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3 ways to buy US Open Tickets early this year

US Open Tennis Event Tickets
UPDATE for 2024
They are only allowing *one* order per session to purchase up to 16 tickets - it is best to check out and open a new session if you want to buy tickets for multiple days.

Amex Presale starts on May 28 - should you buy or wait?

If you have already booked your travel dates, buying early is good.
But if you're on the fence, waiting until later in the Summer is generally safe.

  • Almost every year, the face value of US Open tennis tickets does not run out before July.
  • August is the best-selling month because fans will know who is playing and who is not.

Price ranges for tickets (2024 Data Points under $100)

2024-09-03 Quarterfinal Men's/Women's 36.00
2024-08-27 1st Round Men's / Women's 64.00
2024-09-04 Quarterfinal Men's/Women's 69.00
2024-08-27 1st Round Men's / Women's 75.00
2024-09-05 Women's Singles Semifinals 80.00
2024-08-26 1st Round Men's / Women's 85.00

Early Access Methods via Resale from Season Ticket Holders

Looking for access to European tennis tournaments like Wimbledon? Stubhub is a great way to get ahead of the box office line when they are not listed on Ticketmaster!
**Heads up: this post contains affiliate links. If you purchase using our link, we’ll collect a share of sales or other compensation. We donate a portion of any ticket profits to tennis and relief charities.

American Express Preferred Seating: Code Required

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Amex members may use promo code "INCENTUR" to unlock.

You must check out using an American Express Card.

3 BOGO Deals (Buy One, Get One) Session Tickets

For 2024, the BOGO sessions announced will be for:
  • Session 4 - Tuesday Evening (Aug. 27) - Louis Armstrong Stadium
  • Session 17 - Tuesday Day (Sept. 3) - Arthur Ashe Stadium
  • Session 19 - Wednesday Day (Sept. 4) - Arthur Ashe Stadium

In recent years, they have also offered four select sessions for the BOGO deal later in the summer.
The extra round of BOGO deals was released July 12-15 for Amex card holders.

Very limited in date choices, but at a fair price if you know you are going on those dates.
More session offers will become available *after* July 15th once the public sale starts.

Use promo code "INCENTUR" to view available seats:

Louis Armstrong - Night Sessions (Courtside) - ($15 each, now all gone)

  • Session 2 - Monday Evening (Aug. 30) - Louis Armstrong Stadium 
  • Session 4 - Tuesday Evening (Aug. 31) - Louis Armstrong Stadium

Arthur Ashe Stadium - 2nd Week (Promenade Level) - ($17.50 each)

  • Session 17 - Tuesday Day (Sept. 7) - Arthur Ashe Stadium 
  • Session 19 - Wednesday Day (Sept. 8) - Arthur Ashe Stadium

Should you wait for more options? I will explain how you could get a much better deal.

Letting some people buy tickets at the full retail price first can be smart. Then you can get them much cheaper later if they find they cannot attend. Discounted tickets are coming out all summer long.

Tickets for the first week inside Ashe are discounted quite a bit and only look to be selling out for a while. It is the Labor Day weekend and Finals Weekend tickets that are pricy.

We have been monitoring ticket sales for over 15 years and have always found the best value on US Open tickets after the General Public Sale begins on July 15 @ 9AM EST.

There are usually more choices, so you will have a better idea of your travel plans to NYC by then, and the daily schedule of tennis events will be available by then.

Lock in your seats before the public sale in July! Useful for getting great seats on popular days.

US Open Resale Tickets - sold by Fans to Fans (TM)

So why wait if you know they will get sold out later? The Labor Day weekend or Finals Weekend are always popular, so you should consider buying these dates first.

For the weekday sessions, if you want to save some of your hard-earned money for the same tickets, read on! We want to help our fans get their US Open tickets for the dates they want at the best price possible. It pays to be patient this year, and we will explain.

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Here are 3 tips that I recommend during the pre-sale:
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Just having an Amex card in your wallet comes with many perks at the US Open as well (eg, FREE pedicab rides, US Open radios, Metro cards, etc*) - just show them your American Express Card.

Can't make it to NYC?  Try to visit the Cincinnati Open (in mid-August)

Big action and stars in a much smaller venue in the Midwest!

It is also a Masters 1000 event and very family-friendly, which means much cheaper costs for hotels and food. The 2023 Final was amazing with Alcaraz and Djokovic, so they will be back in Mason, Ohio for 2024!

Game, Set, Match: Discover the Health Benefits of Tennis and the Thrill of the US Open

Play Tennis - May you Live Long and Prosper

Roger Federer in NYC

Trevor and Roger + Switzerland Tourism
We want to give every American Tennis Fan (man, woman, and child) a chance to experience NYC and Pro Tennis at the US Open this year!

As a USPTA Teaching Professional for over 15 years - I encourage all my students to go at least once in their lifetime!

Watch a live tennis event in person.

