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BNP Showdown 2017 Discount and Promo Price Tickets - March 6

Madison Square Garden
March 6th, 2017 - 50% OFF Tennis Tickets

 BNP Paribas Showdown Deal

Tennis returns to Madison Square Garden on March 6th!

Venus Williams, Juan Martin Del Potro, Kei Nishikori and Jack Sock are back for tennis in NYC!

We found some Half-Priced Tickets starting around ~$30-$40.
Limited seats remaining...

Tennis-Bargains Tip:
On the Stadium Map, be sure to look for the 100s Lower Level seats for an even better view.

Perfect Valentines' Day Gift - and you will get rewarded TWICE!
One ticket for him/her, and one ticket for you.
Both to enjoy at Madison Square Garden!

Tickets at MSG tend to sell out quick.
Be sure to reserve your seats ASAP.

 BNP Showdown 2017

US Open: How to save on US Open Tickets, Meals, Souvenirs (Part 2 of 3)

How to avoid overpriced items at the US Open

I know that each time I come back to the US Open, it seems like EVERYTHING is more expensive*

A: How to Save on Tennis Tickets, Meals, Souvenirs

As full disclosure for my personal opinion and review, I do not get paid a DIME by USTA nor the US Open to write my reviews. Big sporting events like to price-gouge unsuspecting tourists, so read this first before spending money at the US Open.

Read US Open Preview: new stadium layout and Ashe roof. Our first-hand accounts of the US Open and new things to check out (Part 1 of 3)

I am just like you, an annual ticket member and paying patron fan that buys US Open and US Open Shop products every year. We literally pay their USTA and US Open salary but sometimes we the fans get treated like unwelcome guests?!

US Open Guest Services will rob you - yes, literally rob you
US Open will rob you blind if you let them...

"Robin Hood of Tennis" - Tennis-Bargains
Maybe it is because I take pride in helping you all save money on US Open tickets and get more value from them. It seems that USTA and particularly the Media Credential staff are particular prejudice toward anyone who may cut into their corporate bottom line.

Ticket Upsell if you buy at the box office
From personal experience, I was once a Mini-Plan holder. Now, every year they even try to charge me too much for US Open ticket plans every year if I ever want to renew - NO THANKS and please stop calling! Used car salesman tactics don't work with me.

The box office and ticket booth staff are offering the exact same deals as online. Nothing special there - I found out you cannot even get Loge seats the first year you buy a FULL Plan!

Instead on TicketExchange you can get those same qualities Loge seats instantly. Example: I just found one $150 Loge Ticket for Labor Day (Row B!) on 9/1/16. Let the other ticket subscribers make the mistake, not you. Learn from us.

Check prices FIRST at TicketExchange for last minute deals!

Sold by Fans to Fans.  Cut out the Box Office...
the ticket counter and sales reps there are not your friends when they try to sell you the worst seats at the highest prices. Don't let them get away with it!

Compared to them who offer no useful tips/info about where to sit, and they get paid a salary to rip fans off?? No thanks.

US Open Economics: Tickets and Tourism

How to Save Money on Food and Beverages at US Open

Ummm - don't buy inside unless desperate or need to lighten your wallet?

Drink Prices: $3.50 for water to $12 beer.
Tip: You're allowed to bring factory-sealed beverages in (or just an empty plastic clear water bottle to refill at one of the many fountains near the restrooms).

Food and Beverages are wayyyy over-priced - eat outside instead!

Restaurant chains galore

Friendly Fan Tip:
Subscribe to Tennis Bargains Tips

$17+ Crepes this year! Wow, and it's Not even a full meal.
I saw Many ball kids are getting pizza from Neapolitan. So maybe that's an ok try?

Typical US Open Food and Prices! I got an over-priced and under-cooked chicken*
Tip: Save $5.50, Bring in a sealed plastic bottle (Water or Gatorade)

Instead, I recommend going just outside the East Gates.
$9 for a whole meal! Great Eats! Much cheaper*
Check out the tennis practice courts
while enjoying your Wings!

US Open Souvenirs - Buy online right AFTER the US Open.  50%+ Off*

I know, I's tempting, right? I need to buy something for my friend/family member back home. Hint: don't buy the junk and the hype. Unless it's really quality stuff, you can get it much cheaper online. Plus you have to lug it around everywhere.

Better yet, just wait a little bit after the US Open is over and they sell the clothes/hats/etc at pennies to the dollar...50%+ off every year.

If you have to shop, and rather not carry all of it around. Get it at with promo code USTAM344 to save $15 off $50.

Yeah it used to be a straight $15 OFF but USTA is greedy like that after I started ordering towels for $5 net :-P Probably if I didn't share the code as a referral, I could have kept using it.

