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6 tips for playing indoor tennis on a budget!

"Baby, it's cold outside..."
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Indoor Tennis Anyone?

Winter approaches! This is the time to start thinking "Indoor Tennis" for all of you on the East Coast. When it gets below 40 and so dark after work you just want to go home and take a nap...

Below are some of the best options to ward off the tennis blues and tips for playing tennis indoors.

Even with gloves and a parka, it's still good to have options when it's windy and cold outside!

6 Tips to "Save Money and Play More Tennis" this winter!

1) Weekend Tennis Party and Socials
If you just play once a week, you can join a local weekly "tennis party" that typically charges about $20-$30 so you can play all night of doubles (7-11pm).  Usually held on Fri/Sat nights at many local clubs, they are popularly known as "pizza tennis parties".

More promo codes are updated regularly on our Facebook Tennis Coupons Page!

Pros: They usually have some light snacks or a pot-luck style party on Fri or Sat night.  It's a mixer with typically 30-60 people of various skill levels.  We match people up accordingly and rotate the doubles teams and provide the new tennis balls. Meet new people and get a chance to get on the courts, even if it's just once a week max.

Cons: The downside is that you might be matched with players at the wrong playing level if they do not rate and group them properly. Be sure to tell the organizer well ahead of time your playing experience.

2) Discount Memberships 2 for 1 and no enrollment fees
Alright, you're probably thinking...hmm, aren't private clubs and memberships really expensive?  Usually, but not may be able to find monthly rates at some places.  Also look for promos that waive the enrollment fee (usually $100+ savings).

3) Request an extra "Guest Pass" when signing up with an existing member
If you want to play regularly over the winter without the membership dues (which at gyms are around ~$150/month avg), I'd recommend you to find a buddy who belongs to a local indoor club and then you can just pay a "guest fee" - typically $10 or $20.

Sometimes if you sign up together they can give you a discount as well, but be sure to ask.  But typically it will be cheaper if just one person has a membership and the other people pay guest fees for occasional usage.

4) Book a regular (non-peak) time-slot
If you can gather a group of 4 friends together and just have one person be the designated club member and the others pay the guest fee, this may be a good option at a lower price than booking ad-hoc. It helps if each week, you all can play tennis at the same hour (very early or late). *The hard part is finding a last-minute substitute, if one person cannot make it.

Tennis-Bargains Tip:
Here is a free 7-day online pass for Sport and Health clubs in the VA/DC/MD area. Please reference, if you are asked how you found out about the deal.

I can only give you my personal option on the court quality vs price of most of the indoor clubs in the VA/DC/MD area that I have visited.  But I'll post some of my reviews of court quality, staff experience, parking benefits in another blog post.

US Open Tickets - How to get "sold out" tickets + 5% Off

US Open Articles and Tips

American Express Perks

Hotel Rooms close to the US Open (Flushing, NY - Chinatown)

Tips for watching the US Open - my Tennis Travel Blog

How to watch Federer, Nadal, Djokovic for FREE - plus a New Court 17

US Open - Upcoming Special Ticket Sale Dates

May 24 – USTA Member Sale
May 31 – American Express Members Early Sale (code required)
June 6 – Tickets go on sale to the general public

Q: I'm not a USTA Member - How do I get tickets now?

According to "Individual Tickets for the 2016 US Open are on sale June 2016."

Q: I don't want to wait until June! What can I do??

Buy tickets from another fan (season ticket holders)!
US Open Tickets available for purchase today!

Because if you prefer not to wait around another couple months to scramble for tickets again. Also remember if you wait until June, then everyone will be lining up to buy them too, not just USTA members...there is another, better way...

TicketExchange by Ticketmaster
These are real tickets (held by season ticket holders or other fans). They are sold by fans, to fans, and guaranteed to be genuine by Ticketmaster.  Before you buy, make sure you don't overpay - check ticket prices here first*

The prices will vary depending on the session and quality of the seat choices, but there are almost always some available here.

