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Buy Online Tickets instead of Waiting-In-Line at the Box Office
1) SAVE TIME - "there are no lines when you order on-line".
You can get a price check instantly on the exact seat you want. Updated daily. Prices posted by other actual ticket holders who want to sell great seats.

Compare sellers and buyers prices without having to wait long lines. The best seats, even sold out ones are listed for you here. Why would anyone buy them at full retail price anymore??

2) Promo codes (2 for 1 deals and exclusive seats)
If you get to the box office and tell them you see this promo code online and can you please match it, their answer will be, please go online to as we do not accept online codes

3) Get great seat tickets with less money and frustration
It is MUCH easier to use the 2-for-1 promo codes that come out each year. In my opinion, think of it as "an extra free ticket" for a friend.

Plus you can always sell the extra one through the genuine TicketExchange dealer.

4) Sell any extra tickets later (only buy online electronic tickets at TicketExchange)
This way you can transfer to friends via email, or sell them directly without mailing anything.

Personally, I think this is much better than risk getting in trouble with scalpers or police circling around the subway stop each year. Have you ever have tried standing there trying to haggle with someone over a ticket price? Especially when you're just going to miss more of the match every minute?! Trust me, it is not worth the hassle and frustration to waste time*

If you really want to get your tickets today, here is what I recommend...

Get your Labor Day Weekend tickets in early July and sell the session you don't use.
Consider buying a US Open Mini-Plan Option (which costs $100 upfront deposit), then sell your extra unused tickets on TicketExchange. Usually you will come out about even.

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Fool-proof way of buying/selling tickets, with TicketMaster's Guarantee
Go sell it online here with the US Open TicketExchange folks.  This way you know that there's no worry about getting robbed, cheated by troublemakers or losing money / time because you were impatient to go see the game rather than hang around the outside of a stadium.

Protect your identity online
Plus in this day and age, you do not want to give away private information on your ticket (which may print your full name on it). When you sell it via Ticket Exchange, it will print the new owner's name on the eTicket. Smart. No confusion. You can even email the ticket to a friend.

Smart Research directly to you via email
When you travel, how many people still drive to the airport and go to the counter on the day they want to travel? Get our US Open promo codes emails and you'll thank yourself later!

If you hear people complaining about how much money they paid for their ticket, just tell them to search for "tennis bargains" next time!

We were able to save many of our US Open fans over 30% per seat - with the "sold out" ticket listings and popular 2 for 1 special promos - which almost always beat the best  box office prices. The cost savings on closer seats in the Lodge and Court-side saved buyers well in the hundreds for those exclusive seats.

Here are some promos and specials - even for other sporting events and things like Broadway shows in NYC.

Bottom line: Save time and hassle, keep your hard-earned money, and while being safe so you can focus on watching the great tennis...go with TicketExchange*

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