US Open Shade Map for Ashe Stadium and Armstrong

Find Shade at the US Open

I have created a US Open Shade Map to help anyone find cooler places to watch US Open tennis matches. The overlay illustrates how the sun will shift the shade line inside Arthur Ashe Stadium.

US Open Shade Map
(Ashe Stadium with roof)

Where to Sit to find the most shade at any Tennis Event

An easy rule of thumb to find shade (or at least a slightly cooler area) is finding the side with the umpire chair. I have sat in many tennis photographers' pits over the years. It can get toasty hot!

The Umpire Chair side is cool!
The side with the umpire chair is located on the West Side for all US Open tennis courts or stadiums. The rule works as long you don't sit directly behind the chair, which could partially block your view.

As you can see in the illustration, the shade line will slide slowly toward the East over time.

Green = cool. Red = hot. Yellow = partial sun.
North gets AM sun, South-East gets some PM sun.

US Open Ashe - Section map of sunny and shaded areas

US Open Fan's tip for shade at Ashe Stadium

Try seats in the main Ashe Stadium (Sections 340 to 324). At the Loge level in Sections 122-136

These will generally be the most shaded areas. They offer cover even while the roof is open. Also, if you need some relief away from the sun, moving further up to the top under the roof's edges may be wise.

How to take a break in the A/C and enjoy some free snacks!

Chase and Amex offer indoor areas for cardholders - check out our fan tips and review

US Open "Heat Shelter Map". Expect heat indexes into the 90s with Humid Conditions!

Our "heat map" shows you the coolest places to go at the US Open and where to find relief from the sun highlighted in Yellow. Free swag in Purple to help you stay cool. Click the image above for a larger version.

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Chase and Amex Lounges for shelter from the heat
If you find yourself there around 1-4pm, I would suggest going inside (the shaded parts of Armstrong or Ashe). If you need a refreshment, we suggest going into one of the US Open Lounges.

Note: the Chase Lounge will require an RSVP. The Blue Amex lounge near the Chase center is open to all Amex cardholders and has a lot of kids in it with some A/C.

How much should you pay for US Open tickets? Ashe, Grounds Pass, Armstrong, Grandstand

US Open Tickets - By Stadiums (Bookmarked Links)

Are ticket prices too high? What's considered a good price? (Updated for 2024)

  • Check Ashe and Grounds - get the cheaper seat if more than $20 difference
  • Get Ashe if you want rain protection with the roof
  • Before buying last-minute tickets, you should check these 4 links first.
Prices fluctuate on the resale market daily. Look for price arbitrage to get the best deal and watch the match you want.

Use the daily "Schedule of Play" guide to decide what matches you want to see. If you're not picky, you can choose the cheapest option and just roam around the 17 courts from match to match! Get your steps in!

1) Arthur Ashe Stadium (Good price = $150 to $180 for Day Sessions)

Why are Ashe tickets the best tickets in general?
Short Answer: They are the most flexible option. You get Full Access to all courts.

Unless there is a specific player and match you want to attend, then the Arthur Ashe tickets are the safest all-around bet when buying well in advance.

US Open Tickets with prices updated daily

Ashe is typically slightly more expensive to buy than Grounds Passes (except in 2022 for the upper promenade areas, there are some $70-$100 options). Yet it grants you a reserved seat (very useful if it rains) and allows you into every stadium.

To me, any Ashe ticket is worth at least $20 more than a general Grounds Pass.

The strategy is to roam anywhere, knowing you have your own seat reserved in Ashe when you want to see your favorite star player play.

The top-seeded players that are fan favorites will almost always play there exclusively and often at night.

Free US Open Tips and promo codes for new fans

The trick is if you decide to get the cheapest Arthur Ashe tickets up in the upper promenade, you DON'T have to stay all day in the nosebleeds section!  Instead, I recommend getting up and checking out the US Open campus outside!

Free US Open Campus Tour Map
Walking around the outside courts first, go inside Armstrong, Grandstand, and Court 17.

