Mar 14, 2015

Miami Open - Tickets for March Masters 1000 Tennis

Miami Masters Tennis in Miami, FL
(March 23 - April 5)

Cheap tickets for the Miami Open are still available!
Look forward to great tennis at the end of the month if you're on the East Coast!

This is a men's and women's combined event with almost all the top 50 players there. In the past, this was known as the Sony Ericsson Open. Think of it as a mini-grand slam over 2 weeks (late March into early April).

Miami Open Tickets

Updated Tips for 1st time viewers:
Bring a MasterCard with your to use the "early access" side lane. It gets you in the gates earlier at 9:30AM before the big crowds.

Between 2PM to 5PM is usually very hot and humid in Miami. Recommend going into the souvenir shops for some shade and A/C. Also the TV viewing area near the avenue leading to the Grandstand has some nice shade under the trees.

Daily Doubles are a good deal if you plan to see both the Day and Evening sessions of a particular date. But if you are there early in the morning, usually the DAY session is all you need to buy to watch 80% of the matches the first week and weekend.

Best matches are probably going to be for the 4th round and Semi's on 3/31 and 4/1.

If it's your first time or are bringing kids, you may want to try the Kids Day Event (Tues, March 24) which is super cheap ($10-$15) and has qualifiers playing during the day. Plus you can often catch the pros practice on the outside courts during that time.

USTA Members receive a 20% discount on 400-Level tickets using promo code USTA15 for Thursday, March 26th day and evening sessions.

Travel Tips:
If you're in the Florida area or thinking of a winter get-away, this is a great location to go.

We recommend flying into Fort Lauderdale (FLL) instead of Miami airport as it is only about 30 mins drive away and much less busy.

Traffic in Miami is very bad this week, as it's the 100th anniversary of Miami Beach and several music festivals going on at once! The General Admissions lot is $15 from near the Seaquarium, with a shuttle bus that takes you another mile to the site. The closer lot is $30, that does not require a shuttle.

Hotels can be very pricey near the beach, and especially on the weekends, so you can try Hyatt with the Offer Code SALESA to enjoy 20% off stays of 2 nights or more and enjoy 25% off stays of 3 nights or more at the participating Hyatt hotels and resorts.

Feb 10, 2015

BNP Showdown 2015 - Federer vs Dmitriov @ Madison Square Garden 3/10/15 (20% OFF Promo Code)

World Tennis Day - March 10, 2015
Roger Federer is back in NYC! 17 time Grand Slam Champion and arguably the greatest player of all time, will take on future star Grigor Dimitrov at the BNP Paribas Showdown.

What a great match! One of the best exhibition matches I've seen in a while* Even though Dimitrov won - there were lots of hot shots all around. Here are some back-to-back 'tweener highlights by both players.
 20% OFF Promo Code "LOVE"
20% OFF Promo Code was posted on our Facebook Page
Also as part of the opening act, female tennis legends Monica Seles and Gabriela Sabatini will face each other. Learn more about World Tennis Day and celebrate the kick-off to the BNP Indian Wells Tennis tournament.
World Tennis Day is an annual festival of tennis around the world in which tennis fans, tennis clubs, tennis facilities, and tennis promoters work with national associations to host events to celebrate participation in the sport, and to promote the healthy lifestyle that comes with playing. On the same day, Showdown events bring together past and present stars of tennis for unique one-night events.

Feb 8, 2015

Tennis Socks - review of Thorlo Level 3 socks

Importance of Tennis Socks
Tennis is primarily a lower-body sport. You need to protect your feet with good shoes and good socks, remembering to replace them when they get worn down. They are the tires of a tennis player.

If your feet wear out, so will your game!
I would highly recommend getting the Thorlo Level 3 brand socks, which rarely go on sale and offer the best amount of cushioning (more than the Level 2 and Level 1 socks). I've been wearing these for as long as I can remember because they do a terrific job of preventing blisters (toes and heel have extra padding). The fabric does a great job of keeping my feet cool and dry even in the toughest match conditions.

Thorlo socks - $5 Free Sample Pair with Survey

These socks usually sell for $13+, so getting them at this price probably will not last long. I stock up on these, every time I see them on sale! Amazon has them in many different sizes and styles.

