Genesis Spin X Review and 10% off code

Genesis Spin X 17g (Red)
  • Co-polyester
  • Lots of spin
  • Long durability
  • Holds tension well
  • Soft cushioned feel
  • Arm-friendly (very elastic quality, with very little harshness on off-center shots)
  • Easy to string (much easier to weave than most other poly strings)


  • Less power than #1 TopSpin Cyber Flash and #2 Black Magic strings
  • Costs a bit more than TopSpin Cyber Flash - (almost $10/set if you don't use the discount code "gesx10")
  • The "Red" color - looks more like a magenta or pink, when viewed up close. Of course, this is just personal preference, but I would also try the silver colored Spin X 17

    Note: the "Silver" Spin X has been reported to have a different feel (crisper), whereas the "Red" color string feels a bit softer - not sure why there is such a difference simply between the two color coats for the same string
I would recommend this string to someone who regularly plays a multi-filament string and prefers to have a similar string feel. If you have had any tennis elbow problems in the past or have been worried about trying polyester strings because of their natural stiffness, then the Spin X 17g may be one of the best polyester strings to try.

It seemed to have a bit less power and pop than the Cyber Flash strings when strung at the same tension. This could be good if you constantly find yourself hitting the ball long or just want a bit more distance control.

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