How to save money on US Open Tennis Tickets

The Start of Summer and the US Open Tennis Series

Our great American summer tradition - between BBQs and fireworks. Professional sports means enjoying a fun day together and cheering on our favorite players. Nothing beats sharing some food with all your friends and a chance of collecting an autograph or collectible souvenir.

Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, the pools open, school is out, and your adventure awaits!

US tennis fans: the classic tennis tradition is the American major at our home US Open.
For the first time since 2019, Fan Week (8/23-28) again offers free access to qualifiers and pro practices.

Cheaper to Wait or Buy tickets now?

Note the initial offer prices and look for special sale promotions between July and early August. More seats become available during the summer. Deals are usually for mid-week and for promenade seating near the upper rows of Ashe.

It is our advice to have travel plans set before getting tickets. Next, decide how many day or evening sessions you plan to attend. I prefer two Ashe day sessions for max value so you'll see most of the players.

Sign up for our emails to get all our fan tips. You will be notified when special promo offers are announced. The Amex Centurion suite and Chase RSVP lounge also become available for online reservations during the Summer.

"Buy in July" - Summer Ticket Discounts usually trend after June

In past years, we have purchased 2-for-1 ticket deals and seen prices as low as $20. Sponsors such as Mercedes Benz, SPG, Amex, and IBM often have discounted ticket codes. We share the sponsor deals on our email list!

We are neither paid nor sponsored by the US Open, and our opinions are completely our own. These limited seat deals become available and are very useful if you just want to roam the grounds.

The American hard court season with the US Open Series tennis events across the USA begins in July. It leads up to the big finish in NYC with the US Open in August. Attending any of these events across America (July and August) will give a sneak preview locally to fans who can't make it to the big apple.

I share my personal travel experiences on the ATP and WTA tennis tour at JCtennis. Feel free to check it out, if you want inspiration or a sample guide for planning your own post-vaccination tennis vacation.

Full Stadiums, more positive signals from Sports Fans in Europe

Being a photographer on the court and at their press conference, my opinion is from an insider perspective at actual pro tennis events. I watch the conditions and players on the ATP and WTA tours daily. It's an honor to dust the same clay off my shoes as Alcaraz, Nadal, and Djokovic.

Witnessing the energy and passion of the full Spanish crowd at Madrid’s stadium is the most amazing way to feel connected with a sea of cheering fans full of energy waving their red and yellow. 

Feel the spirit of Tennis Fandom in person
Like a Champions League soccer match, the entire crowd erupts together in a wave of humanity. Tennis fans enjoyed the clash between Nadal and Alcaraz with stars from Real Madrid soccer players and even the King of Spain himself in attendance.

At the French Open in Paris, we can see and hear once again the packed Parisian crowd. So far, so good when it comes to public safety and health even weeks later when all these sporting events conclude. This is by far the most encouraging sign that major sporting events can come back fully this year in a post-vax environment.

Beyond the "Next Gen" hype, we now have the "Next One": Alcaraz.

The time of Alcaraz has arrived. Not since Nadal was a teenage phenom have we witnessed this level of athleticism.

This kid Carlos Alcaraz has all the superhuman dimensions needed to bend and blur. With sheer speed and physicality, many top tennis commentators agree this he is the total tennis package. Our future in tennis, trained by former #1 JC Ferrero, he is the real deal.

This is an especially exciting year in tennis when generations collide in the passing of the tennis torch! Or will the big 3 legends hold the throne one more time?

Seasons change with inevitable clashes between the graduating class and the GOATs

There is no one moment to signal Spring's end and Summer's arrival, yet everyone can agree it feels warmer. Every tennis generation has its moments.

Similar to the Sampras/Federer transition at Wimbledon; the emotional Agassi retirement shared by Nadal on the wings of Ashe - it is the overlap of generations that is like the changing of the seasons. 

Question on everyone's mind:
Is this the summer of Alcaraz, or will we see the GOAT race go deeper in 2022?

Unless you need tickets for the popular Labor Day Saturday - our advice generally is to do your research.

US Open Hospitality Packages All-Inclusive Food and Drink Seats for Amex cardholders only. Includes chef-prepared wine and dining that must be purchased in pairs.