Plus when you buy from TicketMaster or TicketExchange, you can always put them back on sale again if you decide you need to sell later! The weekend sessions (Fri-Sun) tend to sell out very fast, especially just around Labor Day weekend (9/2-9/5) when everyone comes to NYC! With the schedule below, you can be sure to pick the right session and check ticket prices listed instantly.

2016 US Open Tickets Schedule
2016 US Open Tickets Schedule

US Tennis Congress - Top Teaching Pros all in one place (Atlanta, Oct 11-14)

US Tennis Congress - Train with the Top Coaches in America

What: Learn from the Best Tennis Coaches in the USA in one place
When: Oct 11-14, 2013
Where: Atlanta, GA

* Check out their USA Today story published earlier this week!

* The founder P.J. Simmons, is the creator of the site The Road to 4.5 Tennis which I came across several months ago. I highly recommend it to any tennis player who wants to be the best they can be...

I also believe that with the right training, nutrition and the proper routine *anyone* can play 4.5 level tennis. I have trained under several of these world-class coaches and can personally recommend the quality of their instruction and level of professionalism.

The coaches and speakers at this Tennis Congress have helped me tremendously towards reaching my personal goal of becoming #1 Mid-Atlantic Men's 4.0 Singles (2011-2012)

About USTC:
The idea behind the USTC is simple but new: to give passionate adult recreational players (NTRP level 2.0-5.0+) an inspiring, intensive, in-person opportunity to learn from a world-class faculty about all aspects of training necessary to advance to the next level (technique, movement, strategy, fitness, injury prevention, and mental conditioning)—using both on-court training and innovative and dynamic off-court techniques. What’s most unique is that each US Tennis Congress builds the curriculum around the individual needs of those who take part.

Exclusive Discount Code Discount: Use"JACKYUSTC" when registering

  • $100 off the Aces program
  • $100 off the Slam program
  • $100 off the Grand Slam program

Some useful links if you're gearing up for Playing some USTA Tennis Tournaments soon:

Tennis Industry Show with new tennis tools

Similar to the US Open TIA Tennis Show, we attended back in Aug the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Tysons Corner, a Tennis Show was held for the tennis industry (2/18) here in the Washington DC area.

5th Set Tennis - New Product Demo and Nutrition Trade Show

Yann Auzoux has just announced a 50% off price for his new tennis invention.

At the Tennis show, he was able to offer us a sneak preview of his latest self-invented tennis tool "Sweet Spotter" that he hopes to help tennis players of all skill levels improve their tennis strokes. He is also the star and creator of Prepping Like a Pro, which we featured a few months ago.

Stay tuned, check back with us at and for updates and possibly a sneak preview YouTube video demo of the product when it becomes available.

Olivia Ricchi (Nutrition Strategist), Dan Riser (Physio Guru), and Yann Auzoux (Tennis Pro) have worked together on videos to athletes of all sports keep healthy, get stronger, and play better tennis.

Olivia Ricchi (5th Set's Nutritionist)

Check out their Belt-Weigh challenge for more tips:

Olivia making one of her isAgenix Shakes!
I had the Chocolate one - yummy and top grade Whey Protein! :)

Nette Tennis - Stylish Sports Wear for Women

A lot of female tennis friends and students of mine have complained about this for years. So many tennis skirts and pants just do not have any pockets to hold balls!!

I guess they think it does not look feminine??

The result is that they have to buy a single plastic ball holder or ask their partner to hold the extra balls. The company Nette Tennis has many different compression shorts and clothing for women to store stuff while they are exercising, jogging, playing tennis, etc. Very cool!

Eleven - Venus Williams' Clothing Line + Women's Fashion

Tennis Karma with Zen Tennis Gear
Venus Williams - Eleven Clothing Line - Free Bags!

TrueStretch - juggle gym of stretching for adults

Although not at the Tennis Show - this product seen at TCCP (College Park, MD) makes for a great way to get lots of great stretching poses on one apparatus.

