Cyber Monday Sale - Amazon is price matching!
*Bonus Deals all Week*

Before you buy...check the's Deals Page for the best prices/review for Cyber Monday Competitor and "buy it used" prices are listed on the right.

There you'll also find a new deal/offer updated every hour (or so until they run out of stock)!  A great way to complete your holiday shopping this year without wasting your holiday weekend stuck in a line.  It helps you find good prices and reviews on almost any items you can think of as well.

Bonus tip:
Try out their Free 2-day shipping trial with Amazon can cancel after the 1st month with no fee - just change your Account Management setting to "Do not renew" and you won't have to worry about getting charged $75 for the next year...

Tennis-Bargains Tip:
There are some really great deals on Tennis Rackets and Tennis Bags in limited stock, with free shipping still available.  Just make sure the grip size is what you need (ex: 4 3/8).

Most of all, what I really like is that you can compare prices, read product reviews from other customers and also see alternate products all in one place.  *This website saves you time, effort and money while Holiday shopping in 2011*

Many times they will give you an extra discounts or extra accessories for free during the deal countdown - but you have to be fast with your mouse though, as they have to be checked out before time's up...

Here's a Yahoo News announcement that Amazon will price match competitors' deals:
"Here's another reason to avoid the Black Friday stampede: The online retailer is matching other retailer's doorbuster prices. Plus, it's offering free shipping."
Also here's another article (from Barron's Magazine) regarding why is beating out all the traditional brick and mortar store sales this holiday season

"The online retailer has advantages over any Black Friday deal in a store." now has links directly to most other major online retailers with the best prices and also a great Amazon Marketplace so users can buy/sell their own.  No need to wait in long lines on Black Friday or spend Cyber Monday tied to your desk!

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