US Open Tennis - Buy, Hold, or Sell? (May - Aug)

  • Picking tickets can be an art.
  • With over 15 years of research, I help get fans into the best seats.
  • I have personally attended dozens of years sitting courtside @ California Tennis
  • Travel like a pro @

I have friends in Long Island City, family in Astoria, and business colleagues in Manhattan.

2024 Key Dates

When to Go? Who to See?

  1. Pick your dates (weekend vs weekday)
  2. Book your flight and hotels first!
  3. Attend 2-3 sessions for consecutive days/nights to see most players.

Popular Sessions for US Open Tennis

  • Weekends of Labor Day and Finals
    - Buy early! TicketMaster Exchange (resell)
  • Early rounds (1st week, Mon-Wed)
    - Wait: for the Public Sales near June 5th
  • Mid-Week (2nd-week tickets, some nights)
    - Plan: July/Aug to find the best codes.

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Sponsors' Swag with Live Fan Reviews

We preview promotions from US Open sponsors like JP Morgan Chase (exclusive front row seats), American Express (snacks and A/C lounges), and HEAD plus Tennis-Point (discount USTA memberships and promo gifts).

Note: tickets you purchase will also indirectly fund the USTA non-profit organization. They support growing tennis in America through memberships and league events.

Affiliate Commission and Disclaimers

We are an affiliate partner with Ticketmaster, so we must provide a disclaimer that a small percentage of all online sales generate profits for us when made through clicking our links.

  • Affiliate commissions pay for our travel expenses and our ticket giveaways.
  • Our buyers never have to pay anything extra over retail.
  • Pay less using our discount codes.

  • We don't accept any endorsement money.
  • Our opinions are entirely our own and independent of the US Open.
  • Real scoop reviews from "secret shoppers" - we poll public fans in NY and on Facebook.

Turn ticket fees into charity donations.

A portion of every dollar from ticket fees and profits we collect for the US Open will go back to support American Charities as donation dollars. We have been doing it for over 10 years.

Annual contributions are made to places such as:
American Red Cross, Acing Autism, Tennis Plays for Peace (supporting Ukraine), USTA / USPTA, grassroots tennis programs at the Parks & Rec level, and Wounded Warrior / ThankUSA charities.

Enjoy a summer vacation in NYC. American Tennis at the biggest tennis stadium in the World.

For 2 weeks around Labor Day every late August and early September, Tennis is in New York City.

Come join the fun at our annual reunion of friends, family, and friends. We will promote free events like the DNCE Concert and Finals Passes for the true NY Fan Experience. Hope you can join us!

US Open Friends and Fans (Facebook Group of US Open fans)

US Open Chase and Amex Lounge Free Sign Up

US Open - JP Morgan Chase Lounge

Chase Lounge is near the US Open East Gate Entrance

Each member is allowed 4 RSVP spots per day;
8 total RSVPs per email account.

Day sessions are from 10AM to 4PM.
Evening sessions are valid  6-8:30PM.
2023 reservations are now open as of 8/21!

2023 Free RSVP website is now available!
Enter the Customer service number: 8009452028

Be sure to also create an account with the Chase Fan Pass, so you can enjoy all the other specials. Get your pass on-site by showing your Chase debit card or mobile wallet at the South Plaza booth, Chase Lounge, or Chase Terrace.

Need a spot? VIP fans can come to join us as a guest!

US Open Fan sessions during Week 1 (Mon-Sat).

Please visit and like our Facebook page for the latest tennis info and chances to win one of our giveaways.

To be our guest for one of the day sessions, please message us with the date and approximate time you're coming to the Chase Lounge or Terrace! We love to meet our fans for photo opts.

American Express Centurion Lounge

  • Reservations are available for a few sessions! Click "Notify" to be on the waitlist.

  • Tennis Bargains will provide updates with our newly granted Resy Concierge Access.

  • Ticket sales will open for Centurion Card members at 9:00 am ET on August 8, 2022 to book via Resy!

    "American Express® Platinum Card and Centurion Members can enjoy all The Centurion Suite has to offer at US Open Tennis, including food bites created by Centurion Lounge Chefs & curated cocktail and wine offerings, plus more goodies."

  • Chase Lounge -  Any Chase card members can RSVP for up to 4 sessions

US Open Essentials

The RSVP system fills up quickly with high demand, but they will text you if a spot opens.

Take a break from the tennis at the US Open:
Enjoy A/C, drinks, and snacks while watching US Open Tennis from the Chase Lounge!

Deal Tips:
Reserve Chase Lounge Access for up to 4 sessions total for FREE.
American Express allows reservations for up to 8 people*

Reservations can be "split up" at various times and dates offered during the tournament. We recommend choosing an afternoon session when it is a good time to escape and recharge for a while. Here's another Chase Lounge tennis fan's review.

More US Open Freebies

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More perks and freebies at the US Open
The Sheraton Laguardia East hotel has been nice enough to offer souvenir US Open t-shirts for their guests several years in a row now. They have a free shuttle and are just one train stop from the US Open in Flushing (Chinatown).

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US Open Tennis: Tickets advice for fans

US Open Tennis Tickets vs Package Plans

Buying individual tickets instead of packages can save you lots of money and offer more flexibility!

