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US Open: How to save on US Open Tickets, Meals, Souvenirs (Part 2 of 3)

How to avoid overpriced items at the US Open

I know that each time I come back to the US Open, it seems like EVERYTHING is more expensive*

A: How to Save on Tennis Tickets, Meals, Souvenirs

As full disclosure for my personal opinion and review, I do not get paid a DIME by USTA nor the US Open to write my reviews. Big sporting events like to price-gouge unsuspecting tourists, so read this first before spending money at the US Open.

Read US Open Preview: new stadium layout and Ashe roof. Our first-hand accounts of the US Open and new things to check out (Part 1 of 3)

I am just like you, an annual ticket member and paying patron fan that buys US Open and US Open Shop products every year. We literally pay their USTA and US Open salary but sometimes we the fans get treated like unwelcome guests?!

US Open Guest Services will rob you - yes, literally rob you
US Open will rob you blind if you let them...

"Robin Hood of Tennis" - Tennis-Bargains
Maybe it is because I take pride in helping you all save money on US Open tickets and get more value from them. It seems that USTA and particularly the Media Credential staff are particular prejudice toward anyone who may cut into their corporate bottom line.

Ticket Upsell if you buy at the box office
From personal experience, I was once a Mini-Plan holder. Now, every year they even try to charge me too much for US Open ticket plans every year if I ever want to renew - NO THANKS and please stop calling! Used car salesman tactics don't work with me.

The box office and ticket booth staff are offering the exact same deals as online. Nothing special there - I found out you cannot even get Loge seats the first year you buy a FULL Plan!

Instead on TicketExchange you can get those same qualities Loge seats instantly. Example: I just found one $150 Loge Ticket for Labor Day (Row B!) on 9/1/16. Let the other ticket subscribers make the mistake, not you. Learn from us.

Check prices FIRST at TicketExchange for last minute deals!

Sold by Fans to Fans.  Cut out the Box Office...
the ticket counter and sales reps there are not your friends when they try to sell you the worst seats at the highest prices. Don't let them get away with it!

Compared to them who offer no useful tips/info about where to sit, and they get paid a salary to rip fans off?? No thanks.

US Open Economics: Tickets and Tourism

How to Save Money on Food and Beverages at US Open

Ummm - don't buy inside unless desperate or need to lighten your wallet?

Drink Prices: $3.50 for water to $12 beer.
Tip: You're allowed to bring factory-sealed beverages in (or just an empty plastic clear water bottle to refill at one of the many fountains near the restrooms).

Food and Beverages are wayyyy over-priced - eat outside instead!

Restaurant chains galore

Friendly Fan Tip:
Subscribe to Tennis Bargains Tips

$17+ Crepes this year! Wow, and it's Not even a full meal.
I saw Many ball kids are getting pizza from Neapolitan. So maybe that's an ok try?

Typical US Open Food and Prices! I got an over-priced and under-cooked chicken*
Tip: Save $5.50, Bring in a sealed plastic bottle (Water or Gatorade)

Instead, I recommend going just outside the East Gates.
$9 for a whole meal! Great Eats! Much cheaper*
Check out the tennis practice courts
while enjoying your Wings!

US Open Souvenirs - Buy online right AFTER the US Open.  50%+ Off*

I know, I's tempting, right? I need to buy something for my friend/family member back home. Hint: don't buy the junk and the hype. Unless it's really quality stuff, you can get it much cheaper online. Plus you have to lug it around everywhere.

Better yet, just wait a little bit after the US Open is over and they sell the clothes/hats/etc at pennies to the dollar...50%+ off every year.

If you have to shop, and rather not carry all of it around. Get it at with promo code USTAM344 to save $15 off $50.

Yeah it used to be a straight $15 OFF but USTA is greedy like that after I started ordering towels for $5 net :-P Probably if I didn't share the code as a referral, I could have kept using it.

Oh well, better to give than to receive :)

Compare 4 US Open tickets: Ashe, Grounds Pass, Armstrong, Grandstand

US Open Tickets - Direct Ticketmaster Links

  • Arthur Ashe #1
  • Armstrong #2
  • Grandstand #3

  • Grounds Passes

  • Prices fluctuate on the resale market daily.
  • Look for price arbitrage to get the best deal and watch the match you want.

  • Use the daily "Schedule of Play" guide to decide what matches you want to see.
  • Before buying last-minute tickets, you should check these 4 links first.
  • If you're not picky, you can choose the cheapest option and just roam.

1) Arthur Ashe Stadium Tickets

Why are Ashe tickets the best tickets in general?
Short Answer: Most flexible option. Full Access to all courts.

Unless there is a specific player and match you want to attend, then the Arthur Ashe tickets are the safest all-around bet when buying well in advance.

US Open Tickets with prices updated daily

Ashe is typically slightly more expensive to buy than Grounds Passes (except in 2022 for the upper promenade areas there are some $60 options). Yet it grants you a reserved seat (very useful if it rains) and still allows you into every stadium. To me, any Ashe ticket is worth at least $10 more than a general Grounds Pass.

The strategy is to roam anywhere, knowing you have your own seat reserved in Ashe when you want to see your favorite star player play.

The top-seeded players that are fan favorites will almost always play there exclusively and often at night.

Free US Open Tips and promo codes for new fans

The trick is if you decide to get the cheapest Arthur Ashe tickets up in the upper promenade, you DON'T have to stay all day in the nosebleeds section!  Instead, I recommend getting up and checking out the US Open campus outside!

Free US Open Campus Tour Map
Walking around the outside courts first and definitely go inside Armstrong, Grandstand, and Court 17. At least one of them has an exciting match. Another idea is figuring out which match looks like it will be going into a 5th set and then going there for the finish.

Look around at some of the highlights below if you get bored, and you can always come back to Ashe later!

This is basically a free-for-all ticket that gets you in the door - great for roaming around.

You can tour all other stadiums and over 20 outside courts except Ashe. Sometimes if Ashe is sold out, this is the next best option and generally is a little bit less expensive. Grounds Passes are a great way to go on Labor Day weekend or just to check out the US Open for the first time.
Be closer to the action in a more cozy space, and avoid the large crowds.

Years before Ashe was built, Armstrong was the main stadium. After the latest update in 2018, this stadium offers much better ventilation and shade for a large portion of the upper sections.

Buying an Armstrong ticket gives you a reserved seat up close and is a good alternative option when you rather have a more intimate view of the players in a slightly smaller setting. Also works if the date you want to go is sold out completely (Labor Day weekend).

What is NOT included? It lets you watch any matches except those inside Arthur Ashe.

Armstrong usually features at least 2-3 great matches (top 20 players). Plus, you will be much closer to the excitement without costing over $150. If you want the same seat quality in Ashe, it will cost >$500.

It also lets you hop over to the Grandstand (3rd court) right next door to get some shade and grab a bite to eat at the mini-food court between the two.

4) Grandstand aka "The Bull Ring" ($85+)

If prices are reasonable and you can find a good seat, I would consider the West side tickets or along the baseline at the Grandstand. Some amazing popcorn matches have happened here over the Labor Day Weekend in years past. Any seats in Rows A thru G for sections 1 thru 12 would be a good value.

Bonus Tip - Be First in Line
For almost all the smaller courts, they offer a "first-come, first-serve" system.  This means if you get in line early (gates open at 11AM. The EAST gate is the least crowded out of them), you can move quickly and get Front Row seats!

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