2021 TopCourt Review: MasterClass of Pro Tennis

TopCourt is the next Netflix for Tennis

A tennis streaming platform backed by the Bryan Brothers, Lindsay Davenport, Genie Bouchard, Sloane Stephens, and other world-class players. Tennis drills and instructions are explained by the best players and coaches in the world. Hollywood quality starring ATP and WTA talent!

For 2021, we see more tennis stars, veterans, and coaches teaming up with next-gen and future talents. Updates are monthly with new content and players. 
TopCourt Class of 2021: Venus Williams, Coach Bollettieri, Chris Evert, and Nick Kyrgios

Marriage of Tennis with Tech

The fundamental way we enjoy our sport got redefined. Indian Wells was canceled, and suddenly the tennis world found itself having a LOT of extra time on its hands. Equipped with 4K cameras, drones, and a tech-savvy team (led by Harvard and other college tennis alums) - TopCourt was born in 2020 as the game-changer of the year.

As the #1 TopCourt Ambassador, we offer advanced access to go in-depth with extra Q&A's on team meetings for industry insights, suggestions. It's been our goal to help reshape how the World learns and sees tennis.

TopCourt's tennis platform is designed to bring the player and fan onto the Pro's tennis court.

Hollywood production value adds to an All-Star lineup to set the new gold standard. Every month we check back and are excited to 40+ online tennis stars in the world with that talent list growing.

Big reasons why tennis fans attend pro tournament events

Attending any Tennis Major like the US Open, I value these 2 bucket list experiences above all else:

1) Matches - Watching the Big 5th set Grand Slam match live on center court
2) Practices - Seeing lively Tennis Pros prepare from courtside
3) Personalities - Real human emotions. The thrill of victory and anguish of defeat.

For #1, ESPN and Tennis Channel bring all the big match coverage onto our TVs.
For #2, US Open and other big events continue to bar eager fans from their grounds.
For #3, beyond hitting around tennis balls, we want players' raw emotions and exciting reactions 

Spector sports have been fundamentally changed. We missed all those special moments of exhibition genius and unscripted, off-camera candid insights outside the stadium. Until tournaments can safely reopen, the demand for sports experiences is not satisfied. The limited supply of restricted seating for avid fans offers a new way to disrupt tennis and sports as we know it.

TopCourt's 1-on-1 Instruction

  • Drills and Instructional Videos with at least 3 unique videos per Pro
  • All key shots are broken down into simple segments at 4K
  • Hear the game and player's mindset directly from the actual pros themselves

Great Camera Angles

The unique first-person experience makes TopCourt so different and special. It is unlike any TV camera position. You literally feel like you're so much on the court you will get hit by the shots. To check out their operations, we were invited to one special live behind-the-scenes filming in March 2021. The experience was unmatched and makes a great case for getting their Gold Membership.

The perspective as the "fly on the wall"
Overhead drone shots, intimate camera angles, and personalized commentary from the pro speaking directly to you, as if you're the only one else there. The one and the only taking the private lesson, which sets it apart from most others - giving TopCourt the feeling of a conversation rather than a performance.

All gathered together, then filmed and mic'd up for one reason - to show you their inner game and experiences that shaped them. Each pro has a different skill set and background. Their unique personalities make the campus of TopCourt so diverse and wide.

Upfront and Center is exactly where TopCourt puts the viewer on every video.

Watching the Lindsay Davenport documented series is like following a well-choreographed story with each chapter of her career. During her drills, you never feel the pro is holding back or the shots she explains are too imposing to try yourself. The edits are well done with many enhanced cues (such as the mini-court icon at the bottom revealing where the player and each ball bounce are placed).

You get the benefit of all their combined years of experience on tour, which distills differently with each pro's own style and humor in their teaching role. Chapters are bite-sized to absorb a few key ideas. You feel motivated to then go out and implement. No need to binge-watch it all in one sitting.

