US Open Rain Forecast and Falling Ticket Prices

Example: 2012 Hurricane Isaac Rains moving through East coast on Tues/Wed

So it looks like the remnants of Hurricane Isaac is going to be passing through the NYC area this Tuesday and Wednesday! This means a lot of moisture and possibly long extended periods of rain for Tues and into Wed this mid-week after Labor Day!

How to BUY or SELL tickets when there's 50%+ chance of Rain in forecast.
Look for falling ticket prices a day or two ahead of a storm! People will panic and sell at below cost.

Be smart and do not risk holding a "wet ticket" if you cannot get into Ashe Stadium. isaac-brings-flash-flood-risk

60% Chance of Rain

In previous US Opens when there have been long rain delays, matches with late start times can become moved to the next day. Also if no matches have started before 5pm, ticket holders usually get to come back the next day.

If this happens two days in a row then you can actually see a big backlog of the Men's and Women's 4th round and QF matches

Therefore, when there is a 60% chance of rain in the forecast for Tuesday, September 4 and Wednesday, September 5 according to weather.comyou might want to think ahead!

Remember what I said last year? Seems like deja vu all over again for this US Open 2nd week

Did you know: US Open Rain Trivia

The last 4 straight years (2008-2011), the Men's Final has been rain delayed and played on Monday (NY Times)

This can sometimes be a great opt for NYC fans who are can stick around the US Open the day after to get cheap tickets for Semi's and Finals if they cannot complete the necessary matches to have a Sunday Final.

I was able to get great seats and witness Nadal complete his career grand slam in 2009 because of rain.
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