TrueStretch Chart

How to Train in Off-Season like Tennis Pros: Free HD Videos

"Prepping Like a Pro" - A Tennis Athlete's Workout

"If you make me strong, I will win." - Andre Agassi

"Prepping Like a Pro" Video Series

Featuring: Yann Auzoux
Former ATP Pro / Legg Mason Doubles / Former ITF #7

Starring: ESPN Flex Appeal's Dan Riser
Former US Men's Fitness Champion /  ESPN Cast Member / Hollywood Body-Double

We were able to train with Yann and Dan at his Holton Arm's HS tennis courts. We appreciate his invitation to perform some of the exercises live. We were asked not to release the YouTube videos to the public.

Happy Thanksgiving: Our Turkey Warmup and Workout Tips

Gobble Gobble!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey Tennis Fans! Here's a quick Pre-Thanksgiving Tennis workout you can do in your own home or tennis court.

Here are some easy 5-min warm up exercises - to stay in shape before the big meal this Thanksgiving Thursday Or preemptively burn off a couple pounds, get pumped up for all your holiday shopping on Black Friday*

From our Tennis-Bargains Team:
"Stay Fit. Shop Smart. Play Tennis"

"Prepping Like a Pro" Instructors:

  • Dan Riser - Former US Men's Fitness Champion; has appeared regularly on the show Flex Appeal on ESPN 
  • Yann Auzoux - Former Davis Cup Player for Cameroon, ATP Doubles Champion, and Former ITF #7 in the world. 
They have teamed up for this brand new video course together for this "Prepping Like a Pro" Training Course - we're launching it live to the general public very soon this December...

What's Unique about these Training Courses?

Tennis-specific Workout Course designed for *Winter Tennis Players*:
  • Stay in tennis-shape off the court
  • Be fit and ready at the top of your game, when you come back on the tennis courts!
  • Strength, conditioning, speed, endurance drills
  • Training Specifically for Tennis - not just a bunch of random P90X and Cross-Fit workouts mixed together...

    This is exactly what Yann Auzoux himself trains with every week; it's designed for serious tennis players in mind.

Special Tennis-Bargains Bonus Offer

Tennis-Bargains Facebook Fans: get an extra Free Bonus Session:
Here's sneak-peak example, filmed during my workout last weekend with Dan and Yann in this video

This One-Hour Live Training Session will allow Dan to give you personalized, individual feedback on doing these exercises. *Hurry - spaces are very limited*. Offer is only valid, if these remaining spots in these classes are still available.

Tennis Tools for Winter Training

Tennis Tools for Winter Training (updated)

Balance Trainer: Dynamic Balance
Balance is super important in tennis. If you can make small, minor adjustments to your body position - it is extremely hard for your opponent to wrong foot you. Moving laterally with your feet, while swinging forward with your arms is crucially important as it happens continually during a match.

How to Develop Better Balance
I just got this and love this little blue balance trainer! It's basically like an under-inflated cushion that you try to keep your balance on for as long as possible.  The wobbling nature of the tool forces you to keep your core balance stable in order to stand.  You actually use a lot of muscles to counter-act the forces that are tipping you over.

Creative exercises for tennis
It's actually kind of fun to see how long you can keep your body balanced and centered.  After 5-10 mins with the rubber band drill, your legs will be burning. When it's cold outside or you're limited in space, you have to be creative to stay "fit to hit"! Another drill to try is to side-step on a treadmill while simulating a swing motion with your arms (both forehand and backhand). Here are a few other tennis exercises you can do at home.

Agility Ladder: Foot Speed and Quickness

Great for doing indoor footwork drills with limited space. Just lay it out in the basement or living room and it folds away nicely! Just under $25, you can take anywhere with free shipping from Amazon!

Check out some of these great tennis-specific drills on YouTube anyone can do.

SKLZ Ladder:
I highly recommend getting an Agility Ladder that will not snag easily and sturdy enough to last, plus this one even comes with a DVD and carrying bag.

PracticeHit: Master your swing indoors

This little device helps you simulate proper contact and timing on ground strokes, both forehand and backhand.

Easy to use, long term pay-off
Best of all it doesn't take much space and helps you with your balance and coordination tremendously.  In home or gym, all you need is a little corner to put it and just do a few mins a day with it.

