Doubles Tennis Training Course

For the Doubles Players out there, here's a great easy to understand online tennis course called "Doubles Domination".  This program is conducted by Ian Westermann, a certified USPTA pro and hosts the #1 Tennis podcast on iTunes. Check out his free weekly podcast!

Update: Course has been Sold Out completely - Offer has expired!

Video Course
If you enjoy his instructional podcasts, you'll want to try his full video course
Tip: skip forward in his video to get past all the sales fluff...he's a great tennis instructor but needs to try not to stand in front and cover his own sign =)

Doubles Tennis Topics
Here are the specific chapters that this course covers - remember it is mostly geared toward doubles players but still go info for singles players.  I have not signed up for this course yet, but I have read his eBook and listened to his audiobooks, and they are really excellent. If nothing else, check out his free audio podcast.
  • “Doubles for Singles Players”: Transition from singles to doubles as quickly and painlessly as possible!
  • “How to Play 1-Up, 1-Back”: If you’re going to use this formation at least do it RIGHT!
  • “Player Responsibilities”: Never be unsure of your role on the court again
  • “How to Practice”: Stop wasting your time on the practice court!
  • “Going it Alone”: Learn how to make up for your slow or tentative partner!
  • “Dominate Lobs”: Crush “Lob-o-phobia” once and for all!
  • “Dominate Every Formation”: Know what to do no matter what your opponents throw at you!
  • “Serve/Volley and Return/Volley:” Close in confidently!
  • “4.0 Set Play Analysis”: Learn what mistakes rec players make over and over!
  • “5.0 Set Play Analysis”: What makes these guys better than you?
If you decide to sign up for this class, feel free to leave your comments below!  Will at really like his stuff and so do I.  Ian W. does a great job in explaining tennis concepts without making it complicated at all.

Full Money Back Guarantee
...One thing that is great about this course though, is that Ian offers a full 60-day money back guarantee. So in case you try it out and do not like it for any reason at all, just simply request a refund and you will receive it in full!  Tennis-Bargains Recommended.

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