US Open Grandstand: Opening Day Preview and Swag

US Open - Full Fan Preview & Grandstand Map

After 3 days at the US Open this weekend, I wanted to share my tips and findings with all the US Open tennis fans from around the world. Should give you an idea of what to expect*

Millions of fans will be attending this year in NYC or following it online and on TV.
Our goal is to make your experience fun, safe, and most importantly a good value.

Personal Weekend Experience and Opinions:
Two days of Qualifiers plus Arthur Ashe Kids Day. I witnessed a lot of new things while they were on my preview tour of the grounds at Flushing Meadows.

The Good - Great New Venue and Sponsor Freebies

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US Open Grandstand Map
Grandstand Court - US Open Map Guide

Grandstand Lounge - hidden secret on the far side
Access up the stairs. Turn LEFT after you pass the SMART car booth
New 2016 US Open Grandstand Court - most-shaded seats looking towards Ashe

Bonus: New Grandstand Stadium

Absolutely gorgeous architecture and a facility designed by Rossetti Architecture.

The flow of the tennis campus now draws crowds in more of a circular path, but bottlenecks still occur at the food court pavilion and effectively isolate Court 17 as it is in the opposite corner from everything else.

A few tricks to save yourself time and sweat: Walk *behind* the new Grandstand stadium area. Stick to the paths at the South edge and West Edge. There is a "secret" back entrance along the South side of the Grandstand...with lounge seating and a private bathroom if you go all the way up to the top of the Grandstand. This is where most of the ESPN crew go to use it. It's like a private little hotel up there.

Also, another optimal and shaded path you can take is between the P1-P5 courts and cut through to see the new Grandstand.

How to defeat the bad - high pricesSummary
1) Good New Grandstand Stadium and Ashe Roof. Great Weather. Lots of Tennis.
2) Bad HIGH Food Prices. Still not Tech Savvy. Lack of Easy Info.
3) Ugly US Open Staff Service (not everyone) - a few rotten apples in the big apple...more later

Best Perks of US Open Freebies

Free US Open Game Ball. My favorite tennis souvenir.
Tip: Go early morning to find them next to the practice courts!
All USTA members can pick up this cooling towel FREE!
Get your free US Open art poster
Just show them your pre-sale ticket.

Free Fan! Visit Orlando = Fan Friendly
Go inside the American Express Private Lounge
Amex Card gets you upstairs for Beverages and Snacks :)

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