2 US Open Ticket Tips: why it's better to buy tickets as a pair

Always consider buying Two tickets instead of just One.
Even if you don't need both, yet...Why?
Go watch the US Open with a Friend
One of the ball kid's proud mom got an extra ticket from Tennis-Bargains last year to watch her son!

Invite a tennis friend!
Tennis is always more fun when you bring your buddy :)
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One Pair is almost always better than 2 Single Tickets...
  • It is much easier to resell when needed.
  • If for some reason you cannot attend and need to get rid of the tickets.
  • In most cases, selling (or trading) a pair of tickets is MUCH easier than selling a single*
Greater Ease for Re-Selling a Pair of Unused Tickets
  • The biggest marketplace for US Open tickets will get the quickest buyer and best price. Otherwise, you have to hope that you get lucky on Craigslist or eBay with legitimate tickets.
  • Market research has shown that sales price of 2 seats sold TOGETHER is usually higher than selling 2 single tickets apart, even in the same row.

2017 US Open Tickets - Get Offer Codes & Buy One, Get One Deal

Problems with One Single Seat (Gap Seats or Splits)

  • Think about going to a movie theater.  If you see a "one-seat gap" between two couples, it is a bit awkward and often that seat will stay empty.
  • Also the US Open and the movie cinema both want to minimize "wasted" empty seats.

    Strategy for selling your Extra Seat if you end up with one extra single
  • Sell it online at TicketExchange.
  • This is a very easy and safe way to recoup your cost.
  • There are other places you can post, but often the most hassle free way is to just input your Ticketmaster barcode.
They guarantee the transaction and deposit your money straight to a bank account. Much easier than standing outside an hour before a game to try to unload a ticket!

Buyer's Tips with BOGO (Buy One, Get One Ticket Deals)
  • When you purchase 2-for-1 tickets, you are already getting 50% off the box office price.
  • For the same standard price, you get 2 tickets instead of 1. So think of it as a way to lower your final price of your own seat.
  • When listing your discounted seat, you're essentially sharing the savings. It allows the next person who can purchase the resold seat at below retail price. Share the savings*

2017 US Open Tickets - Get Offer Codes & Buy One, Get One Deal

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