*Last Chance 4/2* Tennis Ninja - Free Preview + 3 Bonus Items

FYB "Tennis Ninja" Training Course Review

Update 4/1:
The Tennis Ninja registration period has expired, but FYB is allowing users who missed out on previous registration to be able to sign up on Saturday 4/2 from 8AM to Midnight only.

This course is planning to start the first course next week, so if you want to get all the bonus material (see "Perks" list below) - now's the time!

Please subscribe to Tennis Bargains updates on the next time these excellent courses become available again! Remember that FYB Premium members will have full access to this course and more! If you have any comments or questions, please post below.

From the makers of FuzzyYellowBalls.com, comes a new course available called "Tennis Ninja" which goes over how to:
  1. Think Strategy like a Pro player
  2. Understand the DNO (Defense Neutral Offense) concepts
  3. Prevent Choking on critical points
    *Free Bonuses*
    Get a video course specifically covering the Tennis Serve
    - FYB Premium Membership
    - Doubles Strategy Course with Brent Abel (see comments below)
Here's a Free Preview of the tennis ninja course material - check out other people's comments below

Perk #1: Podcast content can be saved 
The videos are event downloadable via PodCast so you can save them offline to view anytime, anywhere!

This FYB premium membership has not been available since last September (end of the US Open), so hurry to get the bonus material FREE, only available for a limited time.

Perk #2: No Risk, FULL money back 60-day guarantee
As always, FYB offers a FULL money back 60-day guarantee. So you can get your money back for Any reason - he even calls it his "Steal our stuff guarantee" because you even if you watched every one of his videos, save them and decided in 2 months that you did not like it - you will be refunded the full amount!

Perk #3: Monthly Payment Plan Available
If you're not sure about committing to Tennis Ninja, they also offer a month-to-month plan to make it more affordable. The videos are yours to keep forever, even if you decide the course is not for you! This is one of the best ways to learn and improve your tennis online. Period.

FYB Premium Bonus ($200+ package)
For a limited amount of time, also get the FYB Premium package FREE included when you buy.

What is FYB Premium?
I personally own the FYB Premium membership myself and I can tell you that it is an amazing repository of tennis video information. Every week, Will even hosts a live podcast to answer your questions which you can email him as a FYB premium member ahead of time.

Premium Membership Perks
FYB Premium breaks down the tennis techniques and tactics into very easy-to-absorb sections or "blocks". All the basic mechanics and techniques of tennis are broken down into these 12 different "Blocks", each with step-by-step instructional HD video. If you forget any part, it is easy to go back and review anytime. iPod movie downloads of the videos are available as well.

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