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RPM Blast vs Genesis Black Magic

Comparison of Polyester Tennis Strings Video Review

We Tested Brand Name Strings ($17) RPM Blast vs "Value" ($7) Strings Black Magic
Is there Really a Big Difference? Which is the better value??

Genesis Black Magic is a great poly string for the players who thrive on power, control and hit a flatter ball.

Player reviews from for the 17 gauge have been very positive. Give it a try and I think you'll find that it is a great value.

Babolat's RPM Blast is also available on sale for those who demand the extra spin at the cost of durability and price ($270/reel).

I would encourage players to try both and list their own impressions of both strings below in the comments section.

Head Graphene Instinct and Head Graphene Speed MP Reviews

Head Graphene Tennis Racket Previews
- Graphene Speed MP and Graphene Instinct Models

The new Head Graphene Tennis Rackets are now available for demo and for sale to the public in 2013! Available from our sponsor, TennisTopia, in Rockville, MD.

Sincere Thanks! We were very fortunate to be able to demo the brand new Head "prototypes" courtesy of TennisTopia in Rockville, MD (voted #1 in 2012 and 2013 as Tennis Shop of the Year winner).

Check out our March 2012 review of the current Head IG line (Instinct, Speed, Radical, Prestige) for a comparison look. Many of these rackets are now going to be sold at a discount because of the Graphene Line coming out (another bonus to our tennis bargain hunters)!

Sneak Peek at the 2013 Head Graphene Models

For those who just can't wait, we at Tennis Bargains are again working tirelessly to bring you all the details, pictures, playtest reviews and videos here first! Below is a glimpse of what the future holds...think of us as your Tennis Santa Claus =)

2013 head speed mp logo

Austrian Engineering - 2013 head speed mp logoWhat has been our impression: Love the new sticks so far; this year Sharapova's Instinct might out-gun Djokovic's Speed racket with better pop and a well-rounded improvement on the IG models!

The new material they added is a carbon-based, creation called "Graphene". They can layer ultra-thin sheets of this material to strengthen the racket's structure. The graphics printed on the throat edge of the racket are supposed to be Graphene molecules...think of it as the next LiquidMetal for Head.

Graphene - 2013 head speed mpInitial Impressions

Although the Speed "Prototype" looked impressive, we felt that the structural density of the frame may still need a bit more tweaking before the final release. We are also still waiting for the Speed Pro (18x20) model, but at least now Head has officially entered the 2013 racket shoot-out.

Video Play Test Footage

2013 head speed mp racket capTennis-Bargains has playtested and film footage of the Head Speed/Instinct up against the Babolat AeroPro Drive (all are 100 sq inches, 16x19 open pattern)...which one did we like? which one should you buy in 2013?? Stay tuned...

We actually demoed and playtested the 2013 Head rackets on the court against the Babolat AeroPro Drives - YouTube Video coming out soon...

See how these new models do against each other as two 4.0-4.5 USTA players play each other. It's now "On like Donkey Kong" as they say... Check back for more updates and below for all our HD Closeup Pictures (below)...

2013 Head Graphene Instinct (16x19) and 2013 Head Speed MP (16x19) Pictures

2013 head instinct logo

2013 head speed mp and head instinct - graphene edition prototypes

Wilson Steam 99S - Review, Comparison and Video Playtests

Wilson Steam 99S Review - Pictures, Videos, Feedback and Video Review

Bonus Coverage: More 2013-2014 Racket Sneak Previews
(from Babolat, Head, Wilson, etc...)

Close-up HD Pictures of 2013-2014 Rackets

 Wilson 99 S

Research and Background Info on Wilson Spin Effect Technology (SET)

TW Playtesting:

ITF Testing Lab and Wilson's TV commercial:

Info on patented technology - 3000+ RPM averages with 4G Lux strings:'s interview with Wilson (TrackMan: Doppler Measurement of Spin)

Tennis Bargains Review of Wilson Steam 99S


  • Lots of Spin
  • High Arch and Trajectory
  • Well Rounded Racket with Solid Defensive/Offense
  • Designed for 3.5-4.0+ players
  • For Flat hitters, racket adds safety with extra net clearance
  • Moon-ballers' dream; Ground stroke nirvana


  • Less control in general, Open patterns typically are less precise than Closed pattern rackets
    • Steam 16x15 (open) vs Blade 18x20 (closed)
  • Must generate racket head speed for Spin to get control (requires moderate to fast swing speed)
  • Racket will break strings faster, requiring thicker gauge strings (15g or 16g)
    • Poly Luxilon 4G recommended
  • 1-Hand Backhanders' nightmare (for the opponent) :)

Some observations from this year's US Open...

Tennis-Bargains is back from the first week at the US Open 2012 opening weekend!

A few notables US Open 2012 additions and changes we want to highlight for you below. Also, with some US Open insider's guide Part 1 and Part 2 with insights during qualifying week

Court 17 - The "New Grandstand"

Fans Welcome Weekend - Free Close-up Players Practice

  • Got to see Roger Federer, Djokovic, Murray, Ferrer, Raonic, Nalbandian, Tsonga, Del Portro, Tipsarevic, Cilic, Monaco FOR FREE!!
  • Yep, if you came to visit the US Open this past weekend, you got to see practically every male player in the Top 15 from about 20-30 feet away!
  • On the women's side, we were able to see on these courts: Sharapova, Serena Williams, Clisters, Li Na, etc...

Top Food choice this year: Crepes

  • About 3/4 the way down the row of the food court area - these crepes come in different meats (chicken, beef, pork, veggie, etc).
  • Definitely would recommend trying one for about $11 for a relatively healthy yet tasty choice.
  • My favorite, "Le Poulle": The Chicken Crepe ~$11 is one of the best meals on site - good to enjoy when watching a match on the new court 17. Check out this article/review from NY Times.

Thanks to all our fans (both new and old) who are following us!

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