Sep 24, 2016

Lowest Price of the Year on Tennis Balls. Amazon Bulk Discount plus Free Prime Shipping

Yep, the lowest price of 2016! Only $22.27 for a CASE of 12 cans! Less than $2/can.
Hurry! Offer won't last long. Free Shipping for Prime members.

Now is the perfect time to go outside and enjoy more tennis this Fall! Stock up and save today!

Penn is the Official Ball for the USTA says it right on the box*
You know it's good if it's the #1 Selling Ball in America :)

Sep 20, 2016

USTA membership promo codes + Free 2016 US Open Hat Offer

For new USTA membership promo special:

Updated Sept 2016:
Sign your name and post comments to our Tennis Petition - Demand that USTA fees get CUT and that you get more VALUE from your membership! On that page, we also list alternative Tennis Leagues you can join if USTA is not right for you. If you feel USTA fees are too high - let's all DO something about it together! Vote with just one click!

Their $44 membership makes me feel cheated every year! Why would you let them steal your hard-earned cash? It's easy to complain about high prices, but NOW you as a tennis player have a chance to make a difference ->

Get more from your $44...Sign up with us to get a Free 2016 US Open Hat with your new membership. Facebook LIKE this to get page to get notified when more promo codes come out!

Use Promo Code "16HAT25" for renewals! Must be a lapsed member* - therefore, you may need to discontinue your membership for several months before you can use it*

Enter your email and confirm, to get our latest USTA source codes
 USTA Promo codes on youtube
2) Follow the step-by-step signup instructions in our email and within our YouTube Video!

3) Enjoy the free 2016 US Open Navy Hat on us, when referred by Tennis Bargains! Plus get access to limited seats for the 2016 US Open Tennis Tickets available today.

Sep 8, 2016

DC Tennis Re-stringing & Military Kids Charity Tournament

Charity Tennis - Featured Sponsor
We recommend Mains & Crosses as a stringer of choice in the Washington, DC area. Veteran-owned and run by a true tennis professional. It is a small family shop that does quick and quality work.

Another proud sponsor at this past weekend's Our Military Kids Charity Tennis Event. Thank you for your service! Congrats to everyone who participated in this great cause.

DC Tennis Racket Re-stringing
All weekend long, he was stringing rackets feverishly for only $16/racket. I tested the racket he applied "dynamic tension" upon and it is playing like a dream even a few days later.

Highly recommended tennis restringing service. Get our Tennis Bargains Discount for first time customers who refer us when making a reservation online to drop off your rackets. Be sure to like his Facebook Page.

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