US Open: 3 fastest ways to arrive from NYC Hotels

3 "Express" Hotels to go by foot, subway, or train

I've been going to the US Open regularly and NYC for over 35 years! With input from my family in Queens plus tennis friends in NYC, here's our short list of hotels. You can cruise car-less on your next US Open visit.

US Open travelers will stay near the US Open, Downtown NYC, or a hybrid option.

If you are there in August, you may see us there during Fan Week! Welcome back to NYC 2022.
Tune into the NBC Today Show on Aug 25 as we join TopCourt special guests at 30 Rock.

1) Go by foot: stay nearby LGA or Flushing

Spending most of your time at the Open? You might want to be able to walk there and back. Very useful last year in 2021 when the subways were flooded! Or when there's a Mets game playing.
  • Allows you to get some rest at the hotel during the middle of the day
  • Use the "Show on Map" button at the top right.
  • Plot a path on Google Maps to ensure it's less than a 1-mile walk
  • Ideally, look for one that is near one of the bridges or a metro stop on the 7 train line
  • Nearby hotels ranked by user ratings

Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel

Option: Flushing, NY (Chinatown) is just one "7 train" stop away.
  • Opt to walk there along Roosevelt Ave
  • Saves parking fees and time at the game
  • Use Bonvoy points or your free night voucher!
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2) Going by Train: Penn Station and the LIRR

Hampton Inn near Empire State Building
If you're planning to do more activities in the city and only plan to go to the US Open once or twice, it might be better to explore hotel options near downtown Manhattan.

Going from Downtown to Flushing Meadows?
Taking the LIRR at Penn Station is about $10 and 20 minutes with very comfortable seats and only 1 stop.

Tip: keep your train ticket out so the conductor can punch the card. A nice souvenir from the journey!

NYC Sights
I would spend at least 2 days visiting this amazing city for the first time in NYC. You'll do a lot of walking - so wear comfortable shoes and buy a metro card!

Broadway Week: 2-for-1 Tickets

Broadway shows are a top NYC attraction.
Staying near Penn Station puts you very close to the action and near subways. Just remember to book those Hamilton tickets way in advance!

Broadway week starts September 6 - 25.
This event happens twice a year and offers 2-for-1 tickets. Book online using promo code "BWAYWK"

Need a tour? Must-see stops include Times Square, the Empire State building, seeing galleries at the MET, and walking above the High Line district.
Pay what you want Walking tours are another very popular option!

Just be aware that many downtown rooms might be much smaller and/or more expensive than normal. After all, you're in the town that never sleeps! But this might be a positive.
To stay somewhere a bit calmer than downtown and a bit nicer than Flushing, there is a little secret area called "Long Island City" (or LIC) - not to be confused with Long Island. It puts you between the two areas of interest while keeping prices manageable.
LIC Hotel - Skyline Deck View

For 2022, we opt to stay nearby LIC on Roosevelt Island, where we'll share some spectacular city views. It sits right across the river from Manhattan yet has a few train stops in the area. It takes just a few stops to reach the city.

Express Train - 7X Purple Train (3 stops to the Open)
If you plan to watch any night matches at the Open, look for the 7X. As in "X for the express train."

US Open Evening Match?
Get from LIC within 3-5 stops during the weekday evening rush hour commute between 3pm - 9pm.

Express Trains have a Diamond #7 symbol
Local Trains Stops have a Circle symbol.

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