TopCourt: The Ultimate Platform for Tennis and Pickleball Training

TopCourt offers the golden ticket for Tennis & Pickle Training

TopCourt is the premier tennis streaming service on the market, offering an extensive library of high-quality tennis videos featuring Hollywood-level production, innovative 4K camera angles, and a diverse range of tennis professionals demonstrating their favorite plays.

The platform's user-friendly interface makes it easy for users to access TopCourt's services on mobile and web devices, allowing beginners to quickly learn basic strokes and strategies.

Key Features of TopCourt:

  • Hollywood-quality production
  • Innovative 4K camera angles
  • Detailed demonstrations by professional players
  • AI-powered recommendations algorithm tailored to your "player style."
  • Access to over 60 professional tennis athletes and coaches
  • Dubbed the "Netflix of Tennis," – it features top-ranked players, drills, and documentaries

Iga Swiatek: World's #1 female player 

WTA World #1 Iga Swiatek, the 2022 Indian Wells and Miami Open champion, offers videos showcasing her Kick Serve, tips for dealing with High Bounces, and Visualization Techniques.

TopCourt features dozens of active Top 50 ranked WTA and ATP players, providing unparalleled access to world-class instruction.

Exclusive Content and New Releases

Every month, TopCourt releases new content featuring tennis stars, veterans, and coaches collaborating with next-generation talents. Gain insights and tips from Grand Slam legends and Olympic-winning tennis coaches such as Gigi Fernandez, Martina Navratilova, Chris Evert, and Arantxa Sánchez Vicario.

Innovative Camera Angles and Personalized Learning

TopCourt provides a unique first-person experience, making you feel like you're on the court with the pros. With overhead drone footage, courtside camera angles, and personalized commentary, you'll feel like you're receiving a private lesson.

Free Pickleball Lessons Now Included

TopCourt has expanded its offerings to include free lessons for pickleball, featuring teachers like World #1 Ben Johns and #3 Jessie Irvine. This addition makes TopCourt a comprehensive platform for racket sports enthusiasts of all ages and abilities.

Effective, Bite-Sized Lessons

TopCourt's chapters are designed for easy comprehension, with "TopTips" offered in 30-second clips to encourage immediate implementation. There's no need to binge-watch all the content at once – take it at your own pace.

14-Day Free Trial

TopCourt offers a 14-day free trial, allowing you to explore the platform without any financial commitment. You'll receive an email notification two days before the trial expiration, so you can easily cancel if you're not satisfied.

Comparing Online Tennis Videos

Having reviewed online tennis courses for over 10 years, TopCourt stands out for its entertainment value, inspiration, and depth of talent. With each new professional joining the platform, you gain more value for your investment with unlimited access.

Experience the Presence of Tennis Masters

TopCourt allows you to learn from the best through their words, presence, and body language. Over time, you'll absorb subtle nuances and perfect techniques, bringing your skills to new heights.

Discover What You Can't Get on TV or at Live Events

As part of credential media, I've covered numerous professional events as a tennis coach and photojournalist. TopCourt offers a unique perspective, capturing the relaxed atmosphere and intimate moments that traditional broadcasts and live events often miss.

In conclusion, TopCourt provides an unparalleled platform for tennis and pickleball enthusiasts, offering world-class instruction, exclusive content, and innovative camera angles to bring you closer than ever to the game's top players.

Our Tennis-Bargains Exclusive Preview -
Extended trial link is exclusive for our Tennis-Bargains (and now CaliTennis) fans.

Step-by-step instruction with personalized attention

  • Education: Drills, Exercises, and Instructional episodes all in 4K format.
  • Entertainment: Hottest pro players on both the men's and women's pro tours.
  • Expertise: Tennis concepts guided by tour-level professional players and coaches.
Hollywood production value sets up an All-Star lineup. Each month we get treated to new videos from more than 56 online tennis stars on the ever-growing talent list. New features include the Andriod/iOS mobile apps, webTV sync, and personalized drill recommendations.

Close-Ups Camera Angles

The unique first-person experience makes TopCourt so different and special. It is unlike any TV camera angle. You literally feel like you're so close on the court that you might get hit by the shots.

