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Miami Open 2021 - the Ghosted tennis event

Miami Open 2021

In order to find out the truth, I had to go there myself.
What I discovered was both shocking and disappointing.

In order for real tennis to resume, fans must be at the center.
Not the tournament, not the prize money, not the sponsors. The Fans. They are #1.

“If you see fraud and do not say fraud, you are a fraud.”
- Nassim Nicholas Taleb
March 22, 2021
After many withdrawals following the Top 3, the Miami Open tournament decided to continue to run. However, on its main page, we found very little information about venue updates.

Contacting the IMG staff members and emailing for feedback multiple times resulted in almost no useable information. This is after having booked travel plans and tickets to the event.

Unplanned Surprises with Miami Open Tickets
A week prior, I had personally purchased a group of (5) pre-sale tickets for the Grandstand (the largest match court). The center court stadium was closed off due to covid-19 restrictions. However, I took a chance and wanted to give my fans a preview of the condition of Tennis Tournaments.
Even the practice courts were partitioned off at least 20 feet away around the court barriers.

After all the player dropouts, almost nobody wanted to go. Luckily, I was able to transfer a pair of tickets to a couple of tennis fans. Then hours before matches began, I was able to sell my remaining two tickets I could not use online. At least it was not a complete waste.

Days prior, the Miami Beach scene was chaotic and forced a curfew in the city. Spring breakers flooded the airports and beaches. The news of after-dark chaos was everywhere.

Miami Hard Rock Stadium - Ghost Town
Below are some of the photos taken that show the eerily empty and largely fan-less campus during the middle of the day.

With none of the usual fan electricity - friends cheering, kids laughing, patrons shopping and eating - the whole event felt like an expensive, giant birthday party where all the guests RSVP'd no.

Miami Open 2018: Tennis Tips and Discount Tickets

Federer returns in 2018 to defend Miami title!
Enjoy sunny South Florida and the Top 100 players in the world.

Last minute re-sell Tickets that can be cheaper for Stadium Seats!
Look forward to great tennis at the end of the month if you're on the East Coast!

Next year, there is a plan to move this event to the Miami Dolphins stadium. So if you've wanted to watch this even at its original Key Biscayne location, this might be your last chance!

Ticket Calendar: Miami Open - Tennis Masters 1000 Event Ticket Calendar

March 19-31, 2018
You have a chance to see almost all the top 100 tennis players (for both the men's and women's field) all there in one place. In the past, this was known as the Sony Ericsson Open. Think of it as a mini-grand slam over 2 weeks (late March into early April). See all the best tennis players up close in both the practice courts and matches.

Miami Open Grandstand Tickets

Value Tip:
If you will be going during the first week (March 19-25), you are better off buying what is called a "Grandstand Ticket".

It essentially gets you into every court except the Main Stadium. I know what you are saying...but I really, really want to watch Federer and he is only playing at the stadium. Ok, but chances are that the match will be against a much weaker opponent and will end in an unspectacular 6-2, 6-1 score in under an hour.

If you want the best value, instead just get on the practice courts (especially before his match) and see Federer much closer up there. Then check out all the other court matches and upcoming stars on the outside courts.

"Verified Resell" = Hidden Deals:
Go to the Ticket Map, zoom in on the seats and look for the "Verified Re-sell Tickets" shown in little purple circles (instead of the blue).

These seats were owned by fans who cannot attend and are now trying to resell them on the market. If you're lucky and patient, you can find deals for these seats the night before or even a few hours before the event opening time (usually 11AM) when the tickets get frozen. Fans do not want to lose their money so they may sell their seats under retail price here!

Miami Open Attendance Tips for 1st-time viewers:

Bring a MasterCard credit card (sponsors of the event) with you, so that you can go use the "early access" side lane. It gets you in the gates earlier at 9:30AM at this entrance before the big crowds.

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