Rome Masters 1000 - Clay Preview of French Open

6 French Open 2016 Insights

  1. Rafa Nadal is healthy and hungry to get his Roland Garros title back.
  2. Nishikori is a true contender to make it very deep if he stays fresh and avoids long early matches
  3. Murray is flying below the radar and under-rated. With multiple clay titles already this season, he should be a top 3 favorite to win it all.
  4. Djokovic has all the right tools to finally win his FO title, but its on his hands to win it or lose it. Staying mentally composed at the critical matchups is key if he wants to get the money off his back.
  5. Federer has nagging injuries again. Unfortunately, that may hurt his chances. Update: Roger has decided to pull out this year. Hopefully we will see him at Wimbledon or the Olympics!
  6. Warrinka is still a sleeper, but look for a breakout performance around mid-tournament, if he  is to recover his form.

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