US Open Lounges - JP Morgan Chase vs American Express Centurion

Get inside for some free A/C! Plus have some free food and drinks at the Chase and Amex Lounges. Note: the Amex Members Club lounge is free for all Amex members.

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  • Ticket sales will open for Centurion Card members at 9:00 am ET (and 3:00 pm ET for Platinum Card members) on August 10!

    "American Express® Platinum Card and Centurion Members can enjoy all The Centurion Suite has to offer at US Open Tennis, including food bites created by Centurion Lounge Chefs & curated cocktails and wine offerings, plus more goodies."
With Resy, you can now RSVP your American Express reservations from noon to 8PM almost daily. Register your Amex card and download their mobile app for the best results!

Reservations are good for up to 3 members in your party for Platinum members and up to 8 members for Centurion members.

Time slots are in 30-minute intervals and are good for an hour of dining or lounging.

The Chase Lounge is an Amazing perk for Chase cardmembers. It is a very large space upstairs at the Chase building. The entrance is located immediately to the left after entering the East Gate Entrance. The check-in booth is right outside.

The Amex Centurion Lounge is for Amex Platinum and Centurion cardholders plus 2 guests. It is located inside the new Armstrong Stadium on the 2nd floor near Gate A. However, there is no direct view of the stadium once inside. An elevator (with A/C) takes you there from the 1st floor.

US Open Weather Tips:
Heat advisory warnings of 90+ temps and heat index can be expected during the afternoons. We share our first-hand experience with some new shade tips and pictures for the Armstrong Stadium.

US Open Lounges Head-to-Head Comparison: Chase vs Amex

Space and Capacity - Winner: Chase
The Chase floor can accommodate well over 50 people and feels twice as large as the Amex Centurion lounge. Anyone with a Chase wristband, once registered, may enter. The Centurion was almost always filled up, and guests must wait for guests to leave before more could enter.

Food and Drinks - Winner: Amex Centurion
The appetizers include a sandwich or gyro (usually one is veggie), chips, fruit, a small wrap,  plus some delicious cookies. New plates of Hors d'oeuvres are served at least twice an hour to the group.

Amex Centurion Lounge - Appetizer Selection

 Small Evian water bottles are free and easy to refill outside; simply ask the bar. You also get 1 free complimentary drink coupon when you enter.

I can vouch for the "Honey Deuce" and held onto the special 50th-anniversary to-go cup. The bathroom is also slightly nicer. We visited a special US Open hologram fan exhibit, along with a well-decorated interior.

Free Swag: Chase Hat vs Amex Mobile Charger
Both are quality items ~$20 in value. The Chase blue cotton hat is adjustable and very useful in the sun.

The Amex small battery charger has both a USB and iPhone charging cable good for several hours' worth of charge. Handed out at check-in.

TV viewing areas - Winner: Chase
Many large flat screen TVs line the entire length of the suite. Nearly every seat in the house can see the scores of multiple matches. The open layout allows many people to walk freely inside and does not feel crowded at all.

Water, lemonade, and coke are dispersed freely at the bar. The coffee station is also at the opposite corner of the picture below.

The Amex Centurion lounge relies on a few large, centrally-placed LCD TV's. The U-shaped bar is right in the middle with a giant TV in the middle of it, but there is a lot of view obstruction as people walk around.

Registration and Accessibility - Tied?
2 different systems, but for the Chase lounge, you must plan in advance and wait in the sun while others are inside enjoying the space.

The Amex cards are more expensive to obtain but if you have one, then entering the Centurion Lounge is only a matter of waiting.

JP Morgan Chase Entry Method
You need to RSVP online early with Chase and hope that you get upgraded.

On Day 1, I received a phone call and voice message regarding that I had been granted access.

Do not give up hope if you register for the RSVP and get put on the waitlist. Check with the booth outside if you are unsure if you are on the list.

American Express Entry Method

For the Centurion Lounge on the 2nd floor of Amstrong, there is a lobby staging area that verifies your Amex membership level (Platinum or Centurion cards). The lobby registration area accommodates only 6-9 guests at a time, so everyone else must wait outside the big doors.

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