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Review of the Top DC Indoor Tennis Clubs - Haines Point

East Potomac Tennis Club (EPTC) - Haines Point, DC

East Potomac Tennis Center - Washington DC Location (1st exit off I-395N): Map and Info

  • 4 Indoor courts under bubble = Good
  • 9 outdoor hard courts - Very Good
  • Har Tru Clay courts - Below Average
East Potomac Tennis Club
1st Annual Club Championship

Men's Open Singles (Winner and Finalist)

Facility = B+
Stays fairly warm inside the bubble which has a sealed revolving door to get in. Even though this place has been around for a while, it is still in a very popular, centralized location near the border of VA/DC.

With some of the felt and dust accumulating inside, it could use a good vacuum!

There is usually enough parking outside but it is a short walk/run from the parking lot to get inside. If there is an event happening, you may have to find street parking.

2016 Update:
Brand new 9 hard door courts resurfaced! Blue and solid bounce (no cracks). The clay courts are still dusty deserts though, but barring that, this is a GREAT place to play.

The 1st Annual Club Championship was held here over 9/10/16-9/11/16. I was Men's Singles Champion against a tough opponent.

Staff = A

I've had a couple group lessons here before and the pros are not bad, although it can be on the expensive side if you want private lessons from them ($70/hr).  Here is a list of their lessons offerings and price list but if you can organize a small group, they usually have discounts. It's $30/hr for drop-in lessons.

I'd recommend Scott for any kids tennis. He's a very mellow guy and was the former director over at Hilton Head, SC. He has a great sense of tennis history and event management.

Cost = B

Update: The prices have gone up from popularity* Now they hover around $40 per hour (peak and non-peak). About average for the DC area. However, you do NOT need to join a membership program. Therefore, for the infrequent player, this makes for a great choice.

Availability = C

It can be hard to reserve your own court time as this place can be quite busy in the winter. But usually, if you call a week ahead, during a non-booked slot, you can usually get in.

Just remember that you have to pre-pay over the phone if you are not a member, so make sure you and your partner coordinate ahead of time and have a credit card ready. Still no online booking yet!

Overall = B
If you live close to Haines Point and can book ahead of time, this place is a great bargain!

How we rate DC's Tennis Facilities and Clubs

A lot of people have been asking about good deals for indoor tennis courts, and as promised, I will begin writing reviews of local clubs as a "tennis critic".For starters, here is a good listing of tennis clubs with indoor facilities in the DC metro area (VA/MD/DC).

Please note, I will only review the DC indoor tennis clubs that I have personally attended and can provide my assessment of the following categories on a scale from [A] excellent to [E] fail.

I've compiled some more tips on playing Indoor Tennis this winter. Subscribe below for more info and updates!

For my calculations, I will estimate that the average tennis player will want to play once every week during the winter and will bring 1 friend (guest) to split the costs. I'll let you know if their membership is worth it for frequent players (2-3 times/week in the winter).

1) Facility - How are the courts? How is the lighting? Is everything clean, well maintained?
2) Staff - How experienced are the average pros teaching there? Are the staff friendly toward you and new non-member guests?
3) Cost - How inexpensive is it to get a membership and court time to play?  (1 = $50/hr/person to 5 = $10/hr/person)
4) Availability - Can you get the court you want when you want it? (1 = Call in a week ahead, 5 = Almost always a court available)
5) Overall - Considering all factors, would you join/play here if you lived close by or go somewhere else?

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