US Open Series welcomes Tennis Fans back

 Get your vaccines, get your tickets!

We're finally ready. Fans excited as the US opens up for Summer.
This is fantastic news and shows the tremendous progress the USA has made for going from worst to first in a year. Covid-19 vaccinations are at a strong level and we are getting more fans vaccinated safely and efficiently. Both kids and adults can enjoy summer picnics again this 4th of July.

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We are ready for a vacation after almost 2 years. I can think of no better reward trip for tennis fans than celebrating together with friends and family at an outdoor event the success we've made in 2021.

Tennis is back and so are the fans for summer events in the USA

US Open Series Tennis - Fans are back for 2021

Tennis Events for Summer 2021

European events with the French Open and Wimbledon are looking once again for America to lead. Restrictions overseas are slowly lifting in some areas but hotspots still rage on elsewhere. Still, in Paris and London and the Tokyo Olympics, the war has not been won yet. The message is still mixed for fans at those events.

No one is free until we are all free. - MLK

USA successfully battling covid-19 with vaccines

"Vote and Vaccinate"- two things we've done really well as Americans this past year.
Over 40% of all Americans are now fully vaccinated. Over 62% have at least 1 dose.
The tide is now in our favor. Please DO your part to help encourage others.

America returns to lead the World
As world history has shown - we might be a little slow to get going (and usually arrive last to the party) - but once we have that momentum, we cannot be stopped. Keeping the progress up, and staying healthy means that 2021 will be the last year we get grounded by covid.

It's now the golden opportunity for this generation to once again come to the rescue of the World.
How we fought, struggled, and finally end this pandemic will tell the tale of our lifetimes. Our choice and our actions will decide the fate of this era. It is how you and your children will be remembered in human history forever. Do your part!

Building the legacy of our nation and the destiny of every free person has the right to Health and the Pursuit of Happiness (tennis). It starts here in America and spreads to the world - Freedom, the proven cure.

US Open 2021 Plans to Re-Open

Governor Cuomo has just announced NY venues can return to 100% capacity for fully vaccinated fans. NYC reported the lowest rate of positive infections since the start of the pandemic. This Cincy Open event is part of the US Open series and part of the "road trip to NYC" that peaks with the US Open that plays in September.

If you have never been to the US Open before, this is a must-do on the tennis bucket list for all true tennis fans.

Read more about my tennis adventures to the US Open final @ - one night after work, I boarded a standby flight from DC to go watch Rafael Nadal win his career grand slam. Nadal now has a chance to reach 21 titles. Exciting times for tennis!

US Open Ticket Information and Discount Codes

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From Memorial Day to Labor Day, this is a very positive outlook for summer.

As fans slowly trickle back into sports and stadiums, we are very confident that events will have new safety protocols such as all-digital tickets and re-designed fan zones. We will provide on-the-ground fan advice and links to medical guidance and travel policies for NYC.

We will also send out new maps to help fans stay away from crowded areas, see more tennis from up close, and where to go for taking breaks or day trips around New York City.

There will also be ticket giveaways on our Facebook fan page. We love to reward the NYC and Queens local community by sending pairs of tickets digitally to our winners. We want to say thank you to the healthcare providers and for staying NYC-Strong throughout the epidemic last year.

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