Find your USTA Rating - Estimated Dynamic NTRP Rating Report

For many USTA players, your rating (3.0, 3.5, 4.0, etc) makes a big difference as to which league you can join and whether you will move up or down at the end of the year. See this FAQ for more details.

Sample Rating Chart results for a 4.0 NTRP player.
After playing each match, your dynamic NTRP changes.
How to Level Up in USTA
In my case, I was "stuck" at the 4.0 level for nearly 4 years in a row, even though I had a high win-loss ratio.

It is important to note that depending on the "difficulty" of your opponent, your rating may go up or down more (or less).

Winning 6-0, 6-0 will boost your rating more than after a 3rd set tie-breaker.

See this FAQ for more details.

Live Dynamic NTRP Rating
There is a special online service offered by Kevin that calculates this.

He can give you a very accurate estimate on your current dynamic NTRP ~$20 (please refer to Tennis-Bargains when you contact him).

Rating Status report card
In the provided charts and report he provides (example below), he explains how close you are to reaching that next level (or falling to the level below).

Bump Up or Bump Down
If you reach those thresholds, you may get your rating adjusted by the computer. Also, if you get close enough to the threshold (like in my case), you will be able to appeal to go up to the next level.

USTA Nationals - Team Assessment Tool
This service will be most valuable to teams, captains and players who are seeking to advance to USTA Nationals, or at least Sections / District championships. To have a good chance, it is better to have a team with players who are on the upper end of the rating cut-off. For teams, Kevin also has a Flight Preview Estimate report that helps gauge a team's average rating from the previous year.

In 2017, USTA has moved some of the National Championships to Orlando Florida (at their new National Campus).

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Madison Square Garden
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2017 Babolat Pure Strike vs Babolat Pure Aero: First Impressions

How to decide between the 2017 Pure Aero and the 2017 Pure Strike?

Our Babolat Aero and Pure Strike 100 demos just arrived from Midwest Sports. We also tested the 16x19 Pure Strike directly from TennisTopia - the other online companies did not have them in stock. We took them out each out for a few hours and then played a practice set or two to compare.

Video Review:
2016-2017 Babolat Aero vs Pure Strike: Summary of Playtest and Review

Testing Setup:

  • We received these from Midwest Sports polyester strings with white Wilson Pro grips.
  • Dampeners used were the Pete Sampras "O" (to maintain minimal weight to the frames).
  • Strung at mid-tension @ ~55lbs with Babolat RPM Blast 16 gauge on both the mains and crosses.

Aero vs Strike Models
Babolat Pure Aero vs Babolat Pure Strike 100 Specs
Both racquets are Mid-Plus in size (100 square inches with 4 points Head Light balance). Weights are 11.1 oz for the Pure Strike and 11.3 oz for the Pure Aero. These Babolat Racquets are currently being endorsed by Rafael Nadal (green Pure Aero) and Dominic Thiem (white Pure Strike).

Babolat's Best Seller vs New Kid on the Block

The Pure Aero has been the #1 best seller for a long time. But what if you need a tad more control and slightly more maneuverable? Welcome to the new 2017 Pure Strike.

Also known as Project One 7, it is now being used by World's Top 10 Dominic Thiem.

Babolat Pure Strike

Dominic Thiem's very aggressive and hyper-extended swing was designed for this racquet!

Really liked the spin/control and offers a decent defense when on the run. Shots such as the slice and squash forehand are easily accessible in dire moments. The low swing-weight really helps get the racquet around on wide shots.

Serves were a bit underpowered though; Returned heavy serves with ease.

Transition mid-court Volleys were very silky smooth (felt the Babolat Woofer grommet system cupping the ball for great placement).

There is added power that comes along with the new FSI system that made the gaps between the strings near the corners a bit wider.

Its main weakness is when you are late on the swing or jammed without enough room to follow through, this racquet will tend to spray the ball out. 

Even hitting against hard, flat incoming shots - it can still return lots of arch/spin; Definitely, rewards Boldness and Aggressive racquet acceleration. Won a few practice sets easily 6-2 against 4.0-4.5 players. Main tactic is spreading the court with deep, heavy groundstrokes and coming in with angled approach shots, volleys and putaway overheads.

Tennis Warehouse gave it very high marks for groundstrokes

Best Price on the Babolat Pure Strike 100 (on Amazon)

Babolat Pure Aero

Rafael Nadal has switched to this model starting in 2016.

Seriously, what's with coloring all tennis products green?? Do we need to have tennis shirts, shorts, and now tennis racquet have to offer a color option in Tennis Ball GREEN for everything?! :)

Babolat's Aero Heritage
This is true to tradition Aero like previous models. It is a very easy-to-swing racket. Aeros tend to be forgiving on many off-center shots with a large sweet spot.

It also provides much more spin potential and power, but slightly less control than the Pure Strike.

Also your ball trajectory will be much loopier and more arch shaped with the Aero, whereas the Strike, it tends to be slightly flatter using the same swing.

Lives up to its tweener reputation: the racket for the masses!
Good choice for a wide skill range of 3.0-4.5's. It can let you stay on the baseline all day long. This is a best selling tennis racquet line for good reason.

Just like the Babolat Pure Drive, the Pure Aero's also needs a long, fast swing to do it justice. Simply pushing or blocking the ball will not deliver its full potential and will often land balls high but short in the court.

I enjoyed whipping it around for creating all sorts of angles and dips. Gets pushed around a bit against a hard and flat ball, though.

If you wish to get one with a bit more weight, try the Pure Aero "Tour" version.

Best Price on the Babolat Pure Aero (on Amazon)

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