US Open Tennis Travel to NYC 2019 on a Fan's Budget

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The Art of Tennis Travel
After traveling a few weeks in Europe for the clay court season, I really learned to appreciate tennis in a few different languages, cities, and cultures. You realize that the love of the sport still binds us all universally.

When traveling to a tennis event your main expense will be:
  • Tennis Tickets (pick day or night sessions; plus grounds pass days)
  • Lodging (hotels or AirBnB's) - try to book at least 1-2 months ahead!
  • Transportation - get flights to NYC ASAP; take the 7 train / LIRR or Uber to the stadium

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2019 US Open Tennis Dates:

Mon, Aug 26, 2019 – Sun, Sep 8, 2019
Location: Flushing Meadows, NY

Basically, the tournament is two weeks.
It spans one week *before* Labor Day until one week *after* Labor Day.
Technically, it is almost 3 weeks if you count the free qualifier matches that play the week of August 19-25.

Priority #1: Narrow your Travel Option and Dates

Flights are generally cheaper mid-week (Tues-Thurs). LGA is the closest airport, with a 15 min taxi ride away. You can also take Amtrak to Penn Station and then take the LIRR over to Queens-Metts station. Driving, you will have to factor in about $20 for parking each day unless you own a Mercedes.

Write it on your Calendar
I have found that the best way to start budgeting for a tennis vacation is to pull out a calendar and then figure out which days you can go. From there you will likely need to ask for time off from your job or make sure your kids are off school. Plus it is best to share your idea with a friend or two early to make it a true tennis road trip and slipt some expenses!

#1 Most Action-Packed Tennis Option = Labor Day Weekend (AM + PM)

It is easy to get time off work and school for this end of summer long weekend (Aug 30-Sept 2). The crowds of fans make it a very festive and popular experience. Compare prices between StubHub Fan  Tickets and Ticketmaster Resell to get the best final price.

The tournament always has great matches during the Friday, Saturday and Sunday sessions (day and night). Usually, there are no upsets yet in the draw, so the Big 3 area usually playing back to back these days.

If you can splurge a little, I would recommend getting Loge or Courtside seats for one session featuring your favorite player. Just be prepared to spend at least $300-$600+ per ticket, but it will be a very memorable experience.

For international travelers, I think this is well worth it because they are traveling so far already. To watch Federer play at night from 10-20 meters away at a Grand Slam is magical. You will be surrounded by Hollywood celebrities and enjoy a very entertaining evening.

#2 Best Value Full-Day Tennis Option = Week One Arthur Ashe Day Sessions

Go during the 1st week (Aug 26-30) and buy either the cheapest Ashe Ticket or any Grounds Pass ~$70-$90 for the Day session only. This will give you at least 6-8 hours of tennis if you are willing to roam. You can stay at the outside courts even after the night sessions starts and see some fireworks.

This is the all-you-can-eat Buffet Option for hardcore tennis fans...

My friend Chris would do this each year and crash at a friend's place in NYC each night. During the day, he would bring a small fanny pack, sunscreen, and an empty bottle to fill up his water. You will be doing a LOT of Walking around to see all the 20+ courts inside and almost a dozen more practice court just outside the East Gate.

If you want a slightly cooler experience, you can instead purchase the Evening tickets (starts after 6pm) or an Armstrong or Ashe reserved tickets to sit on the shaded side during the Day.

You can thank me later :) Check out our Lounge Access article for Chase and Amex Centurion members to stay cool in the AC during the mid-afternoon heat. They offer great complimentary food, snacks and freebie swag for fans.

#3 Almost Free Tennis Option = go during Qualifiers Week

If you can only get time off in Late August or have a shoestring student budget, the best time to go is during qualifiers week. I would recommend going around August 20-24.

You will not see any the big name player matches. So do not do this if you really must see Federer, Nadal and Djokovic, but you do get a great sample taste of the grand slam atmosphere. Also if you are lucky, you may see the Big 3 practicing on the smaller courts.

The main attraction for this week is the qualifying players playing their hearts out to make the 1st round. If they win all 3 qualifier matches they are guaranteed $50K! You will see the top young juniors and journeyman players in the top 150 of the world competing for a spot.

If you are able to stay a few days longer, consider watching a few actual round-1 matches by trying to get a Grounds Pass for Day 1. It is best to get one online, but if you are willing to wait at the box office they do sell them there as well if you are not sure.

Optional expenses to factor for fun in NYC this summer:

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  • Food (you gotta eat but try to eat well) - great NYC cuisine you have to try and budget options
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