TopCourt eclipses other competition with its huge talent team

Top ATP and WTA players and coaches include many former and future Grand Slam champions. Nearly every player I watched was a current or former Top 25 player with multiple tour championships.

Amateurs practice until they get it right. TopCourt pros practice their craft until they can't get it wrong. To each one of them, tennis is their livelihood - the trade secrets of their craft. Each has honed in their skills for years before they put their earnings on the line against the best competition in the world.

Learning Plays out of the Pro Playbook

On TopCourt's show court, you learn straight from the pro's own descriptions as he/she demonstrates. It covers not just the nuts and bolts technique, but also the inner intent behind maximizing each shot's potential.

The Bryan Brothers give you their secret sauce recipe and all the ingredients that go into a world-class volley. The #1 doubles team in history guides players through the plays, drills, and moves that got them into the record books.

On TV, viewers see great plays. On TopCourt, they are shown how it happens.
We often watch a slow-motion replay of the brilliant winners. But does anyone explain the subtle mental mechanics that go into constructing that point? The scoreboard doesn't tell the whole story. As a great coach once said, "See the flash but learn the dazzle".

Beyond the Spotlight: a Human Story and Connection

Interviews conducted brilliantly and background stories that reveal the human and young person behind the superhero costumes the players wear on the court. If 2020 has given us anything, it is the appreciation for connection - a TopCourt signature recipe.

We see what fueled the athletes early on - be it their parents' or coaches' influence at an early age. Maybe it was a major victory that was the turning point in their career. The interviews and stories on TopCourt take you beyond the press spotlight. Very much like ESPN's 30 for 30 series, it adds a lot of humanity to the player's hidden obstacles encountered along the way in their journey.

Fans also get to relive the drama of their biggest wins and losses. Truer to life than any tennis biography. In a relaxed filming setting, they can speak with a little more zen-like clarity. From the heart, they share with you their fans, their life's ups and downs in tennis since childhood.

Away from the constant pressures of competition and probing media at tournaments probing for a sound byte or misquote, the players have the time to reflect deeply and showcase their favorite memories and moments with their fans.

We have huddled into stadiums before; longing to train, feel, and hit like our tennis heroes
For the lucky few in the crowd who managed to squeeze into a front seat at the US Open practice, it has not always been comfortable. I remember waiting around P1-P5 all day long patiently in a queue. Rows of heads peek behind a wall of fans for a quick glimpse of one or two favorite stars.

Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible at these noisy events to ever catch all the tips thrown around in a drill or understand the coach's subtle advice to their player.

Even when I could hear over the crowd noise and see the action, it would be really nice for once not to risk being suffocated by a giant tennis mob crowding over you*

TopCourt Coaches

Brad Gilbert
Brad recounts his coaching experience with his former #1 students: Andre Agassi, Andy Roddick, and Andy Murray. Brad gives out on-court coaching tips and advice to Eugenie Bouchard.

Paul Annacone
A former coach to Roger Federer and Pete Sampras, he works with Taylor Fritz to give you the American Dream Team of player-coach pairing. Taylor has reached his career-high ranking this summer.

Coached 10 World #1 players in the world over his long career. He gives a lot of his tricks to fine-tune the game with many drills to improve the fundamentals. An inspirational speaker and legend of American Tennis.

Who's Next in 2021?
Every 2-3 weeks, fans can expect another player video chapter released including former champions in the line-up:

- Bianca Andreescu
- Alexander Zverev
- Felix Auger Aliassime
- Grigor Dimitrov
- Francis Tiafoe
- Petra Kvitova
- Elina Svitolina

Best Episodes of TopCourt (so far)

Best Drills: Bryan Brothers - Doubles Volleys (side to side)
The 16-time GS champions and GOAT of doubles. Great drone footage, clear ideas.