 I saw several times when the cameramen did get hit during one of their film operations for special behind-the-scenes peeks in March (Miami) and October (Indian Wells). The players swing full speed at the rovers and multiple body cameras that are live filming footage on the actual playing surface. The realistic perspectives are unmatched.

Overhead drone footage, courtside camera angles, and personalized commentary from the pro speaking directly to you at home. You feel as if you're the only student taking the private lesson. TopCourt offers the feeling of a personal conversation

Pro players are gathered together, then filmed while being mic'd up for one reason - to show you their inner game and key life experiences that shaped them into who they are today. Viewers are offered the perspective of a "fly on the wall," - allowing home viewers to witness those rare moments.

Each tennis player/coach presents you with unique skills and training regimens. The campus of TopCourt is very diverse and cross-generational.

The edits are well done with many enhanced cues (such as the mini-court icon at the bottom revealing where the player and each ball bounce are placed).

You get the benefit of all their combined years of experience on tour, which distills differently with each pro's own style and humor in their teaching role. Front and center for every moment.

Free Pickleball Lessons are now included.

For 2023, it now includes free lessons for pickleball too. Featuring teachers like World #1 Ben Johns and #3 Jessie Irvine. Think of this as the new 2-for-1 racket sports library (more tennis and pickleball videos are coming).

So you can share with family members who want to try Pickle, or can't play active singles - like elderly parents. It's ok; we won't tell anyone if you watch along too!

Seriously, Pickleball!?

For my tennis students transitioning or recovering from tennis, using pickleball as a fun "mini-tennis" alternative to play with kids or seniors is more fun than I originally expected. I've tried indoors and outdoors with earplugs and without (just kidding!).

As a USPTA coach, I still play 4x tennis a week. But now, I save pickle for the "social" days - or whenever I host a wide mix of ages and skills. Just don't get too competitive about it so that everyone can enjoy the fun. Try it with food or drinks while relaxed with no pressure to ace someone!

Perfect Practice by Pros

"Amateurs practice until they get it right.
Pros practice until they can't get it wrong."

Tennis is their livelihood. You witness the skills and trade secrets of their craft. Each player has invested years of their life in mastering their best shots.

If each pro could only share "one kick" with the World, what would that be?

Learn the signature shot that each teacher will be best remembered.

3 reasons why fans go attend pro sports events

When attending Tennis Majors like the US Open, I value these 3 experiences above all else:

1) Matches - Watching the Big 5th set Grand Slam match live on the center court.
2) Practices - Seeing the Tennis Pros prepare with their team from the courtside.
3) Emotions - Real human joy. Sharing the thrill of victory with thousands.

Spector sports have been fundamentally changed. We missed all those special moments of exhibition genius and unscripted, off-camera candid insights outside the stadium.

TopCourt allows touring pros to share their favorite tennis drills and retell treasured moments.

US Tennis Tickets: Miami Open (Tennis' March Madness)

Miami Open 2023 Ticket Deals

Miami Open - All Sessions and Grounds Pass Prices

Indian Wells, CA vs Miami, Florida - Top Tennis Destinations in March 

Miami Open Tennis court mapWe have been to both Indian Wells and Miami Open to give you 1st-person advice on which tickets to purchase.

Find out where to meet the pros, what days to see your favorite player, go for a morning or evening match, plus which tourist traps to avoid paying too much!

Preview the Dolphins stadium layout here before you buy your ticket packages!

Miami Open - USA's 2nd Tennis 1000 Tournament
The Top 75 Men and Women players will be in attendance and so should you!
We can help you figure out which one is the right tournament for you.
We will provide fan updates and our fan comments on Facebook!

Whether you are Young or Old, enjoy Dry or Humid conditions, East  Coast or West Coast...

Want to watch some live tennis this March?

Plenty of great seats for California and Florida events are coming up in March!
We monitor and see re-sell Prices change daily so check back often or BOOKMARK these ticket linksBefore buying at the Box Office, check these prices for a better deal.

  • US Open (US Open early ticket deals starting in April...get our pre-sale preview)
  • Miami Open (Dolphins stadium, new location!)
  • Clay Court Tennis and French Open - it's never too early to plan for a Spring Tennis vacation in Europe, starting April-June.

