TopCourt Tennis - the new paradigm for online learning in 2020

Distance Learning - it's here to stay...

Colleges, schools, parents - we all understand the simple yet inconvenient truth. It affects all students - rich or poor, young or old, from rural to urban. The new classroom format is at home...for better or worse.

Education is shifting to becoming largely self-driven.

Digital media will force more screen-time. In turn, we will seek more un-plugged time outdoors. Quality education must now be both engaging and entertaining. In the ocean of digital noise, who has that magic spoonful of sugar?

We must adapt or risk failing our children's Zoom-based future - not one semester or one year, but one generation.

10 Truths of Education in the Post 2020 world:

  1. Learn Anywhere - Social Distance is baked-in. Crowded lecture halls become obsolete.
  2. Dynamic Pacing -  smarter kids accel at a rapid pace, not held back; slower students are not discouraged for not keeping up. Lack of comparison and peer judgment.
  3. Asymmetric Sharing - One Master Teacher can now deliver what feels like a personalized 1-on-1 lecture anywhere in the World. 
  4. Better Visuals - Classic topics must be modernized for newer viewers and younger audiences.
  5. Multi-lingual - Smarter AI translations and automated international closed captioning.
  6. Freedom and Time to Learn - Kids now have so much more free time.

    How we fill this "idle time" could determine their future more directly than ever before. Off-court or outside school, alternative education plays a much larger factor today.

  7. Tempo control - option to skim through chapters at 1.5x speed in the background, or carefully study and freeze-frame a key idea.
  8. Recorded replays - For both clarity and re-enforcement, we review deliberately as every lecture is now recorded. Like reading a great book, we get something new on the 2nd or even the 5th time.
  9. Exploration of Knowledge - Gen Z uses YouTube the way we discovered the internet at its infancy. It is so easy for them to transition into related sub-topics fluidly without stopping.
  10. Breaking Self-Inertia - Avoiding lazy idleness. Know it, Be it, Do it.  It's not just a Nike slogan anymore.

    Procrastination is sinfully easy now; parents are gatekeepers. Learning now takes extra diligence at home to prevent their kids from automatically being lured by all the other digital media vying for their attention.

Learn and Watch - Tennis Classes at Home

TopCourt Tennis
5 Tips for Studying Video

#1) Feel free to jump around!

It's Not compulsory to go linearly from Chapter 1 to Chapter 10 in order. Explore all topics briefly at least once. Skip ahead a bit, if you know it.

#2) Don't Binge!

Yes, this is not like trying to blast through 5 seasons of a sitcom in one weekend. It's not a race nor a time-limited food buffet to see how many dishes you can stack.

The goal is to understand this stuff and retain it.

  • Watch a few videos, then take a break to think about it. I prefer 90-minute "sprints".
  • Share or explain what you learned to a peer, in your own words.
  • Sleep on it - let your subconscious review the lessons and ideas overnight before bed.

#3) Follow a Ratio of 50:50 (Learning to Practice)

How to Study Smart is a great youtube video to watch for any student.

  • Take one or two drills max at a time.
  • Write down in your own words the keys points first.
  • Go out with a parent, friend, or coach. Demonstrate what you witnessed.
  • When you teach someone else, you reinforce it. Always be a student of the game.

#4) Maximize Screen Time Efficiency - 3 views for every 1 clip

1st time viewing any video - Skim through and get the overall idea

2nd replay of the video - Write on paper the key points (in your own words

3rd / final or later replay - answer these questions in your head:

  • What are the basic mechanics?
  • When do I use it in a match? When should I avoid it?
  • Identify one good habit to focus on. List one bad habit to avoid with this drill.
  • Why is it used? Explain its usefulness.
  • Where should you hit the ball? How close to the lines do I need to hit?
#5) Have Fun! Make it a Game or Contest
Finally, set some progression goals to level up.

Make 3/10 - level 1, then 6/10 in a target area - level 2, etc.
Keep it interesting and yet challenging enough.

