3 reasons why you should NOT pre-order your US Open Tickets this year...yet

 US Open Event Tickets

The Amex Members Pre-Sale begins June 5-9, 2017 @ 9AM.

Get the US Open promo codes you will need for discounts to the 2017 US Open here. Access will be open to those who have an American Express credit card (with the promo code we will send out).

Note for 2017: This year, the US Open is completely getting rid of the week of USTA members pre-sales! This "sale" normally came one week prior to the Amex Sale and most smart fans avoided anyway.

How to get 2017 US Open Tickets - early, safe way

For the reasons listed below, we generally have found the best value on US Open tickets after the General Public Sale begins on June 12 @ 9AM. There are more choices, you will have a better idea of your travel plans to NYC by then, and the tennis events daily schedule will be available by then.

Tip: Here is the best to check TicketExchange pricesLock in your seats before the public sale in June! Useful for getting great seats on popular days.

3 Reasons NOT to avoid tickets at the US Open "Pre-sales" this year:

  1. Full Retail Pricing - the relatively same quality of tickets will generally be sold cheaper in a few months
  2. Promo Codes = Better Prices for Promenade Seats - the Tickets offered early at full price, will generally be available for Buy One, Get One free with our promos starting around June/July.
  3. Super competitive for popular sessions - Men's Semi Final Sat and Finals Sun are almost ALWAYS "unavailable" (booo!), even within the few minutes of their pre-sale starting!

    Why waste your time at the "Members Presale" trying to sit at your PC at 9AM clicking refresh for nothing?? Their ticket packages are way over-priced! Be smart and get our tips to stay ahead of the pack!
US Open 2017 Tickets from TicketExchange, sold by Fans to Fans are already available for purchase today at decent prices

Review of "Rapid Racquet Repair, LLC"

Drop-Ship Tennis Racquets - Freshly Strung with Free Delivery!

Our Review of Rapid Racquet Repair, based in the VA/DC area.

I was approached by the owner, Ryan. At first, I was skeptical and worried about the idea of putting my racquets in a box and mailing them. But with the Spring Season warming up, we decide to test out an interesting new tennis startup company. It offers door-to-door shipping service. Time to restring!

Free Box + Shipping for Stringing
What is Rapid Racquet Repair?
Tennis stringing in the USA with free door-to-door delivery. I watched his youtube videos and when I spoke to him in person, I knew Ryan was the real deal. He is USRSA Master Racquet Technician certified and a full-time tennis club pro.

Saving Time
If they are busy, you typically may wait up days or even up to a week for the stringer. Your tennis racquets will be absent from your bag until they are done. Also, you'll need to plan a trip out to pick them up, during the shops operating hours. With RRR, you get it delivered straight to your mailbox.

More importantly is the quality of the stringing. Often at some pro shops, you may not even know if the stringer is a certified USRSA racket technician.

At most pro shops, you might get stuck with an inexperienced part-time college student that handles your racquet. Then you are at the mercy of whoever is available that day. With RRR, it's always a certified USRSA Stringing Pro.

Any regular USTA league player will tell you that before an important match, you want to *know* that your equipment won't fail you. Reliable strings for any avid tennis player are a must.

  • Expert USRSA Certified Stringers Only
  • Avoids the Hassle of Drop-off and Pick-Ups Racquets
  • Very fast (1-2 days) turnaround time - especially if you live in the Mid-Atlantic (DC/VA/MD area)
  • Helpful "String Selector" menu option for choosing your string.


  • A bit more pricey
  • You pay an extra ~$5/racquet - essentially a "convenience or shipping fee" (which I would normally 'tip' anyway to a quality stringer)
  • Popular strings are available for selection online, while other brands and gauges must be custom ordered.
  • They do not accept your custom strings to be installed.
  • Leaving racquets out in the elements could be an issue in the hot summer months.

Our Experience and Customer Experience:
I decided to get a Free Box from their website. It arrived the next day. I sent off my 2 Babolat Pure Drive racquets. For strings, I tried a new Diadem Power 16L poly as well as the RPM Blast 16 (as a control).

String tension was accurate @ 55 lbs on the string bed. They were handled with very good care and the packaging showed attention to details. The frames, grommets, and my dampeners were returned in good condition. Finally, these strings played great during practice sets over the next few days with no noticeable loss in tension or issues.

I would try them out by using their "FREE BOX" offers to get a free box (fits up to 2 racquets). Give it a try with their free delivery service. If you are short on time and/or do not live near a certified stringer, this might be a great option. *Please mention you saw this "Tennis Bargains Review" when you order and Ryan will know you are a tennis fan*.

Stringbox vs RapidRacquetRepair

Update: Tennis Magazine just recently did a review on a similar startup called "Stringbox" based in Florida: http://baseline.tennis.com/article/64389/string-box-provides-door-door-racquet-stringing

Unlike Stringbox, there is no $10/month membership to pay. I like that I can start and stop whenever without worrying about wasting my membership. Also, it is a $19 flat charge per Stringbox when you ship.

Also as stated in the Tennis Magazine review, currently the Stringbox total turnaround time is "just over a week". For me, that feels like a long time! Maybe if you live in Florida, that may be shorter, but if you are shipping from elsewhere, remember with long-distance shipping that it may add 1-2 days extra each way - which would double to 2-4 days extra roundtrip in transit.

For those living near the DC/VA/MD areas, I would much rather ship my racquets locally and save that extra time in transit.

Find your USTA Rating - Estimated Dynamic NTRP Rating Report

For many USTA players, your rating (3.0, 3.5, 4.0, etc) makes a big difference as to which league you can join and whether you will move up or down at the end of the year. See this FAQ for more details.

Sample Rating Chart results for a 4.0 NTRP player.
After playing each match, your dynamic NTRP changes.
How to Level Up in USTA
In my case, I was "stuck" at the 4.0 level for nearly 4 years in a row, even though I had a high win-loss ratio.

It is important to note that depending on the "difficulty" of your opponent, your rating may go up or down more (or less).

Winning 6-0, 6-0 will boost your rating more than after a 3rd set tie-breaker.

See this FAQ for more details.

Live Dynamic NTRP Rating
There is a special online service offered by Kevin that calculates this. http://computerratings.blogspot.com

He can give you a very accurate estimate on your current dynamic NTRP ~$20 (please refer to Tennis-Bargains when you contact him).

Rating Status report card
In the provided charts and report he provides (example below), he explains how close you are to reaching that next level (or falling to the level below).

Bump Up or Bump Down
If you reach those thresholds, you may get your rating adjusted by the computer. Also, if you get close enough to the threshold (like in my case), you will be able to appeal to go up to the next level.

USTA Nationals - Team Assessment Tool
This service will be most valuable to teams, captains and players who are seeking to advance to USTA Nationals, or at least Sections / District championships. To have a good chance, it is better to have a team with players who are on the upper end of the rating cut-off. For teams, Kevin also has a Flight Preview Estimate report that helps gauge a team's average rating from the previous year.

In 2017, USTA has moved some of the National Championships to Orlando Florida (at their new National Campus).

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