Only buy a package if you're sure you can attend most sessions.

It is still a buyer's market unless you get a marquee matchup for the later rounds.

The rounds leading up to the Labor Day weekend have been also popular in recent years. Note that this year, the two semi-finals for the men are sold as individual tickets.

In the past, these "Super Saturday" sessions were combined and sold as one ticket. Now they are individually worth slightly less with only one semi-final feature each.

Want all the real tips about finding the best US Open Ticket deals?

Which Day Sessions will get sold out first?

The most popular dates are generally the Saturday session for Labor Day weekend. Closely followed by the Finals Championship weekend tickets.

If you want to lock in these dates, it might be worth ordering now. Otherwise, you likely have time to buy individual tickets in July or even August.

Tip: Always buy from the Official Ticket Seller before trying resellers.

US Open Stadium Tickets

The Ashe tickets are the most flexible. Followed by the Grounds Pass, and then Armstrong and Grandstand. Because you do not know the draws and schedules until August, getting an individual stadium pass other than Ashe is a bit risky.

However, Armstrong and Grandstand will guarantee you a relatively close view of the action in one location (without needing to roam around the grounds).

Are "Multi-Session Ticket Plans" sold as a package a smart idea?

Only if you are planning to attend a series of multiple days and nights: you can purchase a ticket mini-plan today. This is recommended only for those who plan to commit to most day and night sessions during either championship weekend or Labor Day weekend.

I have purchased this plan before. Then had to sell several sessions that I could not attend personally. This option will allow you secure seats early. However, you become responsible for handling seats you do not want. This package also works well if you need a larger batch of seats all in a row.

Generally, after the sale of extra seats, you come out even or possibly slightly ahead. However, it is very dependent on many factors such as demand for particular sessions. Remember the inventory risk for you, the package ticket holders.

How much do US Open Ticket Plans Cost?
Depends on the session. For the opening week, it can be $290 per seat. For the entire tournament at every round, it is above $2000 per seat.

Strategy for June - "Hold". For July/Aug - "Buy"

Wait until the general sale dates to compare the retail prices to resell tickets. See how much demand is there for the popular sessions first. Wait for the 2-for-1 discount codes (via our email) to appear in late July, or early August before committing to weekday seats.

If your favorite player does not make it to 2nd week, yet is a popular fan favorite, you may still get good money for your seat. In September, a case can be made to Sell. Factor in weather conditions and if a player has the potential to break a grand slam record if they win the US Open (Nadal, Serena).

US Open Grandstand: Opening Day Preview and Swag

US Open - Full Fan Preview & Grandstand Map

After 3 days at the US Open this weekend, I wanted to share my tips and findings with all the US Open tennis fans from around the world. Should give you an idea of what to expect*

Millions of fans will be attending this year in NYC or following it online and on TV.
Our goal is to make your experience fun, safe, and most importantly a good value.

Personal Weekend Experience and Opinions:
Two days of Qualifiers plus Arthur Ashe Kids Day. I witnessed a lot of new things while they were on my preview tour of the grounds at Flushing Meadows.

The Good - Great New Venue and Sponsor Freebies

*NEW*: Our Insider's Instagram - US Open Grandstand Map is now on Instagram
- FOLLOW US for Secret TIPS and info about this new stadium!
US Open Grandstand Map
Grandstand Court - US Open Map Guide

Grandstand Lounge - hidden secret on the far side
Access up the stairs. Turn LEFT after you pass the SMART car booth
New 2016 US Open Grandstand Court - most-shaded seats looking towards Ashe

Bonus: New Grandstand Stadium

Absolutely gorgeous architecture and a facility designed by Rossetti Architecture.

The flow of the tennis campus now draws crowds in more of a circular path, but bottlenecks still occur at the food court pavilion and effectively isolate Court 17 as it is in the opposite corner from everything else.

A few tricks to save yourself time and sweat: Walk *behind* the new Grandstand stadium area. Stick to the paths at the South edge and West Edge. There is a "secret" back entrance along the South side of the Grandstand...with lounge seating and a private bathroom if you go all the way up to the top of the Grandstand. This is where most of the ESPN crew go to use it. It's like a private little hotel up there.

Also, another optimal and shaded path you can take is between the P1-P5 courts and cut through to see the new Grandstand.

How to defeat the bad - high pricesSummary
1) Good New Grandstand Stadium and Ashe Roof. Great Weather. Lots of Tennis.
2) Bad HIGH Food Prices. Still not Tech Savvy. Lack of Easy Info.
3) Ugly US Open Staff Service (not everyone) - a few rotten apples in the big apple...more later

Best Perks of US Open Freebies

Free US Open Game Ball. My favorite tennis souvenir.
Tip: Go early morning to find them next to the practice courts!
All USTA members can pick up this cooling towel FREE!
Get your free US Open art poster
Just show them your pre-sale ticket.

Free Fan! Visit Orlando = Fan Friendly
Go inside the American Express Private Lounge
Amex Card gets you upstairs for Beverages and Snacks :)

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