These tips are meant for viewing TopCourt, but also apply for any online education platform.
Other MOOC's I would also recommend: Udemy, Khan Academy,

Happy Money - Tennis Retirement with Money and Happiness

Tennis players retire by 29, 39, or 69...

To do so happily starts with finding a sustainable Zen relationship with your spending and saving habits. How you feel about money may determine if it flows into your life like water or slips away like sand.

Normally, I keep topics mainly around Tennis.

Today I want to switch gears and talk about the Mindset of Money, "Bargains" of Life.

Too many today are simply grinding it out. From freshly-minted pros, long-time coaches, to the countless fans globally struggling with debt or unemployment. Double-digit negative GDPs around the world is the new norm, while most are still deep into recovery or cryogenic freeze mode. The people who are worst off are in the OR/ER rooms waiting for ventilators - a microcosm of the greater health of this planet.

I am going to introduce a very inspiring book and audiobook I found during these difficult times. It is called Happy Money (and you can peek at this short youtube intro). Blogger Financial Samurai also wrote a great article last week about How to Feel Rich even if you Can't Get Rich.

With this platform and audience, I hope that I can help reach some of you who are unhappy or struggling during the lockdown. Both tennis professionals and fans alike are affected. Keeping Fit in multiple dimensions: your wallet, your body, but also the health of your mind.

Happy Money - the EQ of Money

The Book I want to share is called Happy Money, by Ken Honda

A jolly, round face man - Ken's quiet, disarming demeanor may fool some about his real wealth, but he is definitely a guru on the EQ and IQ of money.

Think of him as the Marie Kondo of Money Flow - instead of tidying up your room, Happy Money seeks to help you tidy up your cash and enjoy the way you feel about what you have.

The goal is to make "happy little millionaires"; emphasis on happy - not millionaire.

Thank you, money in. Thank you, money out.

It is all about appreciating and using the money to spark and accept positive energy - in and out. Very much a "wax on, wax off" approach for this gratitude cycle. In fact, he suggests viewing money as a form of Energy.

Sure, it will pay bills and buy food - but more importantly, it is our psychology with money that shapes our mood. It has helped me, and hope that it will help you too! (more below)

Son of Immigrants and Refugees

Growing up with struggling parents who came to escape from war-ravaged Vietnam and desperate poverty in South East Asia, the mindset travels with them to find ends meet. It is the son of a refugee that shares this verse now. I grew up poor with struggling parents who had no choice but to create their own business because their English and high school education was not good enough to be hired for any "normal" white-collar job as 1st-gen immigrants. So I only offer my own perspective. There are hundreds of thousands far worse off than me that have perished.

Countless lives and grandparents who had their retirement dreams ahead of them dashed, never to see that day when they could travel to their dream vacation they had saved up their entire life.

The Pixar movie, Up, is the memory that pops up in my head of the old man who lived in the little house with his wife to save up for their dream life while the world kept building around him.

You know someone, and maybe it is you, that strives to make it up there to Paradise Falls. We owe it to those who were lost, or left behind in America, to help get them there. Maybe with just a few colorful balloons at a time.

But I say to those who have dared and dreamed and toiled before you - even one small person has the chance to lift them up. Guide them with support, and we get there together.

Having bucket lists is not enough - dreams are so fleeting if not pursued with passion and urgency.

We struggle and save our whole life to fulfill that promise - to our children, to a better life for family, to justify our pain of past sacrifices for the promise of a new brighter tomorrow: Annie's song.

2020 shows us that all the preparation in the world can sometimes go right out the window. Well-crafted and planned futures. Only to be stolen by this invisible cloud of virality and fear.

We face the essential fact: Life is uncertain, the End is always closing fast.

So I urge my reader to consider this idea:

The far worse crime is to have never lived - to never have started/grown/shared something new with the World - in a sheltered existence of timidity

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TopCourt August Updates

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