Thorlo's Tennis Sock Design
With just one layer of Thorlo's Level 3 sock, it is equivalent of wearing 2 pairs of other socks together (which some pros will do). Thorlos always wick away moisture from your feet, and these are specifically designed for tennis movements. You can see in the toes and heel areas, they are re-enforced with slightly more padding as these points typically absorb more shock than the rest of the feet.

Feb 1, 2015

USTA 1-year new membership promo codes + Free 2015 US Open Hat Offer

To get the new member or renewal USTA membership promo special (updated Feb 2015):

Get a Free 2015 US Open Hat with your membership (with more promos coming soon...)

1) Go to:

2) Enter your email and confirm, to get our latest USTA source codes.

3) Follow the step-by-step signup instructions in our email!

More promo codes are updated regularly on our Facebook Tennis Coupons Page!

Recently, it was only $30 for a 1 year membership to play in tennis leagues/tournaments, a 2015 US Open Hat, and a 1 year subscription to Tennis Magazine! Also, if you have a child 10 years old or younger, sign up for a free Junior membership here.

These promo codes cycle quickly but we will update the information to our mailing list *first* and also link our Facebook Coupons Page.

Please "Like" this article to share / bookmark the deal with your tennis friends. Plus this way you will get updated when the next code is announced on your Facebook wall!

Remember to claim this free $15 OFF Coupon for US Open clothes with your new membership. US Open T-shirts, Hats and Towels and Tennis Balls make great gifts.

Free Shipping From Tennis Express: STENHere are some of the other discounts and benefits you'll get by joining. 

Lastly, USTA actually puts your dues to good use - you'll be helping them build and maintain tennis courts all across America. I would strongly recommend you try it out if you're interested about getting into tennis! Post a comment below if this has helped you.

For Tennis rackets, balls and other equipment, I would check to see if you can find more Tennis Express coupons and deals within updated regularly here.

See more USTA renewal promo codes below
Free USTA Youth Membership and Children's Tennis Supplies

Nov 21, 2014

Indoor Tennis - Tips on how to play tennis this winter!

Picture uploaded by P2Squared

Indoor Tennis Plans?

Winter approaches! This is the time to start thinking "Indoor Tennis". Below are some of the best options and tips for playing tennis indoors throughout the year, even when it's windy and cold outside!

5 Top Tips to "Stay Fit, Save Money and Play More Tennis" this winter!

1) Weekend Tennis Party and Socials
If you just play once a week, you can join a local weekly "tennis party" that typically charges about $20-$30 so you can play all night of doubles (7-11pm).  Usually held on Fri/Sat nights at many local clubs, they are popularly known as "pizza tennis parties".

More promo codes are updated regularly on our Facebook Tennis Coupons Page!

I helped promote a similar event in past years and I'm thinking of doing another in Jan/Feb. We usually also have some light snacks or a pot-luck style party on Fri or Sat night.  It's a mixer with typically 30-60 people of various skill levels.  We match people up accordingly and rotate the doubles teams and provide the new tennis balls.

2) Discount Memberships 2 for 1 and no enrollment fees
Alright, you're probably thinking...hmm, aren't private clubs and memberships really expensive?  Usually, but not may be able to find monthly rates at some places.  Also look for promos that waive the enrollment fee (usually $100+ savings).

3) Request an extra "Guest Pass" when signing up with an existing member
If you want to play regularly over the winter without the membership dues (which at gyms are around ~$150/month avg), I'd recommend you to find a buddy who belongs to a local indoor club and then you can just pay a "guest fee" - typically $10 or $20.

Sometimes if you sign up together they can give you a discount as well, but be sure to ask.  But typically it will be cheaper if just one person has a membership and the other people pay guest fees for occasional usage.

4) Book a regular (non-peak) time-slot
If you can gather a group of 4 friends / people together and just have one person be the designated club member and the others pay the guest fee, this may be a good option at a lower price than booking ad-hoc. It helps if each week, you all can play tennis at the same hour (very early or late). *The hard part is finding a last-minute sub, if one person cannot make it.

Tennis-Bargains Tip:
Here is a free 7-day online pass for Sport and Health clubs in the VA/DC/MD area. Please reference, if you are asked how you found out about the deal.

I can only give you my personal option on the court quality vs price of most of the indoor clubs in the VA/DC/MD area that I have visited.  But I'll post some of my reviews of court quality, staff experience, parking benefits in another blog post.

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