At least one of them has an exciting match. Another idea is figuring out which match looks like it will be going into a 5th set and then going there for the finish.

Look around at some of the highlights below if you get bored. You can always come back into Ashe later!

This is basically a free-for-all ticket that gets you in the door - great for roaming around.

You can tour all other stadiums and over 20 outside courts except Ashe. Sometimes if Ashe is sold out, this is the next best option and generally is a little bit less expensive. Grounds Passes are a great way to go on Labor Day weekend or just to check out the US Open for the first time.
Be closer to the action in a more cozy space, and avoid the large crowds. You get a spot on the lower bowl with these tickets. Best if you're sure the Ashe matches are not of interest to you.

Years before Ashe was built, Armstrong was the main stadium. After the latest update in 2018, this stadium offers much better ventilation and shade for many upper sections.

Buying an Armstrong ticket gives you a reserved seat up close and is a good alternative option when you would rather have a more intimate view of the players in a slightly smaller setting. Also works if the date you want to go is sold out completely (Labor Day weekend).

What is NOT included?

It lets you watch any matches except those inside Arthur Ashe.

Armstrong usually features at least 2-3 great matches (top 20 players). Plus, you will be much closer to the excitement without costing over $150. If you want the same seat quality in Ashe, it will cost >$500.

It also lets you hop over to the Grandstand (3rd court) right next door to get some shade and grab a bite to eat at the mini-food court between the two.

4) Grandstand aka "The Bull Ring" ($105+)

If prices are reasonable and you can find a good seat, I would consider the West side tickets or along the baseline at the Grandstand. Some amazing popcorn matches have happened here over the Labor Day Weekend in years past. Any seats in Rows A thru G for sections 1 thru 12 would be a good value.

Bonus Tip - Be First in Line with a Reservation system
For almost all the smaller courts, they offer a "first-come, first-serve" system.  This means if you get in line early (gates open at 11AM. The EAST gate is the least crowded out of them), you can move quickly and get front-row seats! Check out our Top 10 tips to see how you can be in the front few rows with Chase for free.

3 ways to buy US Open Tickets early this year

US Open Tennis Event Tickets
UPDATE for 2024
They are only allowing *one* order per session to purchase up to 16 tickets - it is best to check out and open a new session if you want to buy tickets for multiple days.

Amex Presale starts on May 28 - should you buy or wait?

If you have already booked your travel dates, buying early is good.
But if you're on the fence, waiting until later in the Summer is generally safe.

  • Almost every year, the face value of US Open tennis tickets does not run out before July.
  • August is the best-selling month because fans will know who is playing and who is not.

Price ranges for tickets (2024 Data Points under $100)

2024-09-03 Quarterfinal Men's/Women's 36.00
2024-08-27 1st Round Men's / Women's 64.00
2024-09-04 Quarterfinal Men's/Women's 69.00
2024-08-27 1st Round Men's / Women's 75.00
2024-09-05 Women's Singles Semifinals 80.00
2024-08-26 1st Round Men's / Women's 85.00

Early Access Methods via Resale from Season Ticket Holders

Looking for access to European tennis tournaments like Wimbledon? Stubhub is a great way to get ahead of the box office line when they are not listed on Ticketmaster!
**Heads up: this post contains affiliate links. If you purchase using our link, we’ll collect a share of sales or other compensation. We donate a portion of any ticket profits to tennis and relief charities.

American Express Preferred Seating: Code Required

Subscribe for our handy US Open access codes needed to unlock these discounts.

Amex members may use promo code "INCENTUR" to unlock.

You must check out using an American Express Card.

3 BOGO Deals (Buy One, Get One) Session Tickets

For 2024, the BOGO sessions announced will be for:
  • Session 4 - Tuesday Evening (Aug. 27) - Louis Armstrong Stadium
  • Session 17 - Tuesday Day (Sept. 3) - Arthur Ashe Stadium
  • Session 19 - Wednesday Day (Sept. 4) - Arthur Ashe Stadium

In recent years, they have also offered four select sessions for the BOGO deal later in the summer.
The extra round of BOGO deals was released July 12-15 for Amex card holders.