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How to get 5% back when buying US Open tickets

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Plan Ahead to receive your card in time by mail
If you plan to apply for a new card, the online process is quick and easy.

My experience is that it takes 1-2 weeks for them to mail you the card, after getting approved. Unfortunately, you need the card physically before you can start using it. This is true even if you drive to apply at a Chase bank. Also, you generally must have a credit score above 690 to have a good chance of being approved.

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European Clay for American Tourists: Monte-Carlo vs Madrid vs Rome

Best Value for the American Dollar during the European Swing.
We compare the 3 Clay Masters Tournaments for your next Euro Tennis Vacation!

Monte-Carlo Masters (Monaco)
Late April

The Crown Jewel of the French Rivera. See our Monaco and Nice photos for trip ideas.

For an Amazing City and just as high-caliber players in a smaller venue, try the Barcelona Open tournament! I was able to attend as media and got to witness the pinnacle of Spanish Championship Tennis. The venue is intimate, and the club is historic (at that same location since 1899).

It is best to take a flight to Nice, France, and then the train about 20 mins to the special stop they open only during the Tournament. Here is the ATP Behind the Scenes short video tour.

Find a nice AirBnB near the Nice station or the French side to save some money. I splurged and pulled a few strings for the full experience from the hillside balcony.

Be warned, that the French transportation system was on strike several days out of the week (listed on a schedule) when I was there. You may need to find a bus or an expensive $50 taxi to get back on those days.

Food - Fancy and Fast Options
Should you want to wine and dine at the tournament, there are plenty of white tablecloth options on-site with a beautiful view of the center court from above.

For those seeking a quick lunch, there is a small food market deli called "Casino" that offers lunch combos. Get a sandwich, drink, and/or dessert (for 3, 6, and 9 Euros respectively).

All the locals know where it is located and the tournament will let you take in your own lunch as long as it is inside a small bag.

Center Stadium and Side Courts
The Court de Princes is a separate ticket in a more secluded venue. I actually enjoyed the 3rd stadium (the equivalent of the old Grandstand at the US Open).

You can sit wherever you want and get pretty close to players such as Lopez. The high bounce of this clay favors Nadal who has won it 11 times! They should just change the national flag to Spain when he arrives.

Practice Courts
The main practice courts are usually teaming with kids up and down the castle walls trying to see Nadal. Since there are only the top male players in this tournament, the selection is pretty good but the small alleys can be tight and crowded.

Map and Walking Tour

The main entrance and the center stadium take up the entire Right Half.

The practice courts are all on a grid of 3 islands with 2 courts each along the bottom shown with the dotted lines. The 2nd and 3rd stadiums are nearby each other at the top left corner - there are usually better matches playing there the first few rounds.

The Art of Traveling Lightly
Security is extremely tight, so getting there and lines can be long to get in so plan ahead to go early. It is best to travel light and not bring a backpack unless absolutely necessary. You will thank me later.

If needed, there is a convenient bag check service out front which is very nice but space is limited - but for just one Euro you cannot beat it!

Bonus +1 Trip Option in Spain: 
Barcelona Open ATP 500 plus a short visit to the Rafael Nadal Academy 

Mutua Madrid Open
Early May

"The Magic Box" - Madrid Open with closable roof
The stadium is only a short walk downhill from the nearby Metro station.

Map and Box Layout
The entire campus is laid out like a giant Grid floating on a large lake. To reach the side and practice courts, walk down to the lower level and walk across a small bridge walkway that splits the courts.

Merchandise Booths and Layout

All the booths and food locations will be housed on the main and lower floors. Suites are at the top.

Be sure to bring sunscreen and sunglasses if you are sitting in the open sun. Enjoy the practice courts outside! Very kid-friendly on weekdays.

Nadal played for over 4 hours in the longest 3-set matches in Masters 1000 History to defeat Djokovic in the famous 2009 semi-finals!

Roger Federer once defeated Rafael Nadal here...
The next month he won his only French Open.

 A rare sight to see Federer beating Nadal on Spanish clay. He went on to win the French Open in Paris a month later. After his worst season ever in 2008, some have said this Madrid title is what saved his career in 2009. Davis Cup was played here in 2019.

