US Open Tickets are now 2-for-1, price valid for limited time!

Use "Offer Code" found at Top of *This Promo Page* to Activate Deals
 US Open 2-for-1 Offer Code

Pick any TWO seats (in Light Blue) on the map, then checkout and save!
Tip: Buy any seats marked "Instant e-Ticket" for fast email delivery.

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US Open FAQ - buying from a season ticket holder:
Q: Can I purchase a ticket from a US Open subscriber?
A: US Open Ticket Exchange (for better seats and any "sold out" sessions)
Yes, you can. The USTA has partnered with the US Open Ticket Exchange by Ticketmaster, to serve as the exclusive resale partner for the US Open. US Open subscribers as well as individual ticket holders have the opportunity to resell their unused tickets in a secured fan-to-fan environment, sanctioned by the USTA. 

Do you only need to buy One Single Ticket at the lowest price possible?

1) Use this 2-for-1 special code to buy 2 tickets.
2) If you cannot attend, simply sell the extra one ticket back later. Or bring a friend!

Selling Tip: Set the price a bit less than the lowest price to get a buyer quickly. Money is deposited to you via debit card or US bank account!

All weekend tickets (AM and PM sessions) will sell the quickest. By August most may already be gone! Check back on Mondays @ 9AM EST to see if additional tickets have been added for sale.

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2018 US Open Amex Presale Links - Why it's better to Wait until next week (6/11-6/17) for Buy One, Get One offers

Is the US Open Amex Presale worth it?

The annual "presale" Amex tickets offered on 6/4-6/9 are nothing special. It is just one way to reward their loyal card holders for a chance to purchase regular price tickets one week earlier before the better tickets come up for sale. Similar seat options will be available for purchase after June 11.

The Buy One, Get One Free deal is the one worth checking after June 11...

Here is what we know so far:
The 2018 special offer for the Amex B1G1 sessions will be available for the following sessions:

Session 4 - Tuesday Evening (Aug. 28)
Session 6 - Wednesday Evening (Aug. 29)
Session 16 - Monday Evening (Sept. 3)
Session 17 - Tuesday Day (Sept. 4)
Session 19 - Wednesday Day (Sept. 5)

Tip: Wait until at least Mid-June to see the Full Inventory of tennis tickets.

You will find many more US Open Sponsor Buy One, Get One offers and date choices.
This effectively gives you 50% off the retail price. Note: these tickets require special promo codes to unlock on the US Open purchase map.

IMPORTANT: Resell Ticket Exchange Prices will come down once better prices and more tickets become open to the public. This gives you a better gauge of how much to pay for the "True Ticket Price".

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The best benefit of the B1G1 offer is that you pay for the price of one, you get 2 seats next to each other. A great way to introduce a new friend to US Open tennis for its 50th anniversary.

There will also be changes to the scheduling of top matches because of the new Armstrong Stadium built this year. It will feature Day and Evening ticket sessions under a roof, so that may be more reason to wait and see which top players play where! Main Draws will come out in August.

American Express Fine print:
** Offer is limited to promenade tickets and is subject to availability. Each ticket will reflect a face value of 50% off the regular price. Free tickets must be for the same session as purchased tickets.

2018 US Open Tickets now available for sale

 2018 US Open Tennis Event
Just Announced: There will be no official USTA pre-sale event this year*.

American Express member pre-sale will occur in early June. The regular US Open tickets will be available for public sale on June 11, 2018.

Here's how to reserve your tickets prior to the public sale and find early-bird dealsEvery year, I see some people list their tickets lower than retail value. Often this occurs right after they have received their mini-plan tickets and realize they cannot attend all the sessions.

Which are the Best Early Tickets to buy or reserve for the US Open?
The key is to keep an eye out for hidden gems for the most popular tickets.
Day tickets for the 1st and 2nd weekend are always bought and sold quickly.

Labor Day Weekend and Finals Weekend prices tickets go fast!
Semi-Finals for Men are also very limited each year because you get 2 amazing matches in one day.

In the next few months, we will also provide details of any great offers such as 2-for-1 promo specials. Or Simply google for "Tennis Bargains US Open".

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