PracticeHit: Practice Tennis Indoors in the Winter

Tennis-Bargains PracticeHit Review
We were surprised by this simple yet effective tennis stroke trainer that works like a pendulum. The bands at the bottom can be adjusted to effect that the rubber ball's forward and backward pitch. Every time you hit the practice ball, it will snap back ready to be hit again.


  • It comes in a standard 32" shaft size that is the perfect size for kids or adults with a lower strike zone.
  • To Adjust Height: consider putting the base on some cinder bricks to make it a bit taller.
  • Also, we recommend filling the base with sand (instead of water) so that it does not move.

  • Great for beginners to develop rhythm on their swing
  • Lots of repetition in a short amount of time
  • Works on developing strike zone slightly in front
  • Allows players to practice moving your feet to the ball as you set up to hit
  • Durability is good for only about 1-2 years of regular use
  • May not be useful for more advanced playersay see that the ball holder may start to break apart or the shaft itself will deteriorate from heavy hitting
  • Necessary to invest in a few replacement parts

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