USTA membership promo codes + Free 2017 US Open Hat Offer

For new USTA membership promo special:

Updated April 2017:

*New Promo Code for 2017*
For new members & for renewals - get our free email promo codes here!

Note: for Renewals, you must be considered a "lapsed member" (not a current member) - therefore, you may need to let your USTA membership for a few months before you can use the new code.

Extra money saving tip - join USTA at the beginning of the next month:
USTA Memberships are valid for the entire Year and full Month that you sign up. If you wait to sign up Jan 1st, 2017, it is good until Jan 31st, 2018. Extra 30 days for free.

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2) Follow my step-by-step signup instructions in the email OR within our YouTube Video!

3) Enjoy the free 2017 US Open Navy Hat when using referral by Tennis Bargains!

Plus get access to limited seats for the 2017 US Open Tennis Tickets available today.

More promo and discount codes are updated regularly on our Facebook Tennis Coupons Page!

Recently, it was only $30 for a 1-year membership to play in tennis leagues/tournaments, a US Open Hat, and a 1-year subscription to Tennis Magazine

If you have a child 10 years old or younger, sign up for a free USTA Junior Membership for him/her with our promo code.

These promo codes cycle quickly but we will update the information to our mailing list *first* and also link our Facebook Coupons PagePlease "Like" this article to share and bookmark the deal with your tennis friends.

Plus this way you will get updated when the next code is announced on your Facebook wall!

Is the Annual Fee of $44 too much for you? Add your name to our Tennis Petition

Demand that USTA fees get CUT and that you get more VALUE from your membership! On that page, we also list alternative Tennis Leagues you can join if USTA is not right for you. If you feel USTA fees are too high - let's all DO something about it together! Vote with just one click!

Their $44 membership makes me feel cheated every year! Why would you let them steal your hard-earned cash?

It's easy to complain about high prices, but NOW you as a tennis player have a chance to make a difference.

Get more from your $44...Sign up with us to get a Free 2017 US Open Hat with your new membership. Facebook LIKE this page to get notified when more promo codes come out!

Remember to claim this free $15 OFF Coupon for US Open clothes with your new membership. US Open T-shirts, Hats and Towels and Tennis Balls make great gifts.

Free Shipping From Tennis Express: STENHere are some of the other discounts and benefits you'll get by joining. 

Lastly, USTA actually puts your dues to good use - you'll be helping them build and maintain tennis courts all across America. I would strongly recommend you try it out if you're interested in getting into tennis! Post a comment below if this has helped you.

Donations to Tennis Charity
We also support the Washington Tennis and Education Foundation. We believe that Education is the key to a brighter future. Tennis & chess offer after-school activities which can help inner-city kids develop their minds as well as their body. Through DC tennis tournaments, the Citi Open and other grassroots organizations, we hope to spread the joy of sports with our gift of tennis.

For Tennis rackets, balls and other equipment for kids, there is a Tennis Express Coupons page with lots of great savings (and easily overlooked)!

See more USTA renewal promo codes below
Free USTA Youth Membership and Children's Tennis Supplies

USTA New Member Signups
USTA Memberships with Discount Referrals
Our Happy Tennis Fans!

Previous Membership Codes

For new USTA members:
For current members, here are some promo codes for discounted renewals:


  1. Do you have a lifetime membership for kids $500.00 or less?

  2. If you and/or you husband also play too, I'd recommend a Family USTA membership for $68/yr.

    They have a special this month that gives you a free youth racket and ball set (see promo codes below)!

    2010 US Open hat w/ ages 8-and-under racquet and ball set – TMONTH8
    2010 US Open hat w/ ages 9-10 racquet and ball set – TMONTH10

    Also if you are a parent, here's a great USTA webpage for getting your child involved with tennis:

  3. You can also just join/renew for 5 years Youth Membership (19 and under) for just $76 here.

    Actually, I'd recommend this option, so you can save your money for now and see if he/she wants to continue playing after 5 years of playing.


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