US Open Hotels and Things to do in NYC

The American Express card is great for tennis fans who want a nice place to stay near the US Open in NYC.

In past years, it gives access to free pedicab rides from the 7 Train to the US Open Entrance. Plus there are new freebies each year when you flash your Amex card like the US Open ear radio to hear the live commentary.

Hotel in Flushing close to the US Open

Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel
  • This hotel is in Flushing, NY (Chinatown); just one "7 train" stop away
  • You can alternatively walk along Roosevelt Ave
  • Saves you time and parking fees at the stadium.
  • I have used it several times there in rooms that normally cost $300-$400/night.
Hotel window view - you can actually see the Unisphere of Flushing Meadows outside!

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  • Check out "How to enjoy the US Open" - Tips for the first-time US Open fan.
  • Remember to bring your Amex Card with you when you go to the US Open for annual freebies!

3+ Star Hotels nearest Arthur Ashe Stadium

Sheraton Laguardia East (Suite) - New York, USA
  • Ideally, look for one that is near a metro stop on the 7 train line
  • Allows you to get some rest at the hotel during the middle of the day
  • Use the "Show on Map" button at the top right.
If you plan on spending most of your time at the Open, then you might want to be able to walk there and back. Very useful in 2021 when the subway was flooded! Or if trains get backed up on nights when there's a Mets game playing. Ranked by user review ratings and offer at least 3-star quality.

Staying in NYC near Penn Station and the LIRR

If you're planning to do more activities in the city and only plan to go to the US Open once or twice, it might be better to explore options in downtown Manhattan. NYC has a lot of great areas to explore, so if it's your first time, I would dedicate at least 2 days to the city.

The fastest way to get to the US Open is via the LIRR from Penn Station for about $10 and takes 20 minutes with only 1 stop in between. Note that your room is likely to be much smaller and/or expensive.

Transportation Tips from your hotel

  • Many of these LaGuardia hotels offer a free shuttle bus
  • Alternatively, take the #7 Train to the "Mets-Willet Point" station.
  • Save your legs! You'll still need to walk half a mile to the US Open main stadium. 

Visiting Manhattan NYC after dark

If you want to go into Manhattan after the games at night - just take the LIRR train all the way to Penn Station in Manhattan. The much slower way is the 7 train (no transfers required, just $2 each way!). Fare Tip: Put $8 or more on your Metro card and receive a 15% bonus!

  • Catch a popular Broadway Show in NYC - Just be sure to buy online tickets before they get sold out! It is very difficult to roam up and down Broadway at the last me, I've tried to get tickets for Wicked, and it was way over-priced at the box office!

  • Food: Just outside of the US Open are many food trucks lining up.
  • It is at the bottom of the ramp that comes down from the Subway and LIRR.

More Tips for US Open Fans

Check out my other tips for scoring freebies and discounts at the US Open.

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