Photos from 2022 at Alcaraz's historic 19th-birthday victory run to defeat Djokovic, Nadal, and Zverev consecutively to earn the title.

Another great tourist stop after the tennis is to visit the Madrid Bullring - Plaza del Toros (largest in Spain and 2nd largest in the World) also near the train line.


You can also play Matador and learn about the rich culture behind one of Spain's oldest traditions that still runs strong in this city.

Day Trips - Toledo, Segovia, Avila

In 2022, returned to the Mutua Madrid Open for a full week as a photographer. Mornings in Madrid's beautiful Retiro Park or going on a tapas tour are a must-do for visitors.

I was able to take a full-day trip to Toledo via the train. The ancient capital has many great castle views. The war museum has many fascinating artifacts from the medieval era.

Avila (castle walls) and Segovia are two other UNESCO cities I enjoyed on a bus tour but would pick just Segovia to spend a full day walking if given the choice and save driving time.

For over 13 years, I continue to love returning to Spain. Its food, culture, and sunsets make it always my number #1 country recommendation for young Americans visiting Europe for the first time.

Italian Open (Rome, Italy)
Mid May

2nd Stadium (my favorite) at the Foro Italico

Crowds are seated closer together in this "sunken" stadium surrounded by giant Roman Statues. Many box seat holders will go and typically only stay here. The view is very steep in traditional Coliseum-like seating for very dramatic angles set against ancient statues.

There are no bad seats here. Even when walking by above, you can hear all the shots and crowd reactions intimately. This is very much the People's Court with lots of true tennis fans.

Italian Open Tennis Tickets on Sale

In this map, the green arrows show the paths where I typically recommend staying.

The main practice court areas are where most of the fans can watch from only the near sideYou will see a lot more tennis if you stay near the Eastern Half.

Main Stadium

It is best to have a ticket in hand before you approach to get inside because you will be at the tip of the Giant Triangle which is the Foro Italico.

Italian Food and Drinks
The cafe-style restaurants are easy ways to grab a quick bite and drink. There is lots of small table seating on the Lower Left side near the grass.

There are lots of kid-friendly activities like riding the circular train loop and playing some mini-tennis in the Kids Zone near the main entrance.

See my reasons for picking Rome as the top clay-court Masters for 2016 as well as cool sights to see on a Segway in the city at night (if you are tired from all the walking).

Rome is the Last Stop before Paris!
Roland Garros is the grand finale in Late May- Early June.

The new stadium and expanded campus are supposed to be great.
Excited to see the giant Rafael Nadal metallic statue on display!

2022 TopCourt Review: Tennis MasterClass with World #1

TopCourt offers the golden ticket to Pro Training

  • Hollywood production quality
  • Innovative 4K camera angles
  • Watch each pro step you through their favorite plays
  • Access World's "online campus" of pro-level tennis players and coaches

Iga Swiatek: World's #1 female player 

WTA's World #1 Iga Swiatek is also the 2022 Indian Wells and Miami Open champion. Her videos show how she uses her Kick Serve, tips for dealing with High Bounces, plus Visualization Tips.

TopCourt features dozens of players actively ranked in the Top 50 among the WTA women and ATP men who have earned their gold stripes.

True story: Iga was interviewed on TopCourt only months before winning her first French Open Championship. Discover the hottest rising new stars today before they win their first major.

Every month features new tennis stars, veterans, and coaches teaming up with next-gen talents.

The Denis Shapovalov and Casper Ruud series are live as of June 2022!

You will also get insights and tips from grand slam legends and tennis coaches. Martina Navratilova (best volleys ever; who still winning doubles Slams in her 50s) and Arantxa Sánchez Vicario (former #1 with 14 GS titles) debut later this year.

Our Tennis-Bargains Exclusive Preview -
(Link is exclusive for our Tennis-Bargains fans)

Step-by-step instruction with 1-on-1 attention

  • Education: Drills, Exercises, and Instructional episodes all in 4K format.
  • Entertainment: Hottest pro players on both the men's and women's pro tours.
  • Expertise: Tennis concepts guided by the tour-level professional players and coaches.
Hollywood production value sets up an All-Star lineup. Each month we get treated to new videos from more than 56 online tennis stars on the ever-growing talent list. New features include the Andriod/iOS mobile apps, webTV sync, and personalized drill recommendations.