Oh well, better to give than to receive :)

US Open Tickets Promo Calendar & Most Popular Sessions

2015 US Open Calendar and Ticket Deals

US Open Info Updated Here!

Championship Finals Weekend

US Open - Men's Championship Final - Djokovic vs Federer Final!

Updated Promo: 2-for-1 Ticket Promo Deals for 9/8 and 9/9
Sign up here to get latest promo alerts and a chance to win US Open Tickets

NYC Broadway Shows and Popular Concerts:

Get 5% off select ticketsnow events, with promo code AFF5OFF

Mid-week and Quarter Finals

Men and Women's Quarter-Final 9/9 and 9/10:
9/9 Day Session (As low as $50!), 9/9 Night Session (Roger Federer)
9/10 Night Session (Women's Semi's)
Free Grounds Admission for Thurs, 9/10 (chance to watch juniors and a few pros practice)

US Tennis Rain Forecast = Low Ticket Prices

Example: 2012 Hurricane Isaac Rains moving through East coast on Tues/Wed

So it looks like the remnants of Hurricane Isaac is going to be passing through the NYC area this Tuesday and Wednesday! This means a lot of moisture and possibly long extended periods of rain for Tues and into Wed this mid-week after Labor Day!

How to BUY or SELL tickets when there's 50%+ chance of Rain in forecast.
Look for falling ticket prices a day or two ahead of a storm!
People will often panic and sell great seats at well below cost.

For all US Open Series tournaments, there are no roof courts.
Be smart and do not risk holding a "wet ticket". Instead, if it looks like rain just buy a ticket for the following day. isaac-brings-flash-flood-risk

Rained out the whole day? Rescheduled match with 5PM cut-off*

In previous US Opens when there have been long rain delays, matches with late start times can become moved to the next day*.

Also if no matches have started before 5pm, ticket holders usually get to come back the next day.

If this happens two days in a row then you can actually see a big backlog of the Men's and Women's 4th round and QF matches

Therefore, when there is a 60% chance of rain in the forecast especially for the first Tuesday and Wednesday, look for great matches starting Thursday you might want to think ahead!

Remember what I said last year? Seems like deja vu all over again for this US Open 2nd week

Did you know: US Open Rain Trivia

The last 4 straight years (2008-2011), the Men's Final has been rain delayed and played on Monday (NY Times)

This can sometimes be a great opt for NYC fans who are can stick around the US Open the day after to get cheap tickets for Semi's and Finals if they cannot complete the necessary matches to have a Sunday Final.

I was able to get great seats and witness Nadal complete his career grand slam in 2009 because of rain.

Tickets Giveaway for 131st US Open 2012 - "131 Likes and Win"

The 131st anniversary of the 2012 US Open Tennis Championships just about a week away

To celebrate, we are rewarding our Tennis-Bargain Fans with
more free US Open Tickets during the first week!!

How to enter for a chance to win free tickets:

  1. Subscribe to our news feed via Email (valid, verified email addresses only please)
  2. Like us on Facebook and/or follow us on Twitter
  3. Go find and "Like" our US Open tickets posts quickly - winners will only be selected among the First 131 "Likes" of our page post

We will have more giveaways scheduled (at 08:08's) during the US Open.


Winners will be contacted via email with select US Open date/session choices.

  • So if you can make it, please just reply back to confirm
    (otherwise we'll give the next available choice)
  • We will email you the TicketExchange electronic ticket
  • Simply print it out and go enjoy the US Open in NYC!

Congrats again to our previous Tennis-Bargains US Open 2012 ticket winners:
  • Miguel S. (Queens, NY)
  • Piyush B. (Hoboken, NJ)

Stayed tune about our free "Welcome New Fans Day" US Open Tour

We'd like to encourage new tennis fans who have never been to the US Open before to attend. By giving a small group a personal "insiders" guided tour around the park and courts, we hope to make newbies more comfortable there.

In a couple hours, you'll get to meet the pro players up close on the courts. Plus we'll lead you first-hand around to some of our favorite Tennis-Bargain "hidden secrets" at the 2012 US Open.

Hope we'll see you there at the 2012 US Open!

US Open Tips for Fans + Last Promo Code coming soon!

Tennis fans looking for US Open advice on what to see and where to go, should check out my article:
3 Important Tips for Watching the US Open Live!

New York is a wonderful city to visit in the summer. If you're here in August, I would recommend checking out the NYC Summer Streets 2011 Event (Sat, Aug 6, 13, 20)

Stay tuned for the last promo code for 2011 US Open Tickets...and as always:
Our Facebook Fans will have #1 priority!

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