You can also build core strength and stability with all these cool workouts you can do with it.

Bosu Ball - Jumping and Split-step exercises

Also featured at - here are some Tips for the Bosu ball too

As a professional tennis instructor, I can feel how much better my balance is now on one foot or when I get stretched out wide.

The Bosu Ball tool does a great job of isolating muscle groups and keeping you "light on your toes". These exercises can be combined with small dumbbells to add to the intensity of squats, etc.

Read more Tennis-Bargain Product Reviews

9/5 and 9/6, Thursday and Friday tickets: 2-for-1 specials

Looking for great deals for Thursday and Friday tickets?

Sometimes the rain we had on Tues and Wed can work out for the best for those people who have tickets for Thursday and Friday sessions.

Remember there are $26 tickets available for both days with our ticketmaster promo codes

Janko Tipsarevic (SRB)[8] vs. David Ferrer (ESP)[4] (9/6 @ 1:30 PM)

The last men's quarter-final will be played NLT 1:30 PM. Also now with Federer out of the draw as of last night, the men's field is wide open! That was a terrific match between Berdych and Federer - who knows, maybe this is the year that Murray will finally win his first major?!

Also on the women's side, many are predicting a Serena vs Sharapova face-off and rematch.

Also, you'll be able to see both Men's and Women's Doubles semi-finals in the next few days.

Remember that the outer courts will have the top juniors all playing during the day so hopefully you'll be able to see some future stars in action too!

Some observations from this year's US Open...

Tennis-Bargains is back from the first week at the US Open 2012 opening weekend!

A few notables US Open 2012 additions and changes we want to highlight for you below. Also, with some US Open insider's guide Part 1 and Part 2 with insights during qualifying week

Court 17 - The "New Grandstand"

Fans Welcome Weekend - Free Close-up Players Practice

  • Got to see Roger Federer, Djokovic, Murray, Ferrer, Raonic, Nalbandian, Tsonga, Del Portro, Tipsarevic, Cilic, Monaco FOR FREE!!
  • Yep, if you came to visit the US Open this past weekend, you got to see practically every male player in the Top 15 from about 20-30 feet away!
  • On the women's side, we were able to see on these courts: Sharapova, Serena Williams, Clisters, Li Na, etc...

Top Food choice this year: Crepes

  • About 3/4 the way down the row of the food court area - these crepes come in different meats (chicken, beef, pork, veggie, etc).
  • Definitely would recommend trying one for about $11 for a relatively healthy yet tasty choice.
  • My favorite, "Le Poulle": The Chicken Crepe ~$11 is one of the best meals on site - good to enjoy when watching a match on the new court 17. Check out this article/review from NY Times.

Thanks to all our fans (both new and old) who are following us!

Top Players Practice *Live Updates* plus photos and videos for Arthur Ashe Day! will be posting up *Player Alerts* on Twitter during this entire first US Open weekend! Whenever we spot a top star practicing on a particular court, you'll be the first to get a front row seat and enjoy!

ATP: Federer, Djokovic, Delpo, Fish, Roddick, Hewitt, etc...
WTA: Sharapova, Williams, Azerenka, Stousur and many more...

This way our fans can instantly get a front row seat to see Federer or Djokovic as soon as they are seen by one of our spotter staff! 

Beat the crowds, and get the practice info first when we release match schedules on Facebook! Plus many more money saving tips!

US Open 2012 - Ticket Prices, Last Minute Deals and Tips

The US Open 2012 is now officially less than 2 weeks away! Some of your may still be looking for tickets. Unfortunately this year, it seems like the WFANDANGO code did not go live (yet...) for those $15 tickets we were all waiting for!

But fear not, there are still ways to get good deals for this year's US Open!

After-market Tickets

The chart below might be helpful if you decide to get a ticket from TicketExchange or Ebay (look for legitimate sellers only) and under $70 for the first week.

Read my tips for buying and selling US Open ticketsI would wait no longer than 3-4 days before your session starts if you need the ticket mailed to you.

