3 ways in 2020 to buy US Open Tickets early this year

 US Open Event Tickets
The American Express Preferred Seating now available.
Amex members may use promo code "INCENTUR".

UPDATE for 2020:
Labor Day will be Sept 7, making it a "late start" this year on Monday, Aug 31. Look for the first sale around June.

Sample 2019 Amex Presale prices below -
Labor Day Sat $190, Semi-Finals $210, Finals $250+, Grounds Passes $60
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Compare Lowest Prices on the Biggest Ticket Markets:

  1. Official US Open Reseller - TicketMaster
    Note: Ticketmaster is the only authorized seller for US Open tickets online.
  2. American Express Members Only Sale

American Express Preferred Seating Code

Subscribe to get our handy US Open codes needed to unlock these discounts. Scroll to the bottom and sign up *before the sale* for a headstart on 2019 tickets.

Access will be open to those who have any American Express credit card (plus the promo code we will send out). Be sure you have a valid credit card before you check out.

I would consider signing up for an American Express Amazon Business Card. It comes with a $100 Amazon.com Gift Card upon approval for the Card ($125 Amazon.com Gift Card with an eligible Prime membership). Plus, they can earn an additional $100 statement credit after they spend $3,000 on the Card in the 2% Back and 1% Back categories in their first 3 months.

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NEW US Open changes for 2020:
This year, the US Open is completely getting rid of the week of USTA members pre-sales! This "sale" normally came one week prior to the Amex Sale and most smart fans avoided anyway. Prices were always the same for limited seat choices.

Many fans may jump on this sale, but below I explain how to get a MUCH BETTER deal later.

It is better to let some people buy tickets at the full retail price, and then for you to get them much cheaper later if they find they cannot attend. Discounted tickets come out all summer.

2020 US Open Tickets - access to them early, guaranteed

We have been monitoring ticket sales for over 15 years now and have always found the best value on US Open tickets after the General Public Sale begins on June 3 @ 9AM EST.

There are more choices, you will have a better idea of your travel plans to NYC by then, and the tennis events daily schedule will be available by then.

Tip: Here is the best to check TicketExchange pricesLock in your seats before the public sale in June! Useful for getting great seats on popular days.

3 Reasons to avoid tickets at the Regular US Open "Pre-sale" this year:

  1. Full Retail Pricing - the relatively same quality of tickets will generally be sold cheaper in a few months. The Amex Tickets section is just a batch like normal tickets.
  2. Promo Codes = Better Prices for Promenade Seats - the Tickets offered early at full price, but wait 1 week later (early June) because this is when the Buy One, Get One free deal will appear.
  3. All popular sessions become "Sold Out" in a few minutes - Men's Semi-Final Sat and Finals Sun are nearly impossible to get. You almost ALWAYS get the message that they are "unavailable" even within the few seconds of their pre-sale starting!

    Why waste your time at the "Members Presale" trying to sit at your PC at 9AM clicking refresh for nothing?? Their ticket packages are way over-priced!
    Be smart and get our tips to stay ahead of the pack when value tickets are released!
US Open 2020 Tickets from TicketExchange, sold by Fans to Fans are already available for purchase today

So why wait if you know they will get sold out later? The Labor Day weekend or Finals Weekend are always popular, so these dates you should consider buying first.

For the weekday sessions, if you want to save some of your hard-earned money for the same tickets, read on! We want to help our fans get their US Open tickets for the dates they want, at the best price possible. It pays to be patient this year and we will explain.

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Are there *any* good reasons to get your tickets before the June 2-for-1 promo codes come out?

Here are 3 tips that I recommend...

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Just having an Amex card in your wallet comes with a lot of perks at the US Open as well (eg: FREE pedicab rides, US Open radios, Metro cards, etc*) - just show them your American Express Card.

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