2021 USTA Membership Promo Code for Half Off

USTA Membership Promo Code for 2021

USTA Membership 2021 Discount Promo Code - subscribe today!

 New policy changes for USTA Memberships in 2021

  • Junior Memberships are now free
  • Family Memberships no longer valid - individuals must now purchase their own
  • Adult Members are $44/year and Seniors (70+) are $42/year (1/2 off promo code below)
  • All New Memberships are now 1 year only; existing 3-year and 5-year plans will be honored
  • Lifetime Members are grandfathered - congratulations if you have one!
For everyone who was a previous member, there is a renewal code to get $22 off the USTA membership.

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We are slowly growing back the sport of tennis and having fans come back again.

We will also post on our Community Page for subscribers. Leagues and tournaments in your area will be returning slowly and very soon we hope. Stay safe, keep social distance, play tennis!

Please share, like, and invite back your tennis friends, teammates, and leagues.
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