Very limited in date choices, but at a fair price if you know you are going on those dates.
More session offers will become available *after* July 15th once the public sale starts.

Use promo code "INCENTUR" to view available seats:

Louis Armstrong - Night Sessions (Courtside) - ($15 each, now all gone)

  • Session 2 - Monday Evening (Aug. 30) - Louis Armstrong Stadium 
  • Session 4 - Tuesday Evening (Aug. 31) - Louis Armstrong Stadium

Arthur Ashe Stadium - 2nd Week (Promenade Level) - ($17.50 each)

  • Session 17 - Tuesday Day (Sept. 7) - Arthur Ashe Stadium 
  • Session 19 - Wednesday Day (Sept. 8) - Arthur Ashe Stadium

Should you wait for more options? I will explain how you could get a much better deal.

Letting some people buy tickets at the full retail price first can be smart. Then you can get them much cheaper later if they find they cannot attend. Discounted tickets are coming out all summer long.

Tickets for the first week inside Ashe are discounted quite a bit and only look to be selling out for a while. It is the Labor Day weekend and Finals Weekend tickets that are pricy.

We have been monitoring ticket sales for over 15 years and have always found the best value on US Open tickets after the General Public Sale begins on July 15 @ 9AM EST.

There are usually more choices, so you will have a better idea of your travel plans to NYC by then, and the daily schedule of tennis events will be available by then.

Lock in your seats before the public sale in July! Useful for getting great seats on popular days.

US Open Resale Tickets - sold by Fans to Fans (TM)

So why wait if you know they will get sold out later? The Labor Day weekend or Finals Weekend are always popular, so you should consider buying these dates first.

For the weekday sessions, if you want to save some of your hard-earned money for the same tickets, read on! We want to help our fans get their US Open tickets for the dates they want at the best price possible. It pays to be patient this year, and we will explain.

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Here are 3 tips that I recommend during the pre-sale:
Get our Free US Open Ticket Updates & Promo Codes (like Buy 1, Get 1 Free) as soon as they become available! No gimmicks! 

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Just having an Amex card in your wallet comes with many perks at the US Open as well (eg, FREE pedicab rides, US Open radios, Metro cards, etc*) - just show them your American Express Card.

Can't make it to NYC?  Try to visit the Cincinnati Open (in mid-August)

Big action and stars in a much smaller venue in the Midwest!

It is also a Masters 1000 event and very family-friendly, which means much cheaper costs for hotels and food. The 2023 Final was amazing with Alcaraz and Djokovic, so they will be back in Mason, Ohio for 2024!

How to play tennis nearby on any budget

10 Easy Ways to Play Tennis Locally

5 Easy Ways to Play Tennis Locally

Tennis begins as the weather warms up
Whether it's Singles or Doubles, here are some suggestions to find a partner or a team to join.

New to the area? Where to meet other players?
You can find hitting partners or seasonal leagues anywhere in the USA. Below are some options from least to most expensive.

Basic tennis gear is all you need to start - shoes, a racket, and some balls
You can start playing with a decent pair of tennis shoes, a basic racket, and a can of $3 tennis balls.
If you enjoy it, gradually upgrade the strings and other gear as you play more regularly.

Practice Walls

Locate your nearest tennis courts with a practice wall. If you spend time practicing at a tennis wall, chances are good you'll find other players with the same mindset for improvement. You can also quickly judge their technique to see if you want to ask them to hit.

Pick-up Matches

Go to the same public park regularly a few times a week, and you're bound to run into them.
Weekend warriors or after-work sparing partners tend to be found at the local parks during peak times.

Facebook Online Groups

Most areas with a large tennis population will have several groups to join and feature a free message board to contact other players. Use common sense with your personal safety when arranging a match with strangers in public areas.

