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How much to pay for US Open tickets? 4 Rules for Buying

US Open Tickets - good conditions to buy

  • Arthur Ashe #1 < $200 for weekdays; < $150 for nights; < $300 for weekends
  • Armstrong #2: Ashe +/- $50 (for closer tier, better seating distance)
  • Grandstand #3: Ashe +/- $20 (best before 2nd week, depends on matchup)
  • Grounds Passes - must be less than any Ashe Ticket; otherwise, just wait until later...

Prices fluctuate on the resale market daily. This chart below will be updated weekly.

We look for the best deals. Check links for the best prices. Are more deals coming by August?

DateEventTimeURLHOT< $100<$150DEALS
Mon 8/261st Round Men's / Women's12:00pmTICKETS🔥
1st Round Men's / Women's7:00pmTICKETS🔥💰💰
Tue 8/271st Round Men's / Women's12:00pmTICKETS
1st Round Men's / Women's7:00pmTICKETS
Wed 8/282nd Round Men's / Women's12:00pmTICKETS
2nd Round Men's / Women's7:00pmTICKETS💰💰
Thu 8/292nd Round Men's / Women's12:00pmTICKETS
2nd Round Men's / Women's7:00pmTICKETS
Fri 8/303rd Round Men's / Women's12:00pmTICKETS
3rd Round Men's / Women's7:00pmTICKETS
Sat 8/313rd Round Men's / Women's12:00pmTICKETS
3rd Round Men's / Women's7:00pmTICKETS🔥
Sun 9/1Round of 16 Men's/Women's12:00pmTICKETS
Round of 16 Men's/Women's7:00pmTICKETS
Mon 9/2Round of 16 Men's/Women's12:00pmTICKETSGround
Round of 16 Men's/Women's7:00pmTICKETS💰💰
Tue 9/3Quarterfinal Men's/Women's12:00pmTICKETS💰Ground
Quarterfinal Men's/Women's7:00pmTICKETS
Wed 9/4Quarterfinal Men's/Women's12:00pmTICKETS💰
Quarterfinal Men's/Women's7:00pmTICKETS
Thu 9/5Women's Singles Semifinals7:00pmTICKETS
Fri 9/6W-DBL's Final/Men's 1st Semis12:00pmTICKETS🔥
Sat 9/7Men's Singles 2nd Semifinals12:00pmTICKETS
Sun 9/8Men's/Women's Singles Final1:00pmTICKETS🔥

Are ticket prices too high? Should you sell and "trade" for a cheaper stadium? (Updated 07/2024)

  • July trends: Grounds passes have been selling out fast, and Ashe prices are going down only slightly
  • Stick with Ashe, if you want rain protection with the roof
  • If Armstrong or Grandstand are only slightly more expensive, buy those instead
  • Grounds Passes should be cheaper than Ashe! Eg, Tues, Sept 3 (<$100)
The later the purchase, the better the information - but risking higher prices!

If you're not picky, pick the cheapest ticket. Then just wander around the outer 17 courts from match to match!

1) Arthur Ashe Stadium (Good price = $200 for Day Sessions)

Upper vs Lower Promenade (Row letters matter!)
If you get a seat in the front with A-C row letters, those are worth at least $50 to $100 more.

Middle Rows (M-P)
The middle rows (letters near M-P) might be worth paying $20-$50 more than the cheapest.

The back rows (letters like V, W, X, Y, Z, or ZZ) often have empty seats as those people generally roam outside, take selfies of the NYC skyline, or lounge around at free perk booths.

Why are Ashe tickets the *safest* tickets in general?
Short Answer: They are the most flexible option. You get Full Access to all the courts.

Unless there is a specific player and match you want to attend, then the Arthur Ashe tickets are the safest all-around bet when buying well in advance.

US Open Tickets with prices updated daily

Ashe is typically slightly more expensive than Grounds Passes. Yet it grants you a reserved seat (very useful if it rains) and allows you into every stadium. Any Grounds Pass should cost less.

The strategy is to roam anywhere, knowing you have reserved your seat in Ashe when you want to see your favorite star player play.

