Demo Days in DC: Find the Right Tennis Racket

Choosing your first tennis racket can be tough! I understand that there is no such thing as a one size fits all...

So for beginners or people who want to try before they make a $100-$200 investment blindly, I'm going to schedule a few "Demo Days in DC" during Sept/October weekends (2-5pm).
Local DC readers can come and play test a variety of racket for yourself with our other play testers. Nobody, except you, can tell you if a racket is right when you play. By trying different ones out, we'll help you answer:

How heavy of a racket do I need? ( 9, 10, 11 oz)
What head size do I need? (Oversize, Mid-Plus, Mid)
What is the right balance? (Head Light, Balanced, Head Heavy)
What Brand should I buy? (Head, Prince, Wilson, Babolat)
What tension should I use for the strings? (50lbs to 60lbs)
What type of strings do I need to go with the racket? (Nylon, Multi, Polyester)

Try a few shots/serves/volleys and afterwards, you just tell me which one(s) felt the best to you and our tennis pros will email you 3-4 different recommendations of different price ranges in the same category as your favorite racket.

Tennis-Bargain Special:
Order your 2 or more rackets from us and we'll help get you a discount with one of our Tennis-Bargains recommended local shops, including the stringing cost.

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