In the DC/VA/MD area, we lead a group of about 700 players strong.
With your first introduction post, include your skill level (3.0, 3.5, etc), years of experience, how often you play a week, and your preferences (singles, doubles, rallies, practicing drills). Tennis Groups

Joining a free group event is a great way to get your bearings and find a regular group of casual playing partners. The skill level is usually across the board, but with multiple courts, usually, you can usually rotate around until you find the right pairing.

Note:  Bring a can of new balls and be open to making new friends. I would avoid any that require upfront money or push you towards coaching lessons.

Recreational Leagues

In many popular tennis regions, such as Atlanta, San Diego, or Austin, local tennis leagues are available to join for ~$30/season or even per year. You can locate a better-defined skill range and challenge a big list of nearby players. Collect contact info to set up matches later.

Tennis Classes or Weekly Drills

Joining a local tennis class is a great way to eliminate rust and engage with similar players. Often, you can join a "drop-in" class if you're new to town. With weekly lessons, you'll build good habits and can join new classes that are always starting.

For the Rafa Fans, both adults and juniors camps in the USA.
Get a $50 discount using our "JCTENNIS" promo code when registering.

Organized Events - Memberships, Event Entry Fees

  • USTA - $44 per year (but comes with a Wilson and Head rebate)
    • Leagues - $30+ per season; By NTRP, 18+, 40+, 55+, etc
    • Tournaments - $60+ per event; Singles and Doubles
    • Flex-leagues - play 3 to 4 arranged matches in a month or two.

  • Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) - $90/year plus event entry fees;
    • UTR targets the more competitive "semi-pro" levels or former college players.
    • Some regional tennis leagues will report match scores that count toward your UTR rating.
    • Knowing your UTR # helps you match up with someone at the same level as you.

  • Private Tennis Clubs - $$$ per month;

US Open Tickets promo codes and Amex early access!

*Resale tickets are available now*

Early Bird Ticket Dates for US Open 2024:
May 28 for Amex Card holders, June 3 for public sale

1) Save more with Ticketmaster promo codes!
2) Join our US Open Fans Facebook Group
3) Seat Heat Map and NYC Photo Guide

US Open ticketmaster promo code unlocked
Previous Sample Offer Passcode" "HBCU" (for 8/30) or "PRIDE" (for 8/31)

Note for special offer tickets: Please come out to support the special events:
Historically Black Colleges and University Day on 8/30 and US Open Pride for LGBTQ+ on 8/31.

8/30 session, "HBCU":
8/31 session, "PRIDE":

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Top 3 "Best Value" US Open Tickets available

1) Arthur Ashe Day Tickets (reserved seat with access to all courts)
2) Evening Sessions (without entry before 6pm)
3) Ground Passes (access to all courts, except Arthur Ashe Stadium)

Tennis Bargain Tips:

American Express Card - All Card Members Access
Checkout and pay with an Amex card, using passcode "INCENTUR"

View All US Open Ticket Sessions
Ashe $150-$250 Day, $100 Night

All Ground Passes (without Ashe Access)
The Second Week is priced around $30-50

Ticketmaster Promo Codes

Q: Can I purchase a ticket from a US Open subscriber?
A: US Open Ticket Exchange (for upgrading to better seats or see resell prices to "sold out" sessions)
Yes, you can. The USTA has partnered with the US Open Ticket Exchange by Ticketmaster, to serve as the exclusive resale partner for the US Open. US Open subscribers as well as individual ticket holders have the opportunity to resell their unused tickets in a secured fan-to-fan environment, sanctioned by the USTA. 

How to buy a Single Ticket at the lowest price possible?

1) Use the 2-for-1 special code to buy 2 tickets.
2) If you cannot attend, sell the extra ticket or transfer by email.
3) Bring a friend! Enjoy the fun with a buddy.

Selling Tip: Set the price slightly below the lowest price. You'll get a buyer more quickly.
Money is deposited to you via a debit card or US bank account!

All weekend tickets (AM and PM sessions) will sell the quickest. By August, most may already be gone! I check back on Mondays and early mornings for any additional tickets listed for sale.

Additional Helpful US Open Links

How to pick the best "cool" seat on a hot day.

Facebook Updates