US Open Ticket Compared: Ashe vs Armstrong vs Grounds Pass

How to Make the Right Choice when buying US Open Tickets

1) Arthur Ashe Stadium Tickets

Why are Ashe tickets the best tickets in general? More options with Full Access.

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Ashe is typically slightly more expensive to buy than Grounds Passes. Yet it grants you a reserved seat (very useful if it rains) and still allows you into every stadium.

Roam anywhere knowing that you have your own seat reserved in Ashe when you really want to see your favorite star player play. The top-seeded players that are fan favorites will almost always play there exclusively and often at night.

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The trick is if you decide to get the cheapest Arthur Ashe tickets up in the upper promenade, you DON'T have to stay all day in the nosebleeds section!  Instead, I recommend getting up and checking out the US Open campus outside!

Walking around the outside courts first and definitely check out Armstrong, Grandstand, and Court 17 for a chance to see Nadal or Djokovic practicing *really up close*. Look around then come back later!

2) Louis Armstrong Stadium Tickets (<$150)

The Armstrong Ticket - sit up close on the 2nd largest court at the US Open.
Be closer to the action in a more cozy space, and avoid the large crowds.

Years before Ashe was built, Armstrong was the main stadium. This ticket gives you a reserved seat up close and is a good alternative option when you rather have a more intimate view of the players in a slightly smaller setting. Also works if the date you want to go is sold out completely (labor day weekend).

Where can I watch tennis with Armstrong Tickets?
It lets you watch any matches except those inside Arthur Ashe.

Armstrong usually features at least 2-3 great matches (top 20 players). Plus you will be much closer to the excitement without costing over $150. If you want the same seat quality in Ashe, it will cost >$500.

It also lets you hop over to the Grandstand (3rd court) right next door to get some shade and grab a bite to eat at the mini-food court between the two.

3) Grounds Passes -  General Admission (~$70-$100)

If the Ashe ticket deals run out or become too expensive, the next best option is to check out the prices for a Grounds Pass

This is basically a free-for-all ticket that gets you in the door - great for roaming around.

You can tour all other stadiums and over 20 outside courts except Ashe. Sometimes if Ashe is sold out, this is the next best option and generally is a little bit less expensive. Grounds Passes are a great way to go on Labor Day weekend or just to check out the US Open for the first time.

Bonus Tip
Most smaller courts use a "first-come, first-serve" system.  This means if you get in line early (gates open at 11AM and the EAST gate is the least crowded out of all of them), you can literally run and get Front Row seats!

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