Miami Open: Tennis Tips and Tickets

Miami Open: Masters 1000 Tennis Event in Miami, FL
Top Men and Women Tennis Pros return to FL
every year for 2 weeks in Late March...
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Last Minute Ticket Deals and Auction Prices for the Miami Open are still available!
Look forward to great tennis at the end of the month if you're on the East Coast!

This is a men's and women's combined event with almost all the top 50 players there. In the past, this was known as the Sony Ericsson Open. Think of it as a mini-grand slam over 2 weeks (late March into early April). See all the best tennis players up close in both the practice courts and matches.

Miami Open Tickets

Updated Tips for 1st time viewers:

Bring a MasterCard with you to use the "early access" side lane. It gets you in the gates earlier at 9:30AM before the big crowds.

USTA Discount Code - 20% OFF: USTA16 (Valid March 24, Day and Night Sessions)

Afternoon Heat
Between 2PM to 5PM is usually very hot and humid in Miami. Recommend going into the souvenir shops for some shade and A/C. Also the TV viewing area near the avenue leading to the Grandstand has some nice shade under the trees.

Daily Doubles
A good deal if you plan to see both the Day and Evening sessions of a particular date. But if you are there early in the morning, usually the DAY session is all you need to buy to watch 80% of the matches the first week and weekend.

Best matches are probably going to be for the 4th round and Semi's on 3/31 and 4/1.

Travel Tips:

If you're in the Florida area or thinking of a winter get-away, this is a great location to go.

We recommend flying into Fort Lauderdale (FLL) instead of Miami (MIA) airport as it is only about 30 mins drive away and much less busy.

The General Admissions lot is $15 from near the Seaquarium, with a shuttle bus that takes you another mile to the site. The closer lot is $30, that does not require a shuttle.

A quick trip to the Miami Seaquarium?
Save 20% with the promo code: FINISH

Traffic in Miami can be pretty bad around Miami Beach as several music festivals (including ULTRA / EDM) are all going on at once!

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