2022 TopCourt Review: Tennis World #1's MasterClass

TopCourt offers the golden ticket to Pro Training

  • Hollywood production quality
  • Innovative 4K camera angles
  • Watch each pro step you through their favorite plays
  • Access World's "online campus" of pro-level tennis players and coaches
  • Netflix variety of Tennis players, drills, and documentaries

Iga Swiatek: World's #1 female player 

WTA's World #1 Iga Swiatek is also the 2022 Indian Wells and Miami Open champion. Her videos show how she uses her Kick Serve, tips for dealing with High Bounces, plus Visualization Tips.

TopCourt features dozens of players actively ranked in the Top 50 among the WTA women and ATP men who have earned their gold stripes.

True story: Iga was interviewed on TopCourt only months before winning her first French Open Championship. Discover the hottest rising new stars today before they win their first major.

Every month features new tennis stars, veterans, and coaches teaming up with next-gen talents.

The Denis Shapovalov and Casper Ruud series are live as of June 2022!

You will also get insights and tips from grand slam legends and tennis coaches. Martina Navratilova (best volleys ever; who still winning doubles Slams in her 50s) and Arantxa Sánchez Vicario (former #1 with 14 GS titles) debut later this year.

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Step-by-step instruction with 1-on-1 attention

  • Education: Drills, Exercises, and Instructional episodes all in 4K format.
  • Entertainment: Hottest pro players on both the men's and women's pro tours.
  • Expertise: Tennis concepts guided by the tour-level professional players and coaches.
Hollywood production value sets up an All-Star lineup. Each month we get treated to new videos from more than 56 online tennis stars on the ever-growing talent list. New features include the Andriod/iOS mobile apps, webTV sync, and personalized drill recommendations.

Close-Ups Camera Angles

The unique first-person experience makes TopCourt so different and special. It is unlike any TV camera angle. You literally feel like you're so much on the court that you might get hit by the shots.

We witnessed this during one of their film operations for a special live behind-the-scenes peeks in March (Miami) and October (Indian Wells). The players aim full speed at the rovers and multiple body cameras that are live filming footage on the actual playing surface. The realistic perspectives are unmatched.

Overhead drone footage, courtside camera angles, and personalized commentary from the pro speaking directly to you at home. You feel as if you're the only student taking the private lesson. TopCourt offers the feeling of a personal conversation

Pro players are gathered together, then filmed while being mic'd up for one reason - to show you their inner game and key life experiences that shaped them into who they are today. We're offered the perspective of a "fly on the wall" - allowing home viewers to witness those rare moments.

Each tennis player/coach presents you with a unique set of skills and training regimens. The campus of TopCourt is very diverse and cross-generational.

Get a close-up seat on their tennis court

Watching the Lindsay Davenport documented series is like following a well-choreographed story with each chapter of her career. During her drills, you never feel the pro is holding back or the shots she explains are too imposing to try yourself. The edits are well done with many enhanced cues (such as the mini-court icon at the bottom revealing where the player and each ball bounce are placed).

You get the benefit of all their combined years of experience on tour, which distills differently with each pro's own style and humor in their teaching role. Front and center for every moment.

Chapters are bite-sized for easy key takeaways. You feel motivated to then go out and implement. No need to binge-watch it all in one sitting.

"Amateurs practice until they get it right.
Pros practice until they can't get it wrong."

Tennis is their livelihood. You witness the skills and trade secrets of their craft. Each player has invested years of their life to master their best shots. Learn the shot they want to be best remembered for.

3 reasons why tennis fans want to attend pro sport events

When attending Tennis Majors like the US Open, I value these 3 experiences above all else:

1) Matches - Watching the Big 5th set Grand Slam match live on center court.
2) Practices - Seeing the Tennis Pros prepare with their team from the courtside.
3) Emotions - Real human joy. Sharing the thrill of victory with thousands.

Spector sports have been fundamentally changed. We missed all those special moments of exhibition genius and unscripted, off-camera candid insights outside the stadium.

TopCourt allows touring pros to share their favorite tennis drills and retell treasured moments.

Today's fans prefer to be streaming more

Traditionally, fans huddle in crowded stadiums - longing to train, feel, and hit like our tennis heroes. For the lucky few in the crowd who managed to squeeze into a front seat at the US Open practice, it has not always been comfortable. I remember waiting around P1-P5 all day long patiently in a queue. Rows of heads peek behind a wall of fans for a quick glimpse of one or two favorite stars.

Unfortunately, I felt it was difficult at these noisy events to catch any of the tips thrown around in a drill or understand the coach's subtle advice to their player from a distance. Even when I could hear over the crowd noise and see the action, it would be really nice for once not to risk being suffocated by a giant tennis mob crowding over you*

TopCourt offers intimate proximity to the players, minus the claustrophobic heat and humidity.

$0 payment for the first 14 days, no charge

TopCourt Free Special Offer

Just as with every tennis product that has ever been reviewed on Tennis-Bargains.com, we put our personal money at risk first before we will ever ask our readers to take the dive.

TopCourt will even send you an email notification 2 days in advance of the trial expiration to remind you, in case you are not happy before the 14 days are up.

