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6 tips for playing indoor tennis on a budget!

"Baby, it's cold outside..."
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Indoor Tennis Anyone?

Winter approaches! This is the time to start thinking "Indoor Tennis" for all of you on the East Coast. When it gets below 40 and so dark after work you just want to go home and take a nap...

Below are some of the best options to ward off the tennis blues and tips for playing tennis indoors.

Even with gloves and a parka, it's still good to have options when it's windy and cold outside!

6 Tips to "Save Money and Play More Tennis" this winter!

1) Weekend Tennis Party and Socials
If you just play once a week, you can join a local weekly "tennis party" that typically charges about $20-$30 so you can play all night of doubles (7-11pm).  Usually held on Fri/Sat nights at many local clubs, they are popularly known as "pizza tennis parties".

More promo codes are updated regularly on our Facebook Tennis Coupons Page!

Pros: They usually have some light snacks or a pot-luck style party on Fri or Sat night.  It's a mixer with typically 30-60 people of various skill levels.  We match people up accordingly and rotate the doubles teams and provide the new tennis balls. Meet new people and get a chance to get on the courts, even if it's just once a week max.

Cons: The downside is that you might be matched with players at the wrong playing level if they do not rate and group them properly. Be sure to tell the organizer well ahead of time your playing experience.

2) Discount Memberships 2 for 1 and no enrollment fees
Alright, you're probably thinking...hmm, aren't private clubs and memberships really expensive?  Usually, but not may be able to find monthly rates at some places.  Also look for promos that waive the enrollment fee (usually $100+ savings).

3) Request an extra "Guest Pass" when signing up with an existing member
If you want to play regularly over the winter without the membership dues (which at gyms are around ~$150/month avg), I'd recommend you to find a buddy who belongs to a local indoor club and then you can just pay a "guest fee" - typically $10 or $20.

Sometimes if you sign up together they can give you a discount as well, but be sure to ask.  But typically it will be cheaper if just one person has a membership and the other people pay guest fees for occasional usage.

4) Book a regular (non-peak) time-slot
If you can gather a group of 4 friends together and just have one person be the designated club member and the others pay the guest fee, this may be a good option at a lower price than booking ad-hoc. It helps if each week, you all can play tennis at the same hour (very early or late). *The hard part is finding a last-minute substitute, if one person cannot make it.

Tennis-Bargains Tip:
Here is a free 7-day online pass for Sport and Health clubs in the VA/DC/MD area. Please reference, if you are asked how you found out about the deal.

I can only give you my personal option on the court quality vs price of most of the indoor clubs in the VA/DC/MD area that I have visited.  But I'll post some of my reviews of court quality, staff experience, parking benefits in another blog post.

Happy New Year - 2014 Tennis Deals

Happy New Year!

Keep up the great work from last year! To help everyone get started with their new years resolutions, we have some healthy tips and helpful coupons for our tennis fans below.

Believe it or not, the Aussie Open is just 2 weeks away!! Here are some of our memories from last year! Let us know what was your favorite moment*

3 Tips on How to Keep Tennis Fit this Winter

  1. Blend your workout during the winter months
    Even though you may not be on the courts as much - try to mix in some indoor exercises to into your daily routine. Take more stairs at work or at the mall. Go for a jog in the afternoon. Enroll in a gym with an indoor pool (heated). Join a weekend "tennis pizza party".
  2. Even getting a cardio sweat just 2-3 times a week is a good start
    Avoid overdoing your first few workouts. Aim for 30-45 mins of getting your heart rate up (try Cardio Tennis for example). It is MUCH better than doing one 2 hour workout just once a week.
  3. Get up and move around! Or just *get up*
    Every 1-2 hours whether if you're at your desk or watching a movie...just get UP and walk around. Sitting still for long periods of time is very unhealthy and makes it tough to break the inertia. Remember: Sometime the *FIRST STEP is the toughest*

Get Closeout 2013 Tennis Apparel up to 75% OFF - Special Promo Codes

Nike Training Center (NTC) - Mobile Fitness App

For fitness and tennis athletes, I found a very good smartphone app - FREE from Nike Training Center on both Android and iTunes. You can even download add-on free bonus videos from Nike Stars, such as Serena Williams!

Each workout has 10-12 different short workouts, with both video and step-by-step images to follow along.

The app even into your Nike+ account so you can track your Nike Fuel, and it also lets you play any songs or playlists you have on your phone while you workout *Not bad - worth checking out*

Tennis Tools for Winter Training

Tennis Tools for Winter Training (updated)

Balance Trainer: Dynamic Balance
Balance is super important in tennis. If you can make small, minor adjustments to your body position - it is extremely hard for your opponent to wrong foot you. Moving laterally with your feet, while swinging forward with your arms is crucially important as it happens continually during a match.

How to Develop Better Balance
I just got this and love this little blue balance trainer! It's basically like an under-inflated cushion that you try to keep your balance on for as long as possible.  The wobbling nature of the tool forces you to keep your core balance stable in order to stand.  You actually use a lot of muscles to counter-act the forces that are tipping you over.

Creative exercises for tennis
It's actually kind of fun to see how long you can keep your body balanced and centered.  After 5-10 mins with the rubber band drill, your legs will be burning. When it's cold outside or you're limited in space, you have to be creative to stay "fit to hit"! Another drill to try is to side-step on a treadmill while simulating a swing motion with your arms (both forehand and backhand). Here are a few other tennis exercises you can do at home.

