Wilson Steam 99S - Review, Comparison and Video Playtests

Wilson Steam 99S Review - Pictures, Videos, Feedback and Video Review

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 Wilson 99 S

Research and Background Info on Wilson Spin Effect Technology (SET)

TW Playtesting:

ITF Testing Lab and Wilson's TV commercial:

Info on patented technology - 3000+ RPM averages with 4G Lux strings:

Tennis.com's interview with Wilson (TrackMan: Doppler Measurement of Spin)

Tennis Bargains Review of Wilson Steam 99S


  • Lots of Spin
  • High Arch and Trajectory
  • Well Rounded Racket with Solid Defensive/Offense
  • Designed for 3.5-4.0+ players
  • For Flat hitters, racket adds safety with extra net clearance
  • Moon-ballers' dream; Ground stroke nirvana


  • Less control in general, Open patterns typically are less precise than Closed pattern rackets
    • Steam 16x15 (open) vs Blade 18x20 (closed)
  • Must generate racket head speed for Spin to get control (requires moderate to fast swing speed)
  • Racket will break strings faster, requiring thicker gauge strings (15g or 16g)
    • Poly Luxilon 4G recommended
  • 1-Hand Backhanders' nightmare (for the opponent) :)

Tennis Bargains Score Card for Steam 99S (A-)

  • Volleys (4/5) - crisp on contact; moderate feel
  • Groundstrokes (4.5/5) - topspin, slice, side-spin (3x checks); biggest strength
  • Returns (4/5) - gets balls back; even against hard servers, the ball finds the court often
  • Overheads / Serves (4/5) - surprisingly similar to other 100 headsize (MP) rackets I've used


Wilson has a new star here. Hopefully they will branch out to include the heavier 6.1 rackets soon too. We really appreciate the opportunity to play test and hope you will get a chance to demo it soon too! For those looking for less spin but a heavier Wilson frame, take a look at the Wilson Blade 98 (18x20) - our review here.

How to Pre-Order

If you're interested in getting one on Day 1, we have been told that Tennis Topia will offer free stringing if you pre-order the new Wilson Steam 99S from them today *while supplies last*. They also have a great demo program available in the DC area.

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