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Q: Can I purchase a ticket from a US Open subscriber?
A: US Open Ticket Exchange (for better seats and any "sold out" sessions)
Yes, you can. The USTA has partnered with the US Open Ticket Exchange by Ticketmaster, to serve as the exclusive resale partner for the US Open. US Open subscribers as well as individual ticket holders have the opportunity to resell their unused tickets in a secured fan-to-fan environment, sanctioned by the USTA. 

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All weekend tickets (AM and PM sessions) will sell the quickest. By August most may already be gone! Check back on Mondays to see if any additional tickets have been added for sale.

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Top 3 "Best Value" US Open Tickets available

1) Arthur Ashe Day Tickets (reserved on Ashe with access to all courts)
2) Night Matches Only (no access before 6pm)
3) Grounds Passes (no access to Arthur Ashe Stadium)

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