US Open Pricing Chart for each session (unofficial)

Below is an unofficial list for prices for all sessions (even with group discounts). It will give you an idea of about how much the fair market value for a particular session should be worth, without fees/shipping.

Unofficial US Open Tickets Pricing (with Group Discount)
 Tournament Dates
Arthur Ashe Price (Upper Promenade)
Grounds Admission Price (Unassigned Seating)
Monday, 8/27 Day
Monday, 8/27 Eve
Tuesday, 8/28 Day
Tuesday, 8/28 Eve
Wednesday, 8/29 Day
Wednesday, 8/29 Eve
Thursday, 8/30 Day
Thursday, 8/30 Eve
Friday, 8/31 Day
 $64 - Sold Out
Friday, 8/31 Eve
Saturday, 9/1 Day
 $69 - Sold Out
 $64 - Sold Out
Saturday, 9/1 Eve
Sunday, 9/2 Day
 $69 - Sold Out
 $64 - Sold Out
Sunday, 9/2 Eve
Monday, 9/3 Day
 $64 - Sold Out
Monday, 9/3 Eve
Tuesday, 9/4 Day
Tuesday, 9/4 Eve
Wednesday, 9/5 Day
Wednesday, 9/5 Eve
Thursday, 9/6 Day
Thursday, 9/6 Eve
Friday, Sept. 7 Day
Saturday, Sept. 8 Day
 $89 - Sold Out
Saturday, Sept. 8 Eve 
Sunday, Sept. 9 Day
 $89 - Sold Out

Free Tennis - Qualifiers Week, Opening Weekend, Arthur Ashe Day

8/21-8/24Watch the Qualification matches played for free during the week

8/25Free to enter grounds and watch players practicing; or $7 Ashe tickets with CBS promo code

8/26Open practice day; free to enter and watch the pros practice

If any more last minute promos pop up, we will be sure to post them here for our fans:

Watching Tennis is more fun (plus cheaper) when you bring friends, family - 4-pack sale plus $25 back offer

How to get Citi Open Tickets 40% OFF - only about $36/ticket for the Finals!!

See our full Citi Open Coverage, previews and photos here!

Citi Open is now Washington DC's biggest tennis event for both ATP men and WTA women. It is also the next stop on the US Open Series, leading up to the US Open 2012 grand slam coming up next month.

Tickets at the box office this week (July 30-Aug 5) are priced $45-$55/ticket.

Tennis-Bargains can help you get them down to $31-$36 for any session you want; plus you can even get $25 back with one tweet* (exp 9/30)!

Citi Open Ticket Prices
Box Seats
Reserved Seats
4-Pack Seats

Triple Play Tips for Savings is like "A-B-C"

A) Activate: *Get $25 off $75* promo deal - use Twitter or Facebook (offers exp 9/30*)
B) Buy in Bulk: save 40% on "4-pack" of tickets - Ticketmaster Link (see below)
C) get Credit back: for selling off unused tickets - TicketExchange Link for Fans

Step-by-Step Instructions for Discounted Tickets

  1. Go to the Ticketmaster Citi Open Page
  2. Select the Session / Date you want
    (ex: Session 3 is first round, Session 10 is the Final)
  3. Under Ticket Options,
    Check the "Me+3 4-Pack Offer" check-box ONLY
  4. Continue selecting 4 Seats total
    Note: yes they are nosebleed seats but if you are planning to see only non-stadium matches, it's not a problem. It's "first come first serve" seating on the Grandstand and all other side courts.
  5. Make sure you activated your Ticketmaster Deal and get a confirmation for $25 credit email
  6. Congrats, you just saved over 40% on your tennis tickets! Your buddies will thank you =)

Sell Extra Tickets - use credit to get other sessions or future tickets

**Don't let your unused tickets go to waste!**Another fan is probably looking for one, especially on sold-out days.

Discount Days

  • Mon, July 30 is 2-for-1 USTA Members Day
  • Sat, Aug 4 is Military Appreciation Day - Free entry for all active duty and retired members, family. Plus our heroes get free 2-for-1 tickets, any day of the week.
  • See all special events days here.

