Watch the Federer vs Nadal Rematch at US Open?

Federer vs Nadal at French Open Semi-Finals
Ready for their Rematch at US Open?

Want to see the Federer-Nadal rematch at a US Open match this Fall in NYC?

With their current rankings and today's French Open result:
If they meet at the US Open, the most likely scenario will put both men at the Semi-Finals of the US Open.

Friday, September 6th at Ashe Stadium. As of 6/7/19, there are still a few tickets on sale for as low as about $190-$250.

Friday, Sept 6th Deal. Get 2 Semi-Finals plus Men's Doubles Final for the price of 1 ticket.
This semi-final ticket is very popular because it also gives you the other Men's Semi-Final which should feature Novak Djokovic. All 3 players are both playing very well, injury-free and show no signs of stopping. Finally, if you are a doubles fan, the ticket will also give you the Men's Doubles Championship match plus both Men's Semis.

Federer's next US Open Slam Chance.
For Federer fans, he has had the upper hand in the last 5 out of 6 meetings (not on clay) over Nadal and might actually be the favorite to win the US Open this year. On the US hard courts, Federer has won more US Open titles than Nadal and Djokovic combined.

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