Close-Ups Camera Angles

The unique first-person experience makes TopCourt so different and special. It is unlike any TV camera angle. You literally feel like you're so much on the court that you might get hit by the shots.

We witnessed this during one of their film operations for a special live behind-the-scenes peeks in March (Miami) and October (Indian Wells). The players aim full speed at the rovers and multiple body cameras that are live filming footage on the actual playing surface. The realistic perspectives are unmatched.

Overhead drone footage, courtside camera angles, and personalized commentary from the pro speaking directly to you at home. You feel as if you're the only student taking the private lesson. TopCourt offers the feeling of a personal conversation

Pro players are gathered together, then filmed while being mic'd up for one reason - to show you their inner game and key life experiences that shaped them into who they are today. We're offered the perspective of a "fly on the wall" - allowing home viewers to witness those rare moments.

Each tennis player/coach presents you with a unique set of skills and training regimens. The campus of TopCourt is very diverse and cross-generational.

Viewers get an up-close seat on the tennis court

Watching the Lindsay Davenport documented series is like following a well-choreographed story with each chapter of her career. During her drills, you never feel the pro is holding back or the shots she explains are too imposing to try yourself. The edits are well done with many enhanced cues (such as the mini-court icon at the bottom revealing where the player and each ball bounce are placed).

You get the benefit of all their combined years of experience on tour, which distills differently with each pro's own style and humor in their teaching role. Front and center for every moment.

Chapters are bite-sized for easy key takeaways. You feel motivated to then go out and implement. No need to binge-watch it all in one sitting.

"Amateurs practice until they get it right.
Pros practice until they can't get it wrong."

Tennis is their livelihood. You witness the skills and trade secrets of their craft. Each player has invested years of their life to master their best shots. Learn the shot they want to be best remembered for.

3 reasons why tennis fans want to attend pro tournament events

When attending Tennis Majors like the US Open, I value these 3 experiences above all else:

1) Matches - Watching the Big 5th set Grand Slam match live on center court.
2) Practices - Seeing the Tennis Pros prepare with their team from the courtside.
3) Emotions - Real human joy. Sharing the thrill of victory with thousands.

Spector sports have been fundamentally changed. We missed all those special moments of exhibition genius and unscripted, off-camera candid insights outside the stadium.

TopCourt allows touring pros to share their favorite tennis drills and retell treasured moments.

Today's fans prefer to be streaming more

Traditionally, fans huddle in crowded stadiums - longing to train, feel, and hit like our tennis heroes. For the lucky few in the crowd who managed to squeeze into a front seat at the US Open practice, it has not always been comfortable. I remember waiting around P1-P5 all day long patiently in a queue. Rows of heads peek behind a wall of fans for a quick glimpse of one or two favorite stars.

Unfortunately, I felt it was difficult at these noisy events to catch any of the tips thrown around in a drill or understand the coach's subtle advice to their player from a distance. Even when I could hear over the crowd noise and see the action, it would be really nice for once not to risk being suffocated by a giant tennis mob crowding over you*

TopCourt offers intimate proximity to the players, minus the claustrophobic heat and humidity.

$0 payment for the first 14 days, no charge

TopCourt Free Special Offer

Just as with every tennis product that has ever been reviewed on, we put our personal money at risk first before we will ever ask our readers to take the dive.

TopCourt will even send you an email notification 2 days in advance of the trial expiration to remind you, in case you are not happy before the 14 days are up.

No obligation to pay, if you are not happy at the end of the trial. Full 30-days to cancel.

More players and episodes will be available each month, so stayed tuned as we announce updates.

First, use our TopCourt Free Offer for 14 days to test drive the site.

We have been reviewing online tennis courses for over 10 years. TopCourt kicks it up 2 notches to make it entertaining and inspiring the whole way. It is simply unmatched by the depth of the talent and quality of the footage. With each new pro that signs up, you get more value for your money with unlimited access.

At Tennis-Bargains, we stand by the products we recommend and hold those standards high.

