US Open Tickets - Amex Seats (as low as $22, buy one get one)

The American Express Preferred Seating Tickets allow you to purchase specifically reserved seats that are closer than the rest of the general public tickets for Ashe Stadium!

  • Use the Promo Code "incentur" and click the checkbox.
  • Select the "American Express Preferred Seating" option to highlight those seats.
  • Checkout with your American Express card to secure your VIP seats*

The seats you will see are much closer to the front for just a fraction. Some sessions offer a Buy One Get One option (see picture below) so you can save even more!

Deals Still Available on TicketExchange

Try this: TicketExchange for US Open Tickets link to buy/sell US Open tickets on popular dates - directly from fans, by fans. Plus it is all validated by Ticketmater so you know you're getting genuine tickets!

 American Express Buy One Get One Tickets for US Open

Pre-sale ends in a week and quantities are limited! Remember you must use an American Express card to pay...if you apply for one, you also get these other great US Open perks on-site when you actually get to New York as well!

They have preferred seating available,as well as some dates with a buy 1, get 1 option available (Sept 6-8).

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You can get tickets as low as $22, for evening Ashe Stadium tickets.

Stay tuned in the next month or two, for more US Open savings and ideas like last year!

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