US Open Chase Lounge Sign Up open for 2021

US Open - JP Morgan Chase Lounge
Free snacks, drinks, and A/C from the afternoon sun
2021 Free RSVP website is now available Online!
Enter the Customer service number: 800-493-3319

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More places to rest comfortably at the US Open

US Open Essentials

Reservations are now open (Aug 30 - Sept 8) a few are waitlisted for the moment.

The RSVP system fills up quickly with high demand but they will text you if a spot opens.

Take a break at the US Open: 
Enjoy A/C, drinks, and snacks while watching US Open Tennis from the Chase Lounge!

Deal Tips:
Reserve Chase Lounge Access for up to 4 sessions total for FREE.

Reservations can be "split up" at various times and dates offered during the tournament. We recommend choosing an afternoon session when it is a good time to escape and recharge for a while. Here's a Chase Lounge fan's review.

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Tennis Olympic Gold Medalists Shine at Tokyo 2020

Team TopCourt brings the drills, lessons, and interviews.

Watch both the Men's and Women's Olympic Champions from Tokyo 2020.

New videos are available every month!

Men's Singles Gold Medalist - Alexander Zverev (Germany)

Women's Singles Gold Medalist - Belinda Bencic (Switzerland)

2021 US Open Tickets and Colors

2021 US Open *NEW* Ticket Color System

Red Tickets = Arthur Ashe
Prices: $60+

Red Tickets = Arthur Ashe
Evening Sessions (7PM) - 2 matches
Prices: $35+
Purple Tickets = Grounds Passes
Also listed as "Billy Jean King Tennis Center"
Valid entry to all non-Ashe seats
Seating is on a first-come-first-serve basis for the Day.
Prices: $65 

Blue Tickets =  Louis Armstrong Stadium
Valid for Armstrong, 2nd Biggest Stadium Only
Day and Night Sessions
Reserved Seating

Valid for Grandstand, 3rd Biggest Stadium Only
Lower Bowl Reserve Seating

Ticket Buyer Tips

  • Use the Calendar view or look on the left tab to find the date you want
  • Zoom in and out of the stadium map view - use our Seat Guide
  • Use the "Filter" button to find just the "Buy One, Get One" tickets
  • Compare prices with the "Re-sell Tickets"

3 ways in 2021 to buy US Open Tickets early this year

US Open Event Tickets
The American Express Preferred Seating (July 12-18, 2021).

Amex members may use promo code "INCENTUR".
You must check out using an American Express Card.

UPDATE for 2021:
They are only allowing *one* order per session to purchase up to 16 tickets - best to check out and open a new session if you want to buy tickets for multiple days. More info from the US Open pre-sale page.

Amex Presale starting prices as a baseline for 2021

  • Labor Day Sat $190
  • Semi-Finals $135-$180+ (for each semi)
  • Men's Finals $280+

American Express Preferred Seating Code

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Buy One, Get One Session Tickets

In 2021, they are also offering four select sessions for the BOGO deal.
The first round of BOGO deals was July 12-15 for Amex card holders.

Very limited but probably a good price if you are definitely going on those dates. More sessions are likely going to be available *after* July 15th once the public sale starts.

Use promo code "INCENTUR" to view available seats:

Louis Armstrong - Night Sessions (Courtside) - ($15 each, all gone)

  • Session 2 - Monday Evening (Aug. 30) - Louis Armstrong Stadium 
  • Session 4 - Tuesday Evening (Aug. 31) - Louis Armstrong Stadium

Arthur Ashe Stadium - 2nd Week (Promenade Level) - ($17.50 each)

  • Session 17 - Tuesday Day (Sept. 7) - Arthur Ashe Stadium 
  • Session 19 - Wednesday Day (Sept. 8) - Arthur Ashe Stadium

Need an Amex card? You can apply for an Amex Blue Business card with zero annual fees. Good for 2% back groceries and gas. The 10K Membership Points bonus can help you earn your way towards free hotel stays.

