutes with very comfortable seats and only 1 stop.

Tip: keep your train ticket out so the conductor can punch the card. A nice souvenir from the journey!

NYC Sights
I would spend at least 2 days visiting this amazing city for the first time in NYC. You'll do a lot of walking - so wear comfortable shoes and buy a metro card!

Broadway Week: 2-for-1 Tickets

Broadway shows are a top NYC attraction.
Staying near Penn Station puts you very close to the action and near subways. Just remember to book those Hamilton tickets way in advance!

Broadway week starts September 6 - 25.
This event happens twice a year and offers 2-for-1 tickets. Book online using promo code "BWAYWK"

Need a tour? Must-see stops include Times Square, the Empire State building, seeing galleries at the MET, and walking above the High Line district.
Pay what you want Walking tours are another very popular option!

Just be aware that many downtown rooms might be much smaller and/or more expensive than normal. After all, you're in the town that never sleeps! But this might be a positive.
To stay somewhere a bit calmer than downtown and a bit nicer than Flushing, there is a little secret area called "Long Island City" (or LIC) - not to be confused with Long Island. It puts you between the two areas of interest while keeping prices manageable.
LIC Hotel - Skyline Deck View

For 2022, we opt to stay nearby LIC on Roosevelt Island, where we'll share some spectacular city views. It sits right across the river from Manhattan yet has a few train stops in the area. It takes just a few stops to reach the city.

Express Train - 7X Purple Train (3 stops to the Open)
If you plan to watch any night matches at the Open, look for the 7X. As in "X for the express train."

US Open Evening Match?
Get from LIC within 3-5 stops during the weekday evening rush hour commute between 3pm - 9pm.

Express Trains have a Diamond #7 symbol
Local Trains Stops have a Circle symbol.

Sent exclusively to fans who open our links or read our newsletters regularly.

US Open Tennis, Ticket Deals for Summer in August

The Start of Summer and the US Open Tennis Series

Our great American summer tradition - between BBQs and fireworks. Professional sports means enjoying a fun day together and cheering on our favorite players. Nothing beats sharing some food with all your friends and a chance to collect an autograph or collectible souvenir.

Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, the pools open, school is out, and your adventure awaits!

Cheaper to Wait? When to buy US Open tickets?

Note the initial offer prices and look for special sale promotions between July and early August. More seats become available during the summer. Deals are usually for mid-week at the promenade seating level near the upper rows of Ashe.

It is our advice to have travel plans set before getting tickets. Having plane and hotel tickets ready helps me narrow down my dates. Next, decide how many day or evening sessions you plan to attend. I prefer two Ashe day sessions for max value so you'll see most of the players.

#1 Most Popular Date - Smart Shopping

Sat, Sept 3rd is the most popular middle Saturday!
Sign up for our emails to get our 15+ years of attending US Open and tennis tournament tips.

You will be notified when special promo offers are announced. The Amex Centurion suite and Chase RSVP lounge also become available for online reservations during the Summer.

"Buy in July vs Rush in August" - Summer Ticket discount trends

In past years, we have purchased 2-for-1 ticket deals and seen prices as low as $30. Sponsors such as Emirates, Amex, JP Morgan, and IBM often have discounted ticket codes. We share the sponsor deals on our email list!

We are neither paid nor sponsored by the US Open, and our opinions are completely our own. These limited-seat deals become available and are very useful if you just want to roam the grounds. More people will start selling tickets by mid-August, making it a buyer's market.

The US Open Series features tennis events held across the USA (July - August)
It signals the beginning of the US Hard Court tennis season. Everything leads up to the big finish in NYC with the US Open in August. Attending any of these events across America will give fans a sneak preview locally for anyone who can't make it to the Big Apple.

I share my personal travel experiences on the ATP and WTA tennis tour at JCtennis. Feel free to check it out if you want inspiration or a sample guide for planning your own post-vaccination tennis vacation.

Full Stadiums, more positive signals from Sports Fans in Europe

Being a photographer on the court and at their press conference, my opinion is from an insider perspective at actual pro tennis events. I watch the conditions and players on the ATP and WTA tours daily. It was an honor to dust the same clay off my shoes as Nadal and Djokovic.

Witnessing the energy and passion of the full Spanish crowd at Madrid’s stadium is the most amazing way to feel connected with a sea of cheering fans full of energy, waving their red and yellow. 

Feel the spirit of Tennis Fandom in person
Like a Champions League soccer match, the entire crowd erupts together in a wave of humanity. Tennis fans enjoyed the clash between Nadal and Alcaraz with stars from Real Madrid soccer players and even the King of Spain himself in attendance.

We heard the packed Parisian crowd again at the French Open in Paris. So far, so good. Regarding public safety and health, we look back a few weeks after these sporting events conclude.

This is the most encouraging sign that major sporting events can return fully this year in a post-vax environment.

US Open Tennis: Tickets advice for fans

US Open Tennis Tickets vs Package Plans

Buying individual tickets instead of packages can save you lots of money and offer more flexibility!

Only buy a package if you're sure you can attend most sessions.

It is still a buyer's market unless you get a marquee matchup for the later rounds.

The rounds leading up to the Labor Day weekend have been also popular in recent years. Note that this year, the two semi-finals for the men are sold as individual tickets.

In the past, these "Super Saturday" sessions were combined and sold as one ticket. Now they are individually worth slightly less with only one semi-final feature each.

Want all the real tips about finding the best US Open Ticket deals?

Which Day Sessions will get sold out first?

The most popular dates are generally the Saturday session for Labor Day weekend. Closely followed by the Finals Championship weekend tickets.

If you want to lock in these dates, it might be worth ordering now. Otherwise, you likely have time to buy individual tickets in July or even August.

Tip: Always buy from the Official Ticket Seller before trying resellers.

US Open Stadium Tickets

The Ashe tickets are the most flexible. Followed by the Grounds Pass, and then Armstrong and Grandstand. Because you do not know the draws and schedules until August, getting an individual stadium pass other than Ashe is a bit risky.

However, Armstrong and Grandstand will guarantee you a relatively close view of the action in one location (without needing to roam around the grounds).

Are "Multi-Session Ticket Plans" sold as a package a smart idea?

Only if you are planning to attend a series of multiple days and nights: you can purchase a ticket mini-plan today. This is recommended only for those who plan to commit to most day and night sessions during either championship weekend or Labor Day weekend.

I have purchased this plan before. Then had to sell several sessions that I could not attend personally. This option will allow you secure seats early. However, you become responsible for handling seats you do not want. This package also works well if you need a larger batch of seats all in a row.

Generally, after the sale of extra seats, you come out even or possibly slightly ahead. However, it is very dependent on many factors such as demand for particular sessions. Remember the inventory risk for you, the package ticket holders.

How much do US Open Ticket Plans Cost?
Depends on the session. For the opening week, it can be $290 per seat. For the entire tournament at every round, it is above $2000 per seat.

Strategy for June - "Hold". For July/Aug - "Buy"

Wait until the general sale dates to compare the retail prices to resell tickets. See how much demand is there for the popular sessions first. Wait for the 2-for-1 discount codes (via our email) to appear in late July, or early August before committing to weekday seats.

If your favorite player does not make it to 2nd week, yet is a popular fan favorite, you may still get good money for your seat. In September, a case can be made to Sell. Factor in weather conditions and if a player has the potential to break a grand slam record if they win the US Open (Nadal, Serena).

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