3 reasons why NOT to buy presale US Open Tickets this year

 US Open Event Tickets
The American Express Members Pre-Sale begins May 28, 2019 @ 9AM.

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Access will be open to those who have any American Express credit card (plus the promo code we will send out). Make sure you have a valid credit card before you check out.

I would recommend getting the Amex Bonvoy Card (as in Bon Voyage) with a 55K point initial sign up bonus. That is enough to get you a free night at the Sheraton Laguardia hotel that is just one train stop away. Plus you have until 5/31/19 to register your card to get up to an additional 100K points *targeted offer*.

NEW US Open changes for 2019:
This year, the US Open is completely getting rid of the week of USTA members pre-sales! This "sale" normally came one week prior to the Amex Sale and most smart fans avoided anyway. Prices were always the same for limited seat choices.

Many fans may jump on this sale, but below I explain how to get a MUCH BETTER deal later.

It is better to let some people buy tickets at the full retail price, and then for you to get them much cheaper later if they find they cannot attend. Discounted tickets come out all summer.

2019 US Open Tickets - access to them early, guaranteed

We have been monitoring ticket sales for over 15 years now and have always found the best value on US Open tickets after the General Public Sale begins on June 3 @ 9AM EST.

There are more choices, you will have a better idea of your travel plans to NYC by then, and the tennis events daily schedule will be available by then.

Tip: Here is the best to check TicketExchange pricesLock in your seats before the public sale in June! Useful for getting great seats on popular days.

3 Reasons to avoid tickets at the US Open "Pre-sales" this year:

  1. Full Retail Pricing - the relatively same quality of tickets will generally be sold cheaper in a few months. The Amex Tickets section is just a batch like normal tickets.
  2. Promo Codes = Better Prices for Promenade Seats - the Tickets offered early at full price, but wait 1 week later (early June) because this is when the Buy One, Get One free deals will appear.
  3. All popular sessions become "Sold Out" in a few minutes - Men's Semi-Final Sat and Finals Sun are nearly impossible to get. You almost ALWAYS get the message that they are "unavailable" even within the few seconds of their pre-sale starting!

    Why waste your time at the "Members Presale" trying to sit at your PC at 9AM clicking refresh for nothing?? Their ticket packages are way over-priced!
    Be smart and get our tips to stay ahead of the pack when value tickets are released!
US Open 2019 Tickets from TicketExchange, sold by Fans to Fans are already available for purchase today

US Open Tennis Travel to NYC 2019 on a Fan's Budget

Here are my Top 3 US Open 2019 tennis fan options.This is how to enjoy the best of American Tennis when you only have a limited family vacation budget. Tickets will be on sale soon in June! You will want to subscribe to not miss out on our insiders US Open Emails for more info, discounts, and deals.

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The Art of Tennis Travel
After traveling a few weeks in Europe for the clay court season, I really learned to appreciate tennis in a few different languages, cities, and cultures. You realize that the love of the sport still binds us all universally.

When traveling to a tennis event your main expense will be:
  • Tennis Tickets (pick day or night sessions; plus grounds pass days)
  • Lodging (hotels or AirBnB's) - try to book at least 1-2 months ahead!
  • Transportation - get flights to NYC ASAP; take the 7 train / LIRR or Uber to the stadium

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My Expert Insider Advice - why follow me?
I have been going to the US Open for over a dozen summers now, seen all 4 grand slams, teach tennis professionally with the USPTA and work as a freelance tennis media photographer/reporter at pro tennis events around the world so I can share my years of experience on the tennis tour.

Why are you giving away all this info for free?

Companies like Ticketmaster provide me special affiliate links and limited time offers that I share here. For each link that you click, I am compensated with a small commission percentage to help pay for my referrals.

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Your final price will be the same whether you buy it from my website or elsewhere, but I sincerely appreciate the VIP US Open fans who come back every year.

Spreading the Tennis Love
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2019 US Open Tennis Dates:

Mon, Aug 26, 2019 – Sun, Sep 8, 2019
Location: Flushing Meadows, NY

Basically, the tournament is two weeks.
It spans one week *before* Labor Day until one week *after* Labor Day.
Technically, it is almost 3 weeks if you count the free qualifier matches that play the week of August 19-25.

