Australian Open Map + 2021 New Visitor Fan Tips

Australian Open Map + Walking Routes (by Google Maps /

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2021 Fan safety and new rules for enjoying the Australian Open

Travel Restrictions to Australia from the USA
"All passengers aged five and older traveling to Australia on flights departing the United States are required to return a negative COVID-19 PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test prior to departure."
More info about travel to Australia 

NEW: Social Distance Group Seating & Mobile Ticket Kiosks Check-ins

Suggestions for Venue Changes

Practice Courts Viewing

Viewing the top players from the decks has always put giant crowds packed together. This year, there must be a system in place to prevent crowding over each other. Maybe the orderly Wimbledon moving rope lines will inspire them for ideas.

Clear flow directions for ingress and egress

The arrows in the map above illustrate the paths I found with the fewest bottlenecks to enter and move around the park. It is important to keep fan traffic flowing in a circular direction. Having fans all congested in one area (like inside Rod Laver) should be avoided. The 3 large stadiums definitely need a better design.

Better Navigation and Activity Zones

I'll admit the Aussie Open seems broken into clumps of Rod Laver on one side and Melbourne arena in the opposite corner. The placement of lots of shops seems randomly scattered in between. I found the food carts, venue signage, and concessions were sprinkled across the giant center oval the same way slot machines are in Las Vegas lobbies.

Better Transportation Needed

Back in 2019, I remember how super crowded the bus shuttles were to deliver fans to the entrances. We were squished like sardines in the morning or else walk the extra mile in the Melbourne heat. Trams are just overcrowded for the morning rush and the logistics just are not there in the summer heat.

International Culture - Wimbledon vs Australian Open?

Wimbledon will take a dramatically different approach than last year. Traditional queuing will most likely not take place. Australian Open is planning to operate at 50% capacity, but all eyes are on them to see the impact and results for the rest of the tennis calendar.

GPS and Wifi Issues in Melbourne

Traveler's note: GPS in and around Melbourne is known to be pretty bad with their tall buildings.

Tip: save an offline Google Map on your phone before you go!
Conserve battery life and your mobile data. The open wifi there is super spotty and not secured. So I would turn off wi-fi altogether when I'm out so it won't drain your phone.

To arrive at the proper side of the Australian Open or get around the city of Melbourne, rely on your mobile. Try using your Andriod and saying:  "Hey Google".
"Hey Google. Navigate to Rod Laver Arena" OR
"Hey Google. Navigate to Melbourne Arena"

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