Agility Ladder: Foot Speed and Quickness

Great for doing indoor footwork drills with limited space. Just lay it out in the basement or living room and it folds away nicely! Just under $25, you can take anywhere with free shipping from Amazon!

Check out some of these great tennis-specific drills on YouTube anyone can do.

SKLZ Ladder:
I highly recommend getting an Agility Ladder that will not snag easily and sturdy enough to last, plus this one even comes with a DVD and carrying bag.

PracticeHit: Master your swing indoors

This little device helps you simulate proper contact and timing on ground strokes, both forehand and backhand.

Easy to use, long term pay-off
Best of all it doesn't take much space and helps you with your balance and coordination tremendously.  In home or gym, all you need is a little corner to put it and just do a few mins a day with it.

You can also build core strength and stability with all these cool workouts you can do with it.

Bosu Ball - Jumping and Split-step exercises

Also featured at - here are some Tips for the Bosu ball too

As a professional tennis instructor, I can feel how much better my balance is now on one foot or when I get stretched out wide.

The Bosu Ball tool does a great job of isolating muscle groups and keeping you "light on your toes". These exercises can be combined with small dumbbells to add to the intensity of squats, etc.

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*Last Chance 4/2* Tennis Ninja - Free Preview + 3 Bonus Items

FYB "Tennis Ninja" Training Course Review

Update 4/1:
The Tennis Ninja registration period has expired, but FYB is allowing users who missed out on previous registration to be able to sign up on Saturday 4/2 from 8AM to Midnight only.

This course is planning to start the first course next week, so if you want to get all the bonus material (see "Perks" list below) - now's the time!

Please subscribe to Tennis Bargains updates on the next time these excellent courses become available again! Remember that FYB Premium members will have full access to this course and more! If you have any comments or questions, please post below.

Doubles Tennis Training Course

For the Doubles Players out there, here's a great easy to understand online tennis course called "Doubles Domination".  This program is conducted by Ian Westermann, a certified USPTA pro and hosts the #1 Tennis podcast on iTunes. Check out his free weekly podcast!

Update: Course has been Sold Out completely - Offer has expired!

How to measure tension of tennis string using your iPhone or iPad: RacquetTune iPhone App Review

How to use your iPhone or iPad to Measure Tension of your Tennis Strings for only $1.99.

Watch my YouTube Reviews: Part 1 Part 2

Find out when it is time to restring your racket. The tool uses the iPhone's microphone to test the string frequency. It can be adjusted based on the size of the racket, type and gauge of the strings used.

Rackettune - recommendation by

Topspin Cyber Blue String Review + YouTube Review

Tennis String Review: Topspin Cyber Blue

Topspin Cyber Blue 1.25 ratings (out of 78 reviews) from

Topspin Cyber Blue 1.25 17 - Tennis String on Sale

Tennis-Bargains Top String Award
* Award*
Cyber Blue offers great control and feel as a durable cross string.

*Update*: David strung his racket at a high tension when he did this demo; David had much better results after lowering his racket tension from 63 lbs to 57 lbs. When you look at the 96% of players reviewers who recommended the string - the tension usually was between 51 lbs and 55 lbs.

Tennis-Bargains Tip:
Also try the spin friendly Cyber Flash string with the thinner 17g (1.25 string) over the 16g for a bit more comfort. Also to avoid a stiff feel with poly strings, it is recommended that you typically string all poly's 10% lower in tension.

Play Testing Cyberblue Strings

David Emery was formerly the WTA hitting partner for Liezel Huber (former #3 in WTA Doubles). She recently won the 2010 US Open Mixed Doubles with Bob Bryan. Congrats Dave on his promotion! View some other free Tennis Videos and Tips.

How To Play Tennis: Instructional Videos For Tennis Beginners

How To Play Tennis: Instructional Videos For Tennis Beginners

49 step-by-step tennis instruction videos covering all 6 basic strokes in tennis.

Users have asked for some simple videos to help them get started with tennis.  Scott Ford is a USPTA coach with some great video footage on the basic strokes and does a good job of helping a new player get started.

Take a look at his free sample videos here.

HD Tennis Tips, Bonus Videos Access, Free $47 Doubles eBook! (promo expires 9/12)

If you've enjoyed the "Tennis Tips Videos" and HD YouTube tips that I've posted...

Check out more videotips at

Also this weekend get their 
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**Update**: I just signed up for FYB Premium Access, and it comes with the following
  • Access to over 40 hours of HD tennis video content

  • A free copy of Doubles Domination- Ian Westermann’s comprehensive look at winning doubles strategy and tactics ($47 value for free).

  • Exclusive access to Bonus Video with Yann Auzoux (two-time Washington Post Coach of the Year).
    - If you’ve seen the 40-minute free video on footwork with Yann and you liked it, then you’re going to love this bonus video.

  • 60 day Money-Back Guarantee 

Tennis-Bargains *Recommended*
I personally stand by all the products and services I only promote what I have personally used here at  I am an USPTA certified coach and can vouch for Will Hamilton's credibility and professionalism as a tennis instructor.

I have learned so much in the last few years from his YouTube videos already, that I have signed up for FYB Premium myself.  I would highly encourage you to try it out and see for yourself!  It's an investment in your own tennis game.

Remember you have 60 days to decide, so if you don't absolutely love it, Will stands by his money-back guarantee.  What do you have to lose?  Just remember: Offer expires 9/12/10! Join FYB today

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