Priority #1: Narrow your Travel Option and Dates

Flights are generally cheaper mid-week (Tues-Thurs). LGA is the closest airport, with a 15 min taxi ride away. You can also take Amtrak to Penn Station and then take the LIRR over to Queens-Metts station. Driving, you will have to factor in about $20 for parking each day unless you own a Mercedes.

Write it on your Calendar
I have found that the best way to start budgeting for a tennis vacation is to pull out a calendar and then figure out which days you can go. From there you will likely need to ask for time off from your job or make sure your kids are off school. Plus it is best to share your idea with a friend or two early to make it a true tennis road trip and slipt some expenses!

#1 Most Action-Packed Tennis Option = Labor Day Weekend (AM + PM)

It is easy to get time off work and school for this end of summer long weekend (Aug 30-Sept 2). The crowds of fans make it a very festive and popular experience. Compare prices between StubHub Fan  Tickets and Ticketmaster Resell to get the best final price.

The tournament always has great matches during the Friday, Saturday and Sunday sessions (day and night). Usually, there are no upsets yet in the draw, so the Big 3 area usually playing back to back these days.

If you can splurge a little, I would recommend getting Loge or Courtside seats for one session featuring your favorite player. Just be prepared to spend at least $300-$600+ per ticket, but it will be a very memorable experience.

For international travelers, I think this is well worth it because they are traveling so far already. To watch Federer play at night from 10-20 meters away at a Grand Slam is magical. You will be surrounded by Hollywood celebrities and enjoy a very entertaining evening.

#2 Best Value Full-Day Tennis Option = Week One Arthur Ashe Day Sessions

Go during the 1st week (Aug 26-30) and buy either the cheapest Ashe Ticket or any Grounds Pass ~$70-$90 for the Day session only. This will give you at least 6-8 hours of tennis if you are willing to roam. You can stay at the outside courts even after the night sessions starts and see some fireworks.

This is the all-you-can-eat Buffet Option for hardcore tennis fans...

A Fan's Guide to the Rafa Nadal Academy and Sports Centre

 Barcelona Open with Rafael Nadal
Follow Rafael Nadal to the French Open
The Rafa Nadal Sports Centre
My visit to Mallorca in April-May at the Rafa Nadal Academy was a lifetime bucket list event.

As a huge Rafa fan for over a decade, I decided to book a pit stop to Mallorca between the Barcelona Open and the Madrid Open via Air Europa.

Apparently, several top pros had the same idea, making their stop in Manacor to do some training. I was there with Toni, Carlos, and the Nadal Academy Coaching Team.

I was lucky enough to train, eat, sleep, plus watch and play tennis next to the top ATP and WTA pros like Naomi Osaka and Rafael Nadal!

Masters 1000 Clay Trophy Collection at the Rafa Nadal Academy

Save 10% Off any package with promo code: CLAY10

Just as Rafael told me in the hallway to the gym, Mallorca is a beautiful island when the weather is nice. I have to agree with him 100%! May through September is the perfect temperature. The cost of staying at the Academy is hardly much more than that of a typical hotel ~$150/night.

Every day I was there, it was a beautiful paradise. Comparing it to Hawaii and Maui  - this island was the Spanish version of a very historic land yet brimming with its small village charm.

I love the church in the center of Manacor, the Cala Agulla beach, and the Castle of Capdepera. Photos below of this amazing landscape.

The scenic countryside with its windmills and small traffic circles are very quaint. Most tiny cars including Rafa's old Kia are miniature in size yet very nimble. Speed limits top out around 100kmph - yet you can go from coast to coast in a little over an hour. I would recommend renting a car but be prepared that it will likely be a manual transmission.

Small packs of bicycle riders will dot the small country roads early in the morning riding in tandem. The local villagers are very friendly and helpful in sharing their traditions and culture. I made a lot of friends among the other Adult tennis program attendees.

I encourage all my tennis fans to 
visit Spain for the authentic Tennis Experience.
A full write-up will also be published at JCtennis.com

For a closer experience, there is also an 8-court Rafa Nadal Tennis Academy now open in Mexico

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