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1) Pick any Session. 2) Click "See Tickets". 3) "Enter Offer Code" BA135242 or BJ161331 at the top as shown

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Q: Can I purchase a ticket from a US Open subscriber?
A: US Open Ticket Exchange (for better seats and any "sold out" sessions)
Yes, you can. The USTA has partnered with the US Open Ticket Exchange by Ticketmaster, to serve as the exclusive resale partner for the US Open. US Open subscribers as well as individual ticket holders have the opportunity to resell their unused tickets in a secured fan-to-fan environment, sanctioned by the USTA. 

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Selling Tip: Set the price a bit less than the lowest price to get a buyer quickly. Money is deposited to you via debit card or US bank account!

All weekend tickets (AM and PM sessions) will sell the quickest. By August most may already be gone! Check back on Mondays to see if any additional tickets have been added for sale.

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Top 3 "Best Value" US Open Tickets available

1) Arthur Ashe Day Tickets (reserved on Ashe with access to all courts)
2) Night Matches Only (no access before 6pm)
3) Grounds Passes (no access to Arthur Ashe Stadium)

Additional Helpful US Open Links

How to pick the best "Cool" Seat - my US Open Heat Seat Map
It is updated to include Ashe, Armstrong, and Grandstand Stadiums!

Sports Illustrated 59 tips for US Open, updated for 2018 (fan tips):

Sample 2018 Pricing for Tickets, created by PJ from RoadTo45Tennis (great guide):

US Open - American Express Card Preferred Seating Sale

US Open Amex Preferred Seating Tickets Available Now

American Express Members - Preferred Seating Codes
Enter the "INCENTUR" at the top. Preferred seats are closer than regular seats at Arthur Ashe Stadium! Can be cheaper than the standard price for the better Lower Promenade Seats. Must use your Amex card to check out*

US Open Insider Tip #1 - TicketExchange for the US Open
Another major source of public tickets are those sold securely by season ticket holders. If they can't go for any reason, they will usually sell it here. You can buy their seat directly via the *US Open TicketExchange Listings*.

*Advice: Bookmark this site as new ticket prices and availability is up to date here*

Buy 1, Get 1 code will be active later this Summer in Round 2 (after mid-June?):
The "INCENTUR" code offer for Amex preferred seats may end by July.
For the discounted Buy 1, Get 1 ticket - last year's "BAMEX" code is not active yet (Round 2). This year it may not be until perhaps mid-June. Subscribe for more US Open ticket offer alerts.

*Seats labeled "Instant Access" are available right now

How to show the American Express Seats:

  1. Pick any available session date - Click Find Tickets >>
  2. Enter "INCENTUR" into the Offer Code Box
  3. Click the "Type" button -> American Express Preferred Seating to highlight those seats.
  4. Use your American Express card at CHECKOUT to secure your seats!

Grounds Admission Passes - 1-Day Ticket Option

Tip: Select "Verified Resale Tickets" to list all "auction" tickets; hidden to most casual fans

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2019 Best Deals List
$60 Grounds Passes / $30 Evening Tickets - Round 1 deals for 2019

The best deal so far was $60 grounds passes or Ashe nosebleeds for 1st round Aug 26th.
Subscribe for more US Open ticket offer alerts.For evening tickets on week one, as low as $30.

For popular dates such as (Fri-Mon) during Labor Day weekend Aug 30-Sept 2, buy early!
They are always very popular and often hard to get on the regular site, but plenty of options via their official (less known) resale website at TicketExchange.

US Open Advice and Deals

Watch the Federer vs Nadal Rematch at US Open?

Federer vs Nadal at French Open Semi-Finals
Ready for their Rematch at US Open?

Want to see the Federer-Nadal rematch at a US Open match this Fall in NYC?

With their current rankings and today's French Open result:
If they meet at the US Open, the most likely scenario will put both men at the Semi-Finals of the US Open.

Friday, September 6th at Ashe Stadium. As of 6/7/19, there are still a few tickets on sale for as low as about $190-$250.

Friday, Sept 6th Deal. Get 2 Semi-Finals plus Men's Doubles Final for the price of 1 ticket.
This semi-final ticket is very popular because it also gives you the other Men's Semi-Final which should feature Novak Djokovic. All 3 players are both playing very well, injury-free and show no signs of stopping. Finally, if you are a doubles fan, the ticket will also give you the Men's Doubles Championship match plus both Men's Semis.

Federer's next US Open Slam Chance.
For Federer fans, he has had the upper hand in the last 5 out of 6 meetings (not on clay) over Nadal and might actually be the favorite to win the US Open this year. On the US hard courts, Federer has won more US Open titles than Nadal and Djokovic combined.

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