How to see Roger Federer play at the 2019 US Open

Updated Sept 3, 2019:

How to See Roger Rafa play the next round at the US Open
(Men's Quarter-Finals Friday and Final Sunday)

See Roger Federer at the 2019 US Open!

Match History and US Open 2019 Draw Analysis

Our prediction of when Federer and Nadal will play is based on the following info:
  • In Session 2, his opening match is against a qualifier. Opening Night has fireworks on Ashe!
  • The US Open tends to alternative Day / Night / Day / Night for the players (not always).
  • Great performance getting to the Wimbledon Final and he is Very Well Rested.
  • He typically plays well at night in his famous "Darth Federer" all-black UNIQLO outfit
  • Primetime ratings for ESPN when he plays at night are always high
  • Over 10 years of scheduling trends at the US Open
We cannot guarantee that the US Open will not change their minds...but it rarely happens. The best way to know for sure is to check the daily Schedule of Play listing.
Important Facts:
  • Federer will be seeded #3 at the US Open and in the upper half with Djokovic.
  • Nadal #2 will be placed in the bottom half
  • Djokovic may face #5 Medvedev in the QF's who has beaten him twice this year.
  • If Nadal and Federer make it through, they will face each other in the Finals!
Federer likely to face these opponents:
 9/6 SF (Medevev), 9/8 (Nadal)

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