During covid-19, we needed a better way - a safer way - for spectators and fans.
We partnered with TopCourt to share the tennis experience and our love of "being there".
  • Owned by tennis professionals
  • Taught by tour-level players and coaches
  • Designed for avid tennis fans - both adults and juniors

Presence with the Professors of Tennis

"The real teaching by Masters is not with words; it is with Presence."
Don Miguel Ruiz

Watching these MasterClasses, you can read so much more from their body language than from a book. Your education over time is enhanced through constant exposure to perfect techniques.

After hanging around the top ATP/WTA pros on a regular basis long enough, you begin to absorb subtle tennis nuances through observation. It feels like learning through osmosis by way of sheer proximity.

This new form of conveying tennis knowledge is for all of us who have already tried hiring a coach to remind us to bend our knees and watch the ball. TopCourt brings a new approach to connecting with professionals who can help you reach that next level.

As a tennis coach and photojournalist, I have covered a lot of pro events in my lifetime. Over the years, I found myself arriving early during qualifier matches or during the early first-round days. The reason was that all the top players are still loose and comfortable. Teams are relaxed and jovial. That's when you learn the most.

When revisiting any of the four Grand Slams, if I could only be there for just one hour, I would beeline straight to the practice court of Federer or Nadal. Hanging out off the side of any Indian Wells practice court during a couple changeovers simply feels more relaxed and natural to see the action at eye level.

The TV broadcasts tennis from a much more elevated height. This shows the whole court in one frame but often hides the true sense of the ball's pace, arc, and spin applied by professionals to the ball. Also by spending time studying only the lower body and most notably the movement of the feet among TopCourt players, you can better appreciate the all-important footwork aspect.

2022 BNP Paribas Open: Tennis Unites for Ukraine

Tennis Charity Relief for Ukraine

Video: Ukraine's Olympic medalist, Elina Svitolina, pledges to donate her prize money from forthcoming tournaments to her country's military and aid groups.

"I commit to redistribute the prize money of my next tournaments to support army and humanitarian needs and help them to defend You, our country," wrote the 27-year-old, who was born in Odessa, on Twitter.

Tennis-Bargains has pledged to donate 100% of its tennis profits in the month of March to support non-profit aid and humanitarian charities for Ukraine including:

Support by sharing:

Indian Wells (March 7-20, 2022)

After 2 long years of Covid chaos...

The World's top male and female players will be back at this year's tennis reunion in the desert.

BNP Open Indian Wells - some limited tennis tickets on sale

Returning to the normal March time and the "Spring Forward" weekend - the BNP Open is always my easy way to remember when it's time to change clocks forward!

2022's Vaccination and Safety Updated Info

  • Only fully vaccinated fans and players will be allowed at the BNP Open

  • Free ground passes for children ages 5-12 who are vaccinated
    (get up to 3 children passes per accompanying, ticketed adult).

  • Vaccine Booster Promotion: if you already have your vaccine booster like me, they are rewarding you responsible fans by holding 2x Daily Drawings to win $500 gift cards.

  • Please remember to download register your digital vaccination record before arriving!
    You don't even need to bring your paper CDC card. Just go and register at:

  • Save time by having a screenshot of your green verified checkbox and ID ready for scanning.

  • For security reasons, the clear bag policy requires that all personal contents must be carried in a clear transparent container. For US Open vets, we know carrying less is more.

  • Digital Tickets, touch-free contact, electronic payments are encouraged.

    In Fall 2021, I had a food media preview of the upgrades: I personally love Sherman's Rubens at Stadium one! The Korean chicken bowls are pretty delicious too. Nobu inside Stadium 2 has a full bar and a great viewing area on the 2nd level.

Ticket Selection - Box Office vs Online Options

Tickets are available for sale at the box office but you will need to download an AXS ticket app separately. Fans may wait for the player draws to come out first to figure out which of the 3 stadium tickets (or grounds pass) to buy. Best to plan out your day with printable draws for planning to see your favorite players (Rafael Nadal) at either the day or night session.

Digital tickets are a lot safer and easier to use. Losing a paper ticket happens much more often than you think, but your mobile phone is on you all the time.

Visit the World's 2nd Largest Tennis Stadium (just behind the US Open)

Hope you can make it to this "5th Slam" event and visit Palm Springs. It is definitely worth the experience for any tennis fans in the USA for a short vacation in California. Welcome back!!

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