No obligation if you are not happy at the end of the trial. Full 30-days to cancel.

More players and episodes will be available each month, so stayed tuned as we announce updates.

First, use our TopCourt Free Offer for 14 days to test drive the site.

We have been reviewing online tennis courses for over 10 years. TopCourt kicks it up 2 notches to make it entertaining and inspiring the whole way. It is simply unmatched by the depth of the talent and quality of the footage. With each new pro that signs up, you get more value for your money with unlimited access.

At Tennis-Bargains, we stand by the products we recommend and hold those standards high.

During covid-19, we needed a better way - a safer way - for spectators and fans.
We partnered with TopCourt to share the tennis experience and our love of "being there".
  • Owned by tennis professionals
  • Taught by tour-level players and coaches
  • Designed for avid tennis fans - both adults and juniors

Presence with the Professors of Tennis

"The real teaching by Masters is not with words; it is with Presence."
Don Miguel Ruiz

Watching these MasterClasses, you can read so much more from their body language than from a book. Your education over time is enhanced through constant exposure to perfect techniques.

After hanging around the top ATP/WTA pros on a regular basis long enough, you begin to absorb subtle tennis nuances through observation. It feels like learning through osmosis by way of sheer proximity.

This new form of conveying tennis knowledge is for all of us who have already tried hiring a coach to remind us to bend our knees and watch the ball. TopCourt brings a new approach to connecting with professionals who can help you reach that next level.

What you can't get on TV or at the US Open

As a tennis coach and photojournalist, I have covered a lot of pro events in my lifetime.
Over the years, I found myself arriving early during qualifier matches or during the early first-round days. The reason was that all the top players are still loose and comfortable. Teams are relaxed and joking around. That's when you learn the most about them.

When revisiting any of the four Grand Slams, if I could only be there for just one hour, I would beeline straight to the practice court of Federer or Nadal. Hanging out off the side of any Indian Wells practice court during a couple changeovers simply feels more relaxed and natural to see the action at eye level.

The TV broadcasts tennis from a much more elevated height. This shows the whole court in one frame but often hides the true sense of the ball's pace, arc, and spin applied by professionals to the ball. Also by spending time studying only the lower body and most notably the movement of the feet among TopCourt players, you can better appreciate the all-important footwork aspect.

TopCourt - is it worth it?

The monthly price is $15/month for the basic membership, paid annually.

For a limited time, try it first with this 14-day trial link - it was created exclusively for our savvy tennis readers. You will also be considered for an autographed tennis ball used in the filming when you sign up.

On Court with TopCourt

In March and October 2021, we took the dive and attended a behind-the-scenes look at the magic that goes into making these high-quality production videos.

The interviews are the most original and authentic looks at the players. It gives them their true voice to express memories and moments.

Having lunch with these young adults, you realize they are not paid as actors. They are genuine human beings who have a passion for the game. They often surprise you with a clever thought or joke they want to share. Hearing how they think about tennis can transform how you play your game.

For 50 cents per day, fans get full access to 50+ tennis professionals. No need to pay for gas or court fees to see these pros. Train the mind before working the body.

TopCourt is still only $15 per month.
Typical private tennis lessons cost around $50-85 per hour.

Definitely, a very good value, considering you get a year's worth of unlimited access anytime and anywhere. I see it as a perfect complement to live instruction during covid as inspirational as a lecture at a good college.

One inspiring story was shared by teenagers (Iga Swiatek and Leylah Fernandez) about reaching their first grand slam a few months after filming. Their words could inspire a young child to work hard at tennis. Hearing someone accomplish this incredible feat can spark priceless motivation for what is possible.

If you are a fan or student of the game, you will definitely learn something new. YouTube does not have this level of detail. The subscription is a better souvenir for lasting memories than anything that can be purchased at a tennis gift shop.

TopCourt's annual subscription costs less than a 4-pack of private lessons

One year costs less than a few private tennis lessons (plus no expensive gas for the commute or price inflation). The average price to hire just one certified teaching professional can usually cost $45-$65/hour.

TopCourt gives you 56+ professionals in the current lineup. With each new video, you get an even bigger campus of instructors. Added value per dollar each month as TopCourt grows larger.

Go beyond traditional tips: "Watch the ball, and bend your knees"
Are you getting tired of attending those repetitive, old-fashioned tennis lessons?

As a USPTA coach, I will provide my own honest opinion about private tennis lessons. Given in ideal conditions, you can cover just the forehand OR serve in just 3-4 hours. If I'm coaching a talented athlete, we are both happy and that's a great success. But realistically that is pushing expectations.

Optimistically, you can expect to tweak a few fixes for your shots and get 1-2 takeaways you will remember. That's if you find a tennis coach who is relatable AND you go home to practice what they taught. Video coaching is much different - here are tips for getting the most out of TopCourt e-learning.

Purposeful practice is what improves your game.

For each video clip, I prescribe students to commit 2-3 hours of practice for better results.
It's as easy as 1-2-3. Watch, learn, and practice.
Go at your own pace!  Then remember to repeat exercises weekly to improve.

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