A Fan's Guide to the Rafa Nadal Academy and Sports Centre

The Rafa Nadal Sports Centre
My visit to Mallorca in April-May at the Rafa Nadal Academy was my lifetime bucket list tennis experience.

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As a huge Rafa fan for over a decade, I decided to book a pit stop to Mallorca between my trip to the Barcelona Open and the Madrid Open via Air Europa.

Apparently, several top pros had the same idea, making their stop in Manacor to do some clay-court training before the French Open! I was there with Toni, Carlos, and the Nadal Academy Coaching Team.

For 3 days, I felt so lucky to be right next to the now 19-time grand slam champion.

Joining the Adult Tennis players,  you can live tennis 24/7: I was able to train, eat, sleep, plus watch and play tennis right next to the top ATP and WTA pros like
Naomi Osaka and Rafael Nadal!

Masters 1000 Clay Trophy Collection at the Rafa Nadal Academy Museum

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Just as Rafael told me in the hallway to the gym, Mallorca is a beautiful island when the weather is nice. I have to agree with him 100%! May through September is the perfect temperature. The cost of staying at the Academy is hardly much more than that of a typical hotel ~$150/night.

Barcelona Open with Rafael Nadal
Follow Rafael Nadal's journey
from Spain to the French Open

Every day I was there, it was a beautiful paradise. Comparing it to Hawaii and Maui  - this island was the Spanish version of a very historic land yet brimming with its small village charm.

Highly recommend taking a Spring/Summer vacation to Spain.

Tennis fans should also consider seeing the Barcelona Open 500 or the Madrid Open 1000 to make your Spanish Vacation for Tennis truly complete and memorable for the rest of your life.

Mallorca Highlights

I love the giant church in the center of Manacor at sunrise. It is a short 5 minute drive away from the Academy. You can also go explore the white sands of Cala Agulla beach. Finally, for the adventurous hikers one of the hidden gems is the Castle of Capdepera which looks like a Spanish version of the Great Wall of China!

Coming back to the wonderful, large suite room with full showers gives you the experience of a Nike Locker Room. It is a very enjoyable experience having a sunset buffet dinner to finish the day. Definitely a 10 out of 10!

The scenic countryside with its windmills and small traffic circles are very quaint. Most tiny cars including Rafa's old Kia are miniature in size yet very nimble. Speed limits top out around 100kmph - yet you can go from coast to coast in a little over an hour. I would recommend renting a car but be prepared that it will likely be a manual transmission.

Small packs of bicycle riders will dot the small country roads early in the morning riding in tandem. The local villagers are very friendly and helpful in sharing their traditions and culture. I made a lot of friends among the other Adult tennis program attendees.

I encourage all my tennis fans to 
visit Spain for the authentic Tennis Experience.

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For a closer experience in Mexico, there is also an 8-court Rafa Nadal Tennis Academy now open near Acapulco

I review many tennis camps and academies, many of which are great for kids' summer camps and adult tennis vacations. Speaking English was not an issue and even found several British staff working there as well.

Guilliam at the front desk and Eva at the Spa were the most helpful, friendly and knowledgable staff I have ever met at any tennis resort - highly recommend them. The facilities are world-class gym, pools, and spa amenities (sauna, ice bath, steam room, jacuzzi, and several hot tubs) included in the lodging package.

The tennis programs can be customized along with specific workout classes that are available at almost every hour during the day into the evening. Playing tennis on the red clay usually requires a private lesson (around 100 Euros per hour), but there are plenty of hard courts too.

My half-board package included a buffet breakfast and 3-course Dinner with several choices. The fruit options were very fresh and I had a very full portion of codfish. The best part is the dining area overlooks a beautiful sunrise and sunset with floor-to-ceiling windows with a panoramic view of the tennis courts.

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