The top-seeded fan-favorite players will almost always play there exclusively and often at night.

Free US Open Tips and promo codes for new fans

The trick is if you decide to get the cheapest Arthur Ashe tickets up in the upper promenade, you DON'T have to stay all day in the nosebleeds section!  Instead, I recommend getting up and checking out the US Open campus outside!

Get 5% cash back in Q3 at US Open and Ticketmaster

How to get 5% back using the Chase Freedom + Flex Cards

If you plan to attend the US Open or buy Ticketmaster tickets, this is a no-brainer deal.

Deal is Back! Valid for Ticketmaster, US Open, and Gas Stations. July through September.
Here's the easiest way to get 5% back on tennis tickets this Summer.

Earn 5% cash back at Ticketmaster and US Open purchases with Chase Freedom and Freedom Flex.
You must first activate the special quarterly bonus online by 9/14. Purchase tickets using your Chase Flex card (up to $1500 worth).
July through September - both US Open and Ticketmaster were listed as eligible merchants.

Bonus Tip: Access to the Chase Lounge RSVP at the US Open

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US Open Tennis, Ticket Deals for Summer in August

The Start of Summer and the US Open Tennis Series

Our great American summer tradition - between BBQs and fireworks. Professional sports means enjoying a fun day together and cheering on our favorite players. Nothing beats sharing some food with all your friends and a chance to collect an autograph or collectible souvenir.

Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, the pools open, school is out, and your adventure awaits!

Cheaper to Wait? When to buy US Open tickets?

Note the initial offer prices and look for special sale promotions between July and early August. More seats become available during the summer. Deals are usually for mid-week at the promenade seating level near the upper rows of Ashe.

It is our advice to have travel plans set before getting tickets. Having plane and hotel tickets ready helps me narrow down my dates. Next, decide how many day or evening sessions you plan to attend. I prefer two Ashe day sessions for max value so you'll see most of the players.

#1 Most Popular Date - Smart Shopping

Sat, Sept 3rd is the most popular middle Saturday!
Sign up for our emails to get our 15+ years of attending US Open and tennis tournament tips.

You will be notified when special promo offers are announced. The Amex Centurion suite and Chase RSVP lounge also become available for online reservations during the Summer.

"Buy in July vs Rush in August" - Summer Ticket discount trends

In past years, we have purchased 2-for-1 ticket deals and seen prices as low as $30. Sponsors such as Emirates, Amex, JP Morgan, and IBM often have discounted ticket codes. We share the sponsor deals on our email list!

We are neither paid nor sponsored by the US Open, and our opinions are completely our own. These limited-seat deals become available and are very useful if you just want to roam the grounds. More people will start selling tickets by mid-August, making it a buyer's market.

The US Open Series features tennis events held across the USA (July - August)
It signals the beginning of the US Hard Court tennis season. Everything leads up to the big finish in NYC with the US Open in August. Attending any of these events across America will give fans a sneak preview locally for anyone who can't make it to the Big Apple.

I share my personal travel experiences on the ATP and WTA tennis tour at JCtennis. Feel free to check it out if you want inspiration or a sample guide for planning your own post-vaccination tennis vacation.

Full Stadiums, more positive signals from Sports Fans in Europe

Being a photographer on the court and at their press conference, my opinion is from an insider perspective at actual pro tennis events. I watch the conditions and players on the ATP and WTA tours daily. It was an honor to dust the same clay off my shoes as Nadal and Djokovic.

Witnessing the energy and passion of the full Spanish crowd at Madrid’s stadium is the most amazing way to feel connected with a sea of cheering fans full of energy, waving their red and yellow. 

Feel the spirit of Tennis Fandom in person
Like a Champions League soccer match, the entire crowd erupts together in a wave of humanity. Tennis fans enjoyed the clash between Nadal and Alcaraz with stars from Real Madrid soccer players and even the King of Spain himself in attendance.

We heard the packed Parisian crowd again at the French Open in Paris. So far, so good. Regarding public safety and health, we look back a few weeks after these sporting events conclude.

This is the most encouraging sign that major sporting events can return fully this year in a post-vax environment.

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