Asics Gel Resolution 3 Review

Asics Gel Resolution 3 on Tennis Magazine

Tennis-Bargains Review:
We reviewed the Asics Gel Resolution 3 for ourselves.

We wanted to see how they would do on hard courts, play-testing it under multiple practice and game-based sessions for both singles and doubles.
Amazingly, the Asics GR3 got the Highest Score out of all shoes reviewed in the current May 2011 edition of Tennis Magazine Shoe Round-up. 
The women's version of the same shoe got a perfect score (10 out of 10) from their play-tester.
Asics Gel Resolution 3 Unboxing


The weight of the shoe is among the lightest (13.7 oz for men's, 11.9 oz for women's) of any tennis shoe on the market today.

It is very comfortable and has a true fit to its listed size. The support and cushioning is excellent with its memory foam mold. It felt similar to having your feet wrapped in the memory pillow material.

It offers top-notch Traction on quick stops and starts. Lateral movements were very fluid and quick with this shoe. I was able to sprint at full speed without much drag because of the light weight and play for a long time without being tired.

Asics GR3 with 6-month Warranty Card
6 Month Durability Warranty
Also for durability and peace of mind, it comes with a 6-month outsole guarantee and warranty card.

So if you are a toe-dragger like me, you can feel safe that should the shoe wear out before 6 months, Asics will offer a replacement pair when you send it in.

It was also nice to know that the shoe comes in both the light and dark colors; White with Red stripes as well as the Black/Yellow color scheme.


I agree with the Tennis Magazine assessment that the shoe could have benefited from being slightly lower to the ground. It would have added to the stability and balance factor for me.

During the break-in period which took about 2-3 sessions, it felt like the top section of the shoe laces got a bit loose at times initially. Afterwards, it seemed to fit just find as my foot may have been still expanding the memory foam before it was comfortably "molded".

Among those play-testing of the shoes at Tennis Magazine was Dr. David Sharnoff

Dr. David G. Sharnoff is a podiatrist practicing in Shelton, Conn. He has served as TENNIS’ shoe adviser since 1986 and as a consultant to the WTA since 1989. - Tennis Magazine

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