Get Extra 3-5% back on Tennis goods from Amazon

Should you wait for more options? I explain how you could get a MUCH BETTER deal later.

It is better to let some people buy tickets at the full retail price first. Then you can get them much cheaper later if they find they cannot attend. Discounted tickets are coming out all summer since this is the first fan-based US Open and the event wants to test the waters.

With the rise of the new Delta-variant strains, the NYC mask and health protocols *may* change. Therefore there are no guarantees. If fans want to be more sure about the situation, it might be wise to wait until mid or late August to buy tickets based on prices on the resell market.

Another consideration is how the health of the players (Roger and Novak or even Serena and Naomi, for example) are star attractions. Whether they show up or make it through early rounds will affect prices greatly.

2021 US Open Tickets - access to them early and guaranteed

We have been monitoring ticket sales for over 15 years now and have always found the best value on US Open tickets after the General Public Sale begins on July 15 @ 9AM EST.

There are usually more choices, you will have a better idea of your travel plans to NYC by then, and the tennis events daily schedule will be available by then.

Lock in your seats before the public sale in July! Useful for getting great seats on popular days.

US Open 2021 Tickets from TicketExchange, sold by Fans to Fans are already available for purchase today

So why wait if you know they will get sold out later? The Labor Day weekend or Finals Weekend are always popular, so these dates you should consider buying first.

For the weekday sessions, if you want to save some of your hard-earned money for the same tickets, read on! We want to help our fans get their US Open tickets for the dates they want, at the best price possible. It pays to be patient this year and we will explain.

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Here are 3 tips that I recommend during the pre-sale:
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Just having an Amex card in your wallet comes with a lot of perks at the US Open as well (eg: FREE pedicab rides, US Open radios, Metro cards, etc*) - just show them your American Express Card.

Can't make it to NYC? Try the Cincinnati Open (Aug 14 - 22)

Big action and stars in a smaller venue! It is also a Masters 1000 event and very family-friendly, which much cheaper cost for hotels and food.

2021 US Open Tennis: Tickets advice for fans

2021 US Open Tennis Ticket Tips

Are 2021 "Multi-session Ticket Plans" a good idea?

If you are planning to attend a series of multiple days and nights: you can purchase a ticket mini-plan today.

This is recommended only for those who plan to commit to most day and night sessions during either championship week, labor day weekend, or first week.

I have purchased this plan before and then sold sessions that I could not attend personally. This option will allow you secure seats early. It also works well if you need a larger batch of seats (4, 8, 16) in a row.

Generally, after the sale of extra seats, you come out even or possibly slightly ahead. However, it is very dependant on many factors such as demand for particular sessions. It is a risk for you, the ticket holders.

Want all the tips about finding the best US Open Ticket deals?

Which Day Sessions will get sold out first?

The most popular dates are generally the Saturday session for Labor Day weekend, followed by the Finals Championship weekend tickets. If you want to lock in these dates, it might be worth ordering now. Otherwise, you likely have time to buy individual tickets in July or even August.

The rounds leading up to the Labor Day weekend have been also popular in recent years. Note that this year, the two semi-finals for the men are sold as individual tickets. In the past, these sessions were combined and sold as one ticket and referred to as the "Super Saturday" session.

Tip: Always buy from the Official Ticket Seller before trying resellers.

US Open Stadium Tickets

The Ashe tickets are the most flexible. Followed by the Grounds Pass, and then Armstrong and Grandstand. Because you do not know the draws and schedules until August, getting an individual stadium pass other than Ashe is a bit risky.

However, Armstrong and Grandstand will guarantee you a relatively close view of the action in one location (without needing to roam around the grounds).

Our Tennis-Bargains strategy for June 2021 - "Hold"

Wait until the general sale dates July 15 @ 9AM to see the retail prices and how much demand is there for the popular sessions first. Wait for the 2-for-1 discount codes (via our email) to appear in late July, early August before committing.

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