Best Stories: Lindsay Davenport - "Top of the Mountain"
Origin story. World #1, Olympics, Grand Slam Champion, Mom

Best Instruction: Monica Puig - Backhand & Footwork
Very easy on the ears and eyes. Covering A to Z: Grip, Preparation, Shoulder Turn, Stance, Split-step.

Best Background: Fernando Verdasco - The Spanish Way
Growing up in Madrid, Success in Juniors on Hard Courts, Facing Rafa, Davis Cup Champion.

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First, use our TopCourt Free Offer for 14 days to test drive the site. For a limited time, see if you enjoy the pros available currently with no risk.

We have been reviewing online tennis courses for over 10 years. Since the days of Fuzzy Yellow Balls, this idea of learning tennis ideas online is not new.

TopCourt kicks it up 2 notches to make it entertaining and inspiring the whole way. It is simply unmatched by the depth of the talent and quality of the footage. With each new pro that signs up, you get more value for your money with unlimited access.

If you enjoy good journalism, it's worth paying for a subscription to the New York Times or the Washington Post. For pro tennis content, go with TopCourt. You won't regret it.

At Tennis-Bargains, we stand by the products we recommend and hold those standards high.

During covid-19, we needed a better way - a safer way for spectators and fans.
We partnered with TopCourt to share the tennis experience and our love of "being there".

Presence of Pros (Professors of Tennis)

"The real teaching by Masters is not with words; it is with Presence."
Don Miguel Ruiz

I managed to be on the same court as Rafa (twice) - first at the Barcelona Open and again in Mallorca at his academy with Naomi Osaka the following week. The Spanish I learned in 2nd grade has never been great - but somehow being there with Rafa, I understood. The dialogue is watching Moya and Nadal rally back and forth. Every tennis ball is a sentence echoing like a verse at the tennis opera.

Being there within earshot of your tennis idol will exceed your greatest expectations and worth the journey. I have seen the fans in each country he plays waiting there for hours with parents, friends, family all squeezing their heads to see him at the players' entrance.

"Education thru sheer proximity"
When you get to hang around the top ATP pros on a regular basis long enough, you begin to receive learning through observation and osmosis.

Robert Greene talks about this in the book Mastery. The concept of "mirror neurons".
Mirror neurons give us the ability to place ourselves in the skin of another and imagine their experience. Through continual exposure to people and by attempting to think inside them we can gain an increasing sense of their perspective
- Robert Greene, Mastery

On TopCourt, Fernando Verdasco retells his own personal memories when facing Rafael Nadal. He recalls the pressure of playing his best against Nadal at the semi-final of a Major in the 5th set. He shares insider stories that are simply not broadcasted on TV. The personal memories of glory and defeat.

As a tennis coach, journalist, and photographer - I have covered a lot of pro events in my life.
Over the years, even I started to prefer arriving early during qualifier matches or the early first-round days. All the top players are still loose and comfortable. Teams are relaxed and jovial. That's where you learn the most.

When revisiting any of the four Grand Slams, if I could only be there for just one hour, I would beeline straight to the practice court of Federer or Nadal. Hanging out off the side of any Indian Wells practice court during a couple changeovers simply feels relaxed and natural.

Value of the $180 Annual Membership vs Gold VIP Membership

The price is $180/year, but for a limited time - we as official TopCourt Ambassadors can provide our own free 14-day trial link this week exclusively to our fans. Interested to try?

The Gold Membership gives even more perks and a chance to see the tennis stars privately in person if you upgrade. We will detail this experience first-hand and more in-depth soon.

Without fans at the 2020 US Open, this was the closest experience we found to replicate that experience from a professional tour player's point of view.

Is TopCourt worth the $15/month membership?

It depends on your goals as a Fan and/or as a Student of Tennis. Will your favorite players appear on the site? Do you enjoy tennis documentaries and instructional videos?

For the Tennis Fan:
TopCourt is loaded with all the extras. If you already subscribe to the Tennis Channel or TennisTV and want more exclusive content (not just match play), then this gives you private content and personalized access.