Extra Bonus and Tips

If you followed my advice and still have that 50% Off Ticketmaster Gift Card we announced previously, you can save even more! It was a $100 TM gift card you could buy for $50.

For food choices at Citi Open

I recommend the Basil Chicken entree at the Thai place. Most of the staff are pretty friendly and seems like the business place in the food court area. Gets busy around lunch/dinner, so try to go early and get a place to sit!

50% off US Open Tickets Promo code and "VIP" tickets

US Open Special Event Tickets

We thought we would share some tips on the best way to guarantee that you'll be able to see the top players in action, even if you only have just one day to visit NYC and the US Open.

We have the secret on how you can still buy those tickets right now for 50% off - until they are sold out. Also you will be sitting closer to the top stars in Arthur Ashe Stadium (ex: Row 1-2) for much, much less than those $1,000+ celebrity seats you see during the finals.

How can you buy these "VIP" tickets and get special event access???

More US Open ticket promo codes:

Hint: I've sprinkled a few clues about more promo codes and special events hidden in some of my previous posts.  Buy US Open Tickets Here

Tips to Maximize US Open Ticket Deals (valid July only)

  1. Activate Twitter Bonus: Amex $25 credit on $75 Ticketmaster Purchase with tweet #AmexTM25 (exp 7/31)
  2. Use Promo Codes for 50% off tickets or get closer with "preferred seating" Amex tickets
    Try getting Grounds Passes during most popular days (Labor Day weekend)
  3. Enjoy the US Open!

US Open Advice and Deals

Tennis-Bargains US Open Tickets Giveaway

We will also be giving away free tickets (GA Row 2 at Ashe Stadium) to this year's special event.

The more Facebook Fans we get in July, the more tickets we will be giving away!

Please check back, tell your tennis friends to like and we'll see which fans will win this year!

Tips for Tennis in the Summer Heat

A message from (7/1):

With the major weekend heat and storms knocking out power throughout the area, I just wanted to say that we are so very grateful to all the men and women who have served this country as we approach our nation's Independence Day. It is definitely a good time to hang out at a mall or pool to keep cool and off the roads.

I hope everyone has a terrific 4th of July in the USA and can enjoy a cool holiday.

- JC

Here are some of my tennis tips for surviving the hot, humid conditions this summer:

  • Get up early - I love to practice and play just after sunrise (6-9AM is coolest) 
  • Try to find courts with a bit of shade (even if it is just nearby, it will help a lot)
  • Use an ice bag and have an insulated bag and/or cooler on changeovers
  • Drink lots of water and a sports drink
  • Do not over push yourself and know when to take a break
  • If the air quality is Code Red in your area, do not play - if you're not a pro, it's not worth it.

French Open tickets for under 20 euros; plus other gifts from Paris

Nadal: Rome Champion

Congrats to Rafael Nadal for winning his 6th Masters' 1000 Rome Championship today! We're now 6 days away from the 2nd Grand Slam of 2012, the French Open.

Here are some Tennis-Bargain tips to see some great tennis in Paris. It's the weather's perfect in Europe during this time of the year!

Official French Open Gear and Gifts

Even without traveling to France, here are some cool souvenirs you can buy for any tennis friends and family:

How to See the French Open for 20 Euro's

If you're looking for a way to get into the French Open, see Rafa up close at the main stadium and get a ticket to a Grand Slam event for around 20 Euro's, here's how I did it a few years ago! The best time to see lots of the top players in action is this upcoming opening weekend, before any top seeds have been eliminated.

Children's day (May 26, 2012)

The Roland Garros children's day, formerly known as Benny Berthet Day, was first held back in 1977 and is a highly enjoyable event which raises money for good causes. This year it will be held on 26 May. Top players who will be at the tournament take part in one-set exhibition matches on the three show courts (Philippe Chatrier, Suzanne Lenglen and No.1). It is very much a dress rehearsal, with umpires and ball-kids, and it is a wonderful opportunity for fans to come and watch their favorite players whilst helping those less fortunate at the same time.

Facebook Updates