BNP Showdown 2015 - Federer vs Dmitriov @ Madison Square Garden 3/10/15 (20% OFF Promo Code)

World Tennis Day - March 10, 2015
Roger Federer is back in NYC! 17 time Grand Slam Champion and arguably the greatest player of all time, will take on future star Grigor Dimitrov at the BNP Paribas Showdown.

What a great match! One of the best exhibition matches I've seen in a while* Even though Dimitrov won - there were lots of hot shots all around. Here are some back-to-back 'tweener highlights by both players.
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Also as part of the opening act, female tennis legends Monica Seles and Gabriela Sabatini will face each other. Learn more about World Tennis Day and celebrate the kick-off to the BNP Indian Wells Tennis tournament.
World Tennis Day is an annual festival of tennis around the world in which tennis fans, tennis clubs, tennis facilities, and tennis promoters work with national associations to host events to celebrate participation in the sport, and to promote the healthy lifestyle that comes with playing. On the same day, Showdown events bring together past and present stars of tennis for unique one-night events.

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