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Best Tennis Shoe of 2016 - My Vote: Nike Vapor 9.5

Best Tennis Shoe of 2016

Nike Vapor 9.5 Tour

For those who value lightweight shoes (under 14 ounces) and rely on quick foot speed / mobility in your tennis game! I can recommend this shoe without hesitation. Put them on and give it about 1 week to wear them in.

They come in many different great colors, including the Federer's Gold / White edition pictured.

Nike Vapor 9.5 Tour
You will notice that they feel low to the ground, provide good lateral support with a very nimble push-off response.

Receiving a 4.7 out of 5.0 stars; review on Amazon; #1 tennis shoe for men.

See Vapor tennis shoe styles for women.

The Nike Vapor shoes are generally designed for those light on their feet and not designed for heavy serve-and-volley style players who stop and start, forward and back often.

Battle-tested "Performance" Shoes

I have won many championship titles with these shoes in the past 3 years with good results. My game depends on great footwork and I NEED my shoes to perform when it counts.

Although the Nike Vapors are not cheap, I tend to be able to find them on sale for around $85-$100. They will last generally 5-7 months from regular usage and still stay very comfortable.

Beware the "Team" and "Advantage Ace" - discount versions of Vapor.These are priced lower than the "Tour" editions but tend to wear out much sooner and have lower quality materials.

Many pros, coaches and players on tour wear the Nike Vapor 9.5 today.

Raonic Coaches - Moya and McEnroe (left); Denis Kudla (right)

Possible Negatives:

  • Air bubble at the heel has busted in only 2 out of the 6+ pairs I have worn.Tends to happen after 3 months, if it does at all. Results in an annoying bubble swell or deflation at the back portion under the heel.
    Nike has been aware of this Air Bubble issue now for other Air Max shoes too.
  • Toe draggers will see the edge of the upper material worn or scuffed away.
    Again, not a problem until after months of continual usage. If you do not drag your toe, it is not an issue. However, I tend to change into a new pair anyway because the soles have become worn down to expose the midsole when tennis shoes hit about 200 hours of hard court usage.
  • The front toe box is a bit narrow for some players, Exactly as with many Nike shoes. It does not bother me. If you have wider than normal sized feet, see below!

- Wider Feet?
If you have wide feet (Width 2E or wider) - you should consider New Balance 1006. The Nike shoes generally only come in the standard D width!

- Need more support and durability?
Players over 200 lbs who put a lot of weight on their shoes may need more support and stability... Generally, I recommend Adidas Barricades or Babolat Propulse if they have any ankle support issues. The heavier shoes tend to have thicker soles as well, and may last longer for you.

Searching for the Perfect Pair of Nikes the last 5 years...

Ever since Nike discontinued the Nike Breathe Free 2's around 2011, I have been on a quest to find the next best Nike shoes. Trying to find a pair on ebay that was in my size (even with the women's color supply was eventually exhausted). BF2's were to me the best tennis shoe ever. It was light, agile, quick, and I loved the design colors.

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Penn is the Official Ball for the USTA Leagues...it says it right on the box*
You know it's good if it's the #1 Selling Ball in America :)

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