Jul 28, 2016

US Open - tips for amazing seats, a fun experience and capturing the best pictures

Getting the Best US Open Experience in 2016

Below I've posted some of my best US Open pictures taken personally over the years.

I have personally attended over a decade worth of Grand Slam tennis. Been to NYC dozens of times in my life, as well as had the insider's view at all the other Tennis' Majors: Wimbledon, French and Aussie Open as a photographer and journalist.

US Open - Top Stars and Players Mosaic
Top row - Djokovic, Federer, Wawrinka, Sharapova

Sharing my best tips, pictures and experiences with other true US Open fans is the main goal of Tennis Bargains this summer.

As an USTA Organizational Member, we are committed to help make the US Open Experience fun, affordable for ALL our fellow Americans. Please like if you found this article helpful.

One of these days, my dream is that you too can tell all your tennis buddies that your whole family got to watch the 2016 US Championship in person, and saved a ton of money with this year's US Open ticket promo codes!

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Finding the best seats with Top players equals great photo opts...

Just being there is an amazing experience every summer. As part of the tennis credentialed media, we are very lucky to get great access to the photo pits. But you as a fan can also get even closer if you know where to go!

Tip #1: Get there early and run to Armstrong or the Grandstand stadiums *first* To get really close, try to sit in the first 2 rows across from the umpire's side or along the center baseline

You can even use cheaper Grounds Pass Tickets for these stadiums during the 1st week of the tournament.

 Federer up close at US Open

Being able to watch your favorite US Open Champion for an hour? That's every tennis fan's dream! Sometimes you can even bump into the tennis players' box in the catty corners across from the umpire chair. More tips below...

Jul 26, 2016

US Open Tickets are now 2-for-1, price valid for limited time!

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 US Open 2-for-1 Offer Code

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Jul 24, 2016

2016 US Open Discount Code on Tickets

Valid only on US Open tickets for select days:
 US Open 2016 Ticket Dates


Jul 22, 2016

US Open Amex Preferred Seating and Buy One, Get One Tickets - very few remaining!

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US Open Amex Promo Code

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