Tennis Socks - review of Thorlo Level 3 socks

Importance of Tennis Socks
Tennis is primarily a lower-body sport. You need to protect your feet with good shoes and good socks, remembering to replace them when they get worn down. They are the tires of a tennis player.

Protect your feet. Protect your tennis game.
I would highly recommend getting the Thorlo Level 3 brand socks, which rarely go on sale and offer the best amount of cushioning (more than the Level 2 and Level 1 socks).

I've been wearing these for as long as I can remember because they do a terrific job of preventing blisters (toes and heel have extra padding). The fabric does a great job of keeping my feet cool and dry even in the toughest match conditions.

They are designed for anyone who may develop blisters easily. So comfortable, I even wear them indoors around the house!

Thorlo socks - $5 Free Sample Pair with Survey

Thorlo padded socks sell for ~$15
They have a long lifespan and will outlast even your tennis shoes. I stock up on these, every time I see them on sale such as the buy 4 and get 25% off deals for about $12/pair.

Amazon has them in many different sizes, colors and styles.

Thorlo's Unique Tennis Sock Design
With just one layer of Thorlo's Level 3 sock, it is equivalent to wearing 2 pairs of other socks together (which some pros will do).

Thorlos always wick away moisture from your feet, and these are specifically designed for tennis movements. You can see in the toes and heel areas in brown, they are re-enforced with slightly more padding as these points typically absorb more shock than the rest of the feet.

Made in the USA.Proud supporters the most important feet in America.
Donate a pair for ~$7 to support our Troops!

Different Thickness and Lengths
They typically come in 3 lengths (Crew, Mini, and Micro). The Mini's cover your ankles, while the Micros do not. I own all three lengths but typically prefer the Micro length in the summer. Tip: it is a good idea to alternate between them in order to prevent a solid sock tan from building up around your ankles.

Sock Care
When you wash your Thorlo's socks, it is recommended that you flip them inside-out before putting them in the washer as it helps make the sock last longer.

Here is a good article about tennis footwear: "Don't Get Served Wearing the Wrong Tennis Socks" from Socks Addict". As the author mentions, "if your feet wear out, your game will wear out".

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