How many days to spend at the US Open?

Planning ahead for your US Open Tennis Trip

The 2022 US Open Entry List has officially been posted!
See the Men's Singles and Women's Singles lists from the US Open webpage.

Although Novak Djokovic (Serbia) is technically listed as ranked #7 on the entry list, his participation is unlikely due to the current US entry regulations.

In January, he was deported from Australia on the eve of his Australian Open run for being unvaccinated.

2022's Most Popular Weekend 1-Day Sessions

Best 2-day combos for US Open Tennis?

Spending more time in NYC will let you enjoy more tennis! Give yourself at least 1-2 days in the city.
  • Fans favorites:
    3rd Round - Friday 9/2 (plus Saturday 9/3)
     | Comparison to 2021

  • Alternative option: try the 4th Round (Round of 16) - Sunday 9/4 and Monday 9/5 (Labor Day)
    This combination works well if matches are rained out the prior day. We get what is called "Manic Monday" when weekend matches pile up. The next day fans get treated to more tennis than usual.

How to see the most (seeded) players in 2 days?

  • Wed 8/31 and Thurs 9/1 have the most action on the outside courts
  • Top-seeded players start playing in the 2nd Round, receiving their 1st Round Bye

Most Popular Night Sessions at the US Open - for night owls

Pros and Cons:
  • For the city that never sleeps - entry to the grounds starts at 6pm. Allows you to roam outside courts.
  • Ensure you see the top players by adding one or two evening session tickets

  • This allows you to free up your day and enjoy the city indoors during the hot afternoon.
  • The temperatures are much better after the sun sets. But be sure to bring a jacket or extra layer.

  • Crowds usually dwindle by midnight. Sometimes, the exiting fans at Ashe may be generous and gift their seat ticket to eager fans for the chance to sit much closer to the front.

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