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Topspin Cyber Flash vs CyberBlue Review

Topspin Cyber Flash - String of the Year! (See Review)

Topspin CyberFlash 17 user ratings (from 154 reviews on

Tennis-Bargains Tip:
After you try it and want more, consider getting the 726' Cyber Flash Reel to save more money

Tennis Cost Savings: why buy Tennis Strings in a Reel

One String Package = 40 ft of string, typically enough for 1 racket set ($7.49/set)
One Reel Package = 720 ft, which about 18 sets of $75/reel is just ($4.16/set!)

Topspin Cyber Blue - Solid Control / Feel Tennis String

New research on the science behind "Super Spin" in new Co-poly Strings (such as Cyber Flash)

In this article by the Atlantic Magazine, author Josh Speckman explains the physics behind Rafael Nadal's incredible spin potential and how technology has taken modern tennis to a completely different dimension today.

Check out this video about the Science of Spin in Tennis (with footage taken from the ITF).

There is also an excellent video that shows this "snap back" effect of polyester strings. "Co-polyester" strings such as the acclaimed Cyber Flash and Cyber Blue strings are merely poly strings coated with special lubricants that allow the string to slip and slide back into place after contact. They propel the ball with a recoiling snap effect while maintaining the durable characteristics of polyester.

In the video, skip forward to 5:30 for a super-slow mo clip: The New Physics of Tennis: Unlocking the mysteries of Rafael Nadal’s killer topspin (Thanks to Chris for forwarding this to me!)

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