Over 40 instructors and still growing, viewers are paying less than 50 cents a month per pro (or less with more pros joining). The price of one single US Open ticket on Ashe is often more expensive than a year's subscription. Plus, I doubt anyone can watch as many players in one day as on TopCourt.

E-learning from home is a hot new trend now.
Learn some new tennis skills and hear some first-hand stories from the players. Hardcore tennis fans will find this is the service for you. I personally consider it as another kind of subscription just like Netflix or Hulu or ESPN/Disney+. It does not overlap with Tennis Channel+ or TennisTV.

For Aspiring Tennis Students:
TopCourt is $15 per month. Doing the math, a private tennis lesson is typically around $50-65 per hour. Definitely a very good value for a year's worth of access anytime and anywhere. When coaching, I see it as a perfect complement to live instruction during covid as assigned "homework".

Knowing that the Bryan Brothers have a much better volley than me - I can free my own ego to refer them to the best. My younger students are much more excited and eager to attempt a certain drill, as they watch it being performed well by the best #1 doubles team in tennis history. Just as Michael Jordan reminded us to eat our Wheaties.

Worth much more than a one-hour private lesson
If you take private tennis lessons, those hours start to add up. The average price to hire just one certified teaching professional to work with you is anywhere from $40-$65/hour. Once you consider that TopCourt gives you 40+ professionals in the TopCourt lineup, this price pays for itself - and you get a campus of instructors. There is added value per dollar each month it grows bigger.

One year's fee is the same price as 3 hours of coaching time.
I can expect to tweak a few fixes on your shots in 3 hours' time. That's in ideal conditions if you find a tennis coach who is relatable AND you go home to practice what they taught. I have written up some tips for getting the most out of TopCourt e-learning.

As a USPTA coach, I will provide my own honest opinion about lessons. If I give lessons in ideal conditions and can cover just the forehand OR serve in just 3 lessons, we are both happy and that's a great success. But realistically that is pushing it even when coaching a talented athlete.

TopCourt just has a lot more variety of talent at the ATP/WTA Pro Tour level - the very best out of the best. Could anyone's tennis coach ever hope to win a set against anyone on TopCourt?

Watching the TopCourt videos: my favorite order

1) Stories and Training videos to get background on the TopCourt coach and their mindset
2) Instruction section so that you get an overview of each highlighted stroke 
3) Drills for some original ways to practice and get repetition.

YouTube Tennis Alternatives
YouTube has a lot of free content but their creators' quality advice can be very scattered. YouTube allows anyone in the world to claim they can teach you tennis, even if they themselves have never played at the tour level.

It doesn't mean the content is bad, but sometimes the explanations and view the watcher sees are actually not explained in full. Sometimes steps are skipped without the best viewing angles. Other times, they gloss over or oversimplified topics so it fits into a video.

There are some notable exceptions to show you one stroke really well - for example, Tour-level forehand (Rick Macci), just look at those basic videos first.

When you understand the basics of tennis and are ready for something more modern and demonstrated by a 2020 pro then look at TopCourt.

The brand new beginner who starts TopCourt should not expect to improve right away.
Purposeful practice on the court is needed. For every 1 hour of video, I prescribe players to commit to 2-3 hours of practice time for maximum results. If you have the drive, these videos can be a great way to quickly enhance your game without a personal coach. Watch, learn, do - repeat.

With a no-risk free 14-day trial - why not see if video instruction can inspire your tennis game?

Compare TopCourt to other Online Tennis Videos

*NEW* See our direct comparison of TopCourt vs TheSkills vs YouTube or one of the many other online programs. With so many options out there, we want to do the research for you before you invest your money and time in the best product for your style of learning.

During this covid-19 lockdown in the winter, we need to find more ways to motivate ourselves and practice the right habits. Even if it helps you visualize your game or perfect swing better for the Spring, you will be one step closer to bouncing back strong once we all get back on the courts again!

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