2023 BNP Paribas Open: Tennis Tickets and Perks

Free Perks and Parking at BNP Paris Open - Super Fan's Preview

Indian Wells (March 2023)

BNP Open Indian Wells Ticket Deals - Buy Now!

Should I buy Day or Night Tickets (AM vs PM)
- AM sessions are best for touring the grounds
- PM sessions are best for seeing marque matches

Highlights for Indian Wells as "the 5th Slam"
  • Best practice court fan viewing in the World
  • Voted Players' Favorite 1000 series tournament
  • Fantastic weather in March ('22 sandstorm was a fluke)
  • Perfect for hiking, low humidity, very high-class venue
  • Photos of Tournament and Fans Events

    Travel Planning (starts in a few weeks) Top FAQ
  • Fly into Palm Springs or drive 2 hours from LAX or SAN
  • Spend at least 2 days there to get a complete tennis fill
  • Consider booking lodging early with tennis court access

Meeting our tennis heroes at the desert oasis

Roger Federer's stringer Ron @ (Priority One) - chatting tennis with Ron (CBS)

Pro Tip: Hang around the grass benches (for shade) and you might see tennis celebs, refs, and stars!

2023 Tournament On-site Preview (Updated 3/6)
2023 Event Updates on our Facebook page with a surprise appearance from a former #1 player

JC and Jason at TW's Mega Tent

Eisenhower Cup - Charity Event @ Stadium 2, March 7 @ 7:15PM, Mixed doubles for charity

Full Events Calendar for every day of the tournament - Live Music, Center Courtyard Guests, Viewing party and great food options!

Love the Salamai Ruben @ Sherman's Deli! It's hidden inside Stadium 1 (200 level).

TW's Playtest Demo - now moved to Court 15!

Box Office VS Online - Smart Tickets

Tickets are available for sale at the box office, but you will need to download the AXS ticket app.

Fans may wait for the player draws to come out first to determine which of the 3 stadium tickets (or grounds passes) to buy.

Invest in the all-access Stadium 1 Ticket only if there's a match you need to see (it will be $25+ more). Otherwise, just get a grounds pass and roam around. There's much more to see outside than inside.

Best to plan out your day with printable draws for planning to see your favorite player (like Carlos Alcaraz) at either the day or night session. Digital tickets are a lot safer and easier to use. Losing a paper ticket happens much more often than you think.

Visit the World's 2nd Largest Tennis Stadium (World's #1 biggest is Ashe at the US Open)

Hope you can make it to this "5th Slam" event and visit Palm Springs. It is definitely worth the experience for any tennis fans in the USA for a short vacation in California. Welcome back!!

A Fan's Guide to the Rafa Nadal Academy and Camp Review

It was great to visit the RNA team at the Madrid Open 2022 and meet their RNA coaches.
Marc Lopez is the most friendly coach of all. He was honored at the retirement ceremony award!
VIP Offer for 2023 - Special invite to Mallorca  RNA Camp Combo with
Barcelona Open / Madrid Open tickets for the first 30 guests

The Rafa Nadal Sports Centre in Mallorca

My visit to Mallorca in April-May at the Rafa Nadal Academy was my lifetime bucket list tennis experience. Below is a review of option #2 (Barcelona Open, then Mallorca Trip combo).

Room availability and reviews on TripAdvisor.

Adult Tennis Programs include Half-week and Weekend options, plus get 10% OFF with code "JCTENNIS"

RNA juniors get $50 OFF for USA camps (see below).
Adult camps in many cities across the USA!
RafaNadalCampUSA discount codes below.

Book at least 1-2 months ahead to get your best room.

As a huge Rafa fan for over a decade, I decided to book a pit stop to Mallorca between my trip to the Barcelona Open and the Madrid Open via Air Europa.

Several top pros had the same idea: stopping in Manacor to do some clay-court training before the French Open!

I visited Uncle Toni, Carlos, and the Nadal Academy Coaching Team. My room was just down the hall from Naomi Osaka's team. She was very shy and tried to avoid all attention from fans.

Fresh meals and facilities included many fitness classes available to attend almost all day hours.

The adult tennis program also had access to hard courts. The gym, pool, and spa sauna are of the highest quality.The clay courts are just a short walk away
, with pro and junior programs half of the academy. Now there are even indoor clay courts!

For 3 days, I felt so lucky to train and play tennis next to the now 22-time grand slam champion.

Joining the Adult Tennis players,  you get to live and breathe tennis 24/7 or even play in a tennis tournament:

I could train, eat, sleep, and watch and play tennis right next to the top ATP and WTA pros like 
Naomi Osaka and Rafael Nadal!

Rafa Nadal Academy USA
Camps for Juniors and Adults in America

Actual coaches from the RNA Academy will fly to the USA to teach you the Rafa Nadal tennis method.

December 2022 - Christmas Camp in Florida (Ft. Lauderdale)

Use Promo codes:
"JCTENNIS" for $50 off kids
"JCTENNISADULTS" for $25 off Adult camps

March 2023 - Coming to San Diego's Rancho Valencia (SOLD OUT), Los Angeles, and Dallas!
Camps sold out last year in a few weeks! Save $50 with our early access code.
The top junior selected from each camp gets a free trip to Mallorca!

Rancho Valencia is the training grounds of Brandon Nakashima
2022 ATP NextGen Milan and San Diego Open Champion:

Visiting Rafa's Hometown and Mallorca Sights around the Island

The scenic countryside, with its windmills and small traffic circles, is very peaceful. Most tiny cars, including Rafa's old Kia, are miniature in size yet very nimble. Speed limits top out around 100kmph - yet you can go from coast to coast in a little over an hour. I recommend renting a car but be prepared that it will likely be a manual transmission.

NY Times Article - 36 hours in Mallorca

Small packs of bicycle riders will dot the small country roads early in the morning, riding in tandem. The local villagers are very friendly and helpful in sharing their traditions and culture. I made a lot of friends among the other Adult tennis program attendees.

I encourage all my tennis readers to visit Spain for the authentic Tennis Experience.

Get my exclusive stackable 10% discount when you book any package at the Rafa Academy.
*There is even a special Roger Federer suite*

USA Summer Camps with RNA coaches in America

For a closer tennis experience, try the Rafa Nadal Summer Camps in the USA in many cities. Get $50 OFF with "JCTENNIS" for junior camps and $25 OFF "JCTENNISADULTS" for adult camps.

In 2022, I visited the San Diego camp, and my friend's son visited the DC/Baltimore camp. The Junior program is both excellent and high-intensity. Several local kids I interviewed loved it and said you get much more individualized attention and many balls to drill.

Kids at the camp say they love the small class size and lots of repetition - "Coach Nico is the best".

RafaNadalAcadmeyUSA - Discounts and Bonuses
  • Promo codes: "JCTENNIS" for $50 off kids and "JCTENNISADULTS" for $25 off Adults
  • First 50 people to register at each camp can win Rafa autographed gear.
  • Top junior at each camp gets selected to go to train at Mallorca, Spain!

Most camps were sold out within a few weeks. The adults camp was more for 3.0-4.0s and mostly older adults as shown in the photo above, during warmups in the early afternoon.

But this year it will be held 8-10AM, so I hope better players will sign up and report back on camp conditions for 2023.

San Diego Open Fan's Guide to the WTA 500

World's Best Female Tennis Players Star in San Diego!

San Diego usually has picture-perfect weather in October. It welcomes fans ready to enjoy more tennis with its warm beach climate. The WTA will showcase 16 out of the World's Top 20 from Oct 8 - 16. Our SeatGeek discount code works for tickets, parking, and even MLS Padres Games!

SeatGeek Tickets are up to 40% OFF
using promo code "TENNISBARGAINS"
(New accounts on 1st purchase only)

Who is Playing in the WTA 500 San Diego Open?

"Surfin' Swiatek" in Style - San Diego Open's 2022 Championship Team

Congrats to Iga for sealing her win at San Diego Open WTA 500!

Thank you to all the SeatGeek fans that used our promo code. Together with the Tennis United community, we tallied up and doubled our donated amount to Tennis Plays for Peace. Many thanks to all the fans